TES Profile: Manurron Tuas

Manurron Tuas

Sex: Male

Race: Bosmer

Class: Hunter/Archer

Gear: Zelevar's Bow; Leather Armor; Hood

Personality: Distrusting, Conflicted, Judging

Age: 32

Residence: Nomadic

Faction: None

Family: Cerlinna Tuas (Mother, Deceased); Zelevar Tuas (Father, Unknown Status); Unnamed Sister (Deceased); Verilier Enser (Uncle, Unknown Status)


Unlike most Bosmer, Manurron was born in Skyrim during 4E 129. Him along with his family and uncle lived in a camp somewhere in Falkreath Hold. Although they lived out of Valenwood, the four still respected the deal made between his race and Y'ffre to an extent. The four mostly went out to hunt for their food instead of buying it or planting crops. They lived well for a while, but of course, not everything has a happy ending... It was a cold night in 4E 144 when his mother, Cerlinna gave birth to a beautiful Bosmer child - a girl. Manurron, his father and his uncle all gathered around Cerlinna with bright smiles on all of their face. Zelevar, the father of now two children, and Cerlinna decided that they will name the newborn tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. After that the four went to sleep. Manurron however woke up at some point during the night to hear something that he still remembers - shouting, a baby crying,  and a woman begging for something. He went out and saw six bandits talking to his parents and his uncle, with the newborn in the hands of one of the bandits. Manurron was horrified. He noticed something though... his father's dagger was right next to his tent with drips of blood on it. He'd grab it and sneak behind one of the bandits, cutting his throat, but of course, the other five notice and surround Manurron. The Bandit holding the baby didn't seem too care about losing a man. In fact, the man smirked and did something that Manurron still dreams about. The Bandit revealed himself to be the leader of the group - a Nord named Marrel the Wolf. Looking at the baby, he tells Manurron that it's "An eye for an eye, a life for a life."... and would then stab the newborn, causing the mother to scream in agony - not of pain, but of sadness - she had lost almost all hope. Marrel commands the bandits to take anything valuable they find and kill the other elves. Manurron would be shocked to see one of the bandits lifting his mother up and holding a knife to her throat. However, by some miracle... an arrow would pierce the Bandit holding Manurron, allowing him to free himself from his grasp. He'd look to his uncle, who was able to catch the bandit near him off-guard and jump up, kicking him away. Verilier then charges at the bandit holding Cerlinna hostage, only to see how the bandit slits her throat before throwing the bleeding out elf away and stabbing Manurron's uncle in the left shoulder. Luckily, he was able to overpower the bandit and free himself from his grasp. Manurron's father jumps up and yells at him to run, which the elf does with tears in his eyes... looking back one last time, he'd see his uncle and father running away in different directions, his mother's lifeless corpse on the ground, and his still unnamed sister on the ground with a small pool of blood surrounding her. Before dissapearing into the woods, he'd hear Marrel's voice one more time, shouting at him, telling him that he will find him and end this... but Manurron decides that he will do the same and avenge his family.


To this day, Manurron still pursues Marrel and is still searching for his father and uncle.

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