TES Profile: Fevrien Darayoni

Character name: Fevrien Darayoni

Sex: Male

Race: Dark elf

Age: Early forties


Weapons/Armor: Chitin armor, Chitin boots, Chitin gauntlets, Apprentice hood, Elven battleaxe 

Religion: Follower of the Reclamations

Profession: Sellsword 

Education: basic 

Backstory: Fevrien grew up in Mournhold, his father was the blacksmith of the city and his mother was a priestess for the temple of the Reclamations, his father taught him the basics of the forge so that he would take over the forge as well as how to defend himself while his mother would teach him about the Reclamations. When he was in his thirties he was running the forge like his father did in the past but his life would be turned upside down when the Argonians of Black Marsh invaded Mournhold slaughtering the dark elves and his parents were caught in the crossfire, he escaped with his life and took refuge in Windhelm as a sellsword to make gold to get by with his new life in Skyrim.




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  • Then everything changed when the Lizards attacked...

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