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“Stubborn as a bull? You have no idea...”

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--Character Appearance

Full Name: Anja Cold-Heart

Aliases/Titles: Lieutenant of the Blackguard, Protector of Lady Nehelenia

Sex: Female

Race: Nord

Age: 24

Skin Tone: A faint peach, tattooed with traditional nordic markings on her upper body and arms, resembling the dragon priests of old. 

= Chin and left cheek is scarred with a slash-like marking.

Height: 6’1”/1.85m

Weight: 191lbs/87kgs

Physique: Years of training have left her muscular and physically capable of donning a heavy suit of armor and a greatsword.

Head Adornments: Shoulder-length brown hair, sometimes tied back in a braid, and an eye patch across her bad eye

Eye Color: Right is hazel, left is cloudy white and near blind

Apparel: She can typically be found in a set of heavy metal armor with fur and leather both inlaid upon the gauntlets and greaves, and wears a helmet resembling a bull skull. Other times, she can be found in simple leathers with chainmail, and on a very rare occasion, no armor at all, simple commoner clothing.

Weapons: She always carries twin swords upon her, but has taken a liking to two-handed weapons lately and a new blade can be seen upon her back.

--Character Information

Place of Birth: Whiterun, Skyrim

Religion: A mix of the Divines and the old Nordic pantheon

Profession/s: Lieutenant of the Blackguard of the Hollow castle (current) | Soldier of the Ebonheart Pact (former)

Social Class: Lower-middle class

Organisations/ Factions: The Hollow Castle (current) | Ebonheart Pact (former)

Education: Her father taught her how to read and write, but her real education was the art of combat and training, being fitted with a blade from the age of five and learning how to use it through books and her time in the Pact. She’s also been briefly taught how to tend a forge but has since gone out of practice with it.

Favourite Food and Drink: A good venison steak with a mug of Nordic mead - With or without RedFrost.

Personality: Anja is a typical Nord, prideful and hot-headed, loyal and honourable. She holds a temper, yes, but she is friendly and kind to most she meets and tries to see the best side in most people and it takes a very good reason for her to dislike someone.

Flaws: Hold grudges easily, prone to anger and bloodlust, heavily biased in favour towards women and Nords

Spoken Languages: Cyrodilic (fluent)

Hobbies and Interests: Drinking, fighting, more drinking, her dog Frosty, doing her duty, watching the sunset and reading cringy romantic novels (when no one is looking)

Relationships: The most primary person in Anja’s life would be her service to Nehelenia. She is her best friend, her secret crush and the one person she’d give up her life for. Other then that, she cares for most in the Hollow Castle, such as Commander Varik and Elynaia. She clashes with Alurian on many occasions, but respects him as her lord, and she has a rather distrustful streak for Thorin, Attilus and Darnya.

Skills and Abilities: The most obvious thing that Anja is good at is fighting. She loves to lift a blade for whatever cause she feels needs to, whether it be for those she loves, her homeland or simply for her own greed. She’s a leader, though feels she is not, and has started growing more bold and confident with leading the troops of the Hollow Castle. She’s trained as a berserker, using both twin swords and a greatsword.

Magical Talent: She proclaims she hates magic but does harbor a few spells up her sleeve - Blood magic, where she uses her own energy to heal those around her. It’s basic, at best however.



[What is listed here is what he has revealed publicly to a select few. There are still details missing that may come to light in RP.]

Raised in Whiterun by her father, Anja grew up without her mother, having her die in childbirth, and was a pretty happy child despite the lack of maternal touch. She picked up a sword the minute she could walk and began to train as a warrior. Even Halvor, her father, could not stop her as she raced around Whiterun, playing and battling the other children in mock battles. She trained as an apprentice to her father, but never focused too heavily on it.

When the Three Banners war escalated, she immediately enlisted at the mere age of seventeen, despite Halvor’s reluctance to let her go. Suddenly cast from her happy home to a war torn land, her world shifted drastically.

Battling through mud and muck, she soon was assigned to a berserker squad due to her tendency to use two handed blades and was sent to the Dragontail Mountains to face off against the Daggers and prevent further invasion of Skyrim. Being in a clan full of men was hard on the young Nord, but her fiery temper soon led to her settling sexist attitudes of her comrades with fists. Most left her alone after that though her superiors were irritated about the numerous black eyes and broken fingers that ran rampant through her fellow warriors.

On her third year, the Pact finally gained enough foothold and pushed further to fight the Covenant but alas, it was in vain as Anja and her squad were quickly overwhelmed by opposing forces. Here was where she lost her eye, permanently damaged by a huge Orc when the two faced off. It was only her captain that saved her, dragging the bloodied woman away and forming a retreat.

Too weak to return to battle, she was dismissed and lost her purpose. Worst still, a raven came and told her father passed, dying alone in his home. Anja was grief-stricken and wandered the wilds and cities, offering her blade for gold. Eventually, she came to Daggerfall and found the Hollow Castle...

OOC Information:

= She is very fond of animals and loves pets more than anything else. She raises bantam guars in her spare time.

= She has a bad habit of swearing on various deities, usually something along the lines of “By [name]’s [adjective] [noun]!”




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