TES Profile: Okan-Marz, the Witch Doctor's Apprentice


Name: Okan-Marz (Jel)
Alias(es): Okan, Runs-With-Ghosts (Cyrodilic), Ghost 
Title(s): N/A
Race: Argonian
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Birthday: 10th of Morning Star
Birthsign: The Ritual
Moral Alignment: Neutral Evil
Religion: Whatever is the most advantageous at the time; Seeks “help” from daedric princes.
Supernatural: N/A
Class: Witch Doctor

Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kgs)
Physique: Slim, strong legs, thin arms
Scale Color: Pale white
Eyes: Red, set deep, critical; long scar piercing the scales through his left eye
Feathers & Horns: Two curved horns with purple feathers between. Three short spikes on either side of his jaw

Normal Clothing (in Skyrim)
Head: N/A

Neck: Bone necklace (teeth from Argonia)
Torso: General cloth with sleeves ending mid-forearm. Trousers with fur along the bottom cuff and belt with extra pockets. A short cloak wrapped around his shoulders. Skyrim is a cold place for a lizard.
Hand: N/A
Finger: Ring of Minor Alchemy
Feet: Cloth shoes
Shield: N/A

Combat Clothing
Head: Bone mask and a brown hood
Neck: Bone necklace (teeth from Argonia)
Torso: Furs and leather, non-restrictive but warm
Hand: Thin leather with fingers exposed
Finger: N/A
Feet: Fur boots
Shield: N/A

Combat Style
Armor: Light

Weapon: Dagger
Magick: Destruction (Firebolt), Conjuration (Revenant), Restoration (Heal, Healing Hands)

Weapons: Ornate dagger (lowest quality)

Potions: Potions of Healing, Magicka potions, Paralysis poisons, Poison of Damage Health
Food: Bread, leek, lettuce, potato, rabbit leg
Ingredients: Only carries what he has recently gathered, stores many alchemical ingredients in his alchemy shack
Books: Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim, De Rerum Dirennis
Misc: Small sack of gold

Alchemy – Expert – Thief

Pickpocket – Adept – Thief

Conjuration – Adept – Mage

Destruction – Apprentice – Mage

Sneak - Apprentice – Thief

Restoration – Novice – Mage  

Other Information
Birthplace: Argonia
Current Residence: Alchemist’s shack near Riften. Found…unattended.
Notable Family: N/A
Notable Friends: Court Witch Doctor (in Argonia), Court Shadowscale (in Argonia)
Notable Enemies: Currently unnamed Shadowscale (in Skyrim)
Factions/Organizations: N/A
Occupation: Alchemist/Healer
Languages: Jel and Cyrodilic
Education: Practical alchemy training, Court procedures and etiquette
Personality: Critical and slow to accept. Once he befriends someone he is fiercely loyal. Seems selfish but is simply focused on his current goal and dismisses distractions, although often in somewhat rude fashion. He is not a quite a perfectionist but expects precision in everything he does. Adept at deception and it served him well in the Royal Court of Argonia. This is a large part of his distrust of new people. He is willing to bend the rules to suit his needs but is charming and cunning enough to pull it off. Young, naïve, and confident. He considers himself superior to most and will not give respect until earned. Truly loves alchemy and wants to learn as much as he can; it pulls out his “true self” and turns him into an earnest young scholar. He will usually help someone who is sick not for their health but to hone his own skills in healing or to test his potion-making abilities. Has a soft spot for birds and enjoys morning collecting herbs and ingredients while listening to songs of the Aves.

Born near Murkmire, Argonia, Okan-Marz (Okan) was raised by the Veeskhleel-Tzel. Since the Veeskhleel-Tzel cannot have their own eggs, he was stolen from some nearby Argonian tribe and does not know his true mother and father. Being raised by this feared group of Argonians introduced Okan to necromancy. It does not scare him, but he is careful to practice in secret. His scales became pale from being raised in the darkness near Mirkmire. As he grew older he left – he lived with savages and did not fit in. Escaping in the darkness of night he stumbled upon a campfire with a lone Argonian. Curious about the bold man, Okan approached him. The man was gentle yet strange. He had darkness in his eye and knowledge that man, mer, and beast alike would kill for. They became friends and Okan came under his tutelage. It turned out that the man was the Witch Doctor of the Royal Court of Argonia. Thus, Okan-Marz was introduced to the Royal Court as the apprentice of the Witch Doctor. He learned about alchemy, healing, court, and some darker magicks under the guidance of his master. His quick hands earned the respect of his master as he masterfully crafted and learned alchemy at an unprecedented rate. This caught the eyes of others in court, particularly those with “special” talents. Okan got close with one of the younger Shadowscales of the court as they practiced pilfering together. Okan often created and invented new poisons that the young Shadowscale was more than willing to test. Okan became renowned in Court as a prodigy of potion and a sly young man. 

As he matured and became more self-sufficient, he graduated from his apprenticeship with the Court’s Witch Doctor. It was at this point that the Court assigned him an important duty. A Shadowscale in Skyrim broke one of the five sacred tenets. As it is against these tenets for one Shadowscale to kill another, the Court often looks to outside sources to take care of those who break the rules. Okan-Marz was chosen for the job His unique skill set and knowledge of Shadowscale tactics made him the ideal candidate. He was sent to Skyrim as an agent intended to eliminate the rogue Shadowscale and is to return to the Argonian Royal Court upon completion of his duties. Currently, he finds himself near Riften trying to gather information for his own education and for the completion of his assigned objective. He wants to complete his goal as quickly as possible so that he may return to his former master to show him what he learned and be reunited with his idol.


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  • I stole Kendrix's layout for this one. If I get really ambitious I might try my hand at writing some short stories about Okan.

  • Looks good, Kaiser. Did you come up with the name Okan by yourself or was it taken from CW's The Black Prince? I love that name.

    • Okan is a common Argonian name. Just looked at uesps argonian names for awhile.

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