The Dragon's Dozen: Campaign Overview

Skyrim, 4e225

Decades after the Dragon Crisis- after Miraak’s Cult was vanquished, after the Civil War was ended, after the Eye of Magnus shut and the Dovahkiin himself fell to an unknown assassin’s dagger- Skyrim exists in a facade of peace. Talos is once more a worthy Divine, Nords are their own kings, and the Thalmor Elves are losing their grip on Tamriel’s mainland. Below the surface however, things are much worse than they appear.

Someone is desperately searching for the ancient Dragon Priest masks, but their motives are just as skewed as their identity. The Order of the Lamp has made it their priority to collect the artifacts first, learn their purpose and ties to the ancient ruin of Labyrinthian, and safely seal them away for good. Finding a dozen masks hidden across Tamriel is no easy feat, however; The Order needs all the help they can get. They’ve sent a call across the province for any willing and able adventurer, warrior, or treasure hunter to meet them in the crumbling city, and their pleas have not been ignored.

Welcome to “The Dragon’s Dozen”


(Art Commission by the amazing Pangaladin: Twitter here!)

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(People, places, and factions have been taken from Ponty’s “The Lamp Descendant” and Kendrix’s “Daughter of Dominion”.)

In an unlikely turn of events, the leader of the Order of the Lamp, Blaise Lamont, and a traveling mercenary, Zenoya, find themselves teaming up to solve the murder of a group of scholars in Hjaalmarch. Their searches lead them to a dangerous bandit camp, a shifty broker, and an incredibly powerful warlock. With nothing more to go on than a set of books and a sneaking suspicion there may be more answers in Markarth, Zenoya begins her search for answers in the City of Stone while Blaise uses his extensive network of contacts abroad.

The Lamp Knight’s sources point him in the direction of orcish battlemages living in north-west High Rock. Before he is able to act on his discovery, however, his Elven companion returns to the Hall to reveal to him a critical piece of the puzzle: a Dragon Priest Mask. Convinced they are onto a much bigger plot than either of them could imagine, they enlist the help of a cocky, arrogant scholar, Favnir Silver-Tongue. The Nord suggests he might have the answers, but his research will take time and require all the masks to complete. Upon Blaise’s request, the Order of the Lamp and their honorary new ally focus their attention on the ancient ruins of Labyrinthian. They’ve reached out to the entire province, asking for anyone looking for fame and fortune to join them there in search of the Dragon’s Dozen.




(A Map of “Lamp Camp”)

(A) Hjaalmarch Approach: The northern approach from Hjaalmarch into Labyrinthian has been repaired and fortified, and the walls patrolled by warriors from the Morthal garrison. Thanks to the steep climb, most supplies are coming into the camp from the Whiterun approach (H).

(B) Adventurer's Encampment: The small stone huts left behind by the ancient Nords mingle here with campfires, tents and other shelters of all shapes and sizes, housing the adventurers from across Skyrim and beyond who have answered the call of the Lamp Knights. 

(C) Makeshift Shrine: This largely-intact structure provides a quiet and separated spot for prayer and meditation. Several of the camp's residents have set up shrines to the Divines here.

(D) Craftsman's Workshops: Craftsmen hired for construction & repair works along with those who have arrived to take advantage of the concentration of adventurers in the camp have set up their workshops on the terraces at the eastern end of the ruined city.

(E) Order Enclave: A half-dozen pavilion tents erected on the terraces leading up to the infamous Labyrinthian entrance mark the enclave of the Order of the Lamp, where the Lamp Knights are residing, managing the camp and making their plans.

(F) The Sanctuary: Rumoured to be a sacred meeting place of the ancient Dragon Priests, it is here that the scholars working with the Order have set up their laboratory. Guarded by all times by the Lamp Knights, none bar their own and the scholars are permitted entry.

(G) Merchant's Run: The series of ancient huts, towers and platforms here have provided the ideal place for the merchants, hunters and cooks supplying the camp to set up shop. A pair of Bandaari traders have set up shop at the northern end, supplying not only magical goods but tavern fare from across Skyrim.

(H) Whiterun Approach: The road south leads into Whiterun hold, where wagons laden with fresh food any other supplies are a common sight.


(A map of Blacklight and the surround region) 

The Velothis region, in north-eastern Morrowind, is bordered to the west by the Velothis mountains and Skyrim and the Inner Sea to the east. Blacklight, capital of Morrowind, is situated on a peninsula in the north-western corner. Dominated by the Rootspire, the seat of the Grand Council, the rest of the city is divided into 4 districts.

The Foreign Quarter: In the west is the Foreign Quarter, once the only district of the city open to outlanders from the other provinces. On top of accommodation, traders peddling exotic wares and other services catering to travelers and visitors to the city, the Foreign Quarter houses most of the city's non-Dunmer population.

The Workshop Quarter: The north is the Workshop Quarter, where many of Blacklight's craftspeople live and work, including Grendis Rolovo. A sizeable dock in this district hosts import and export vessels, coming to the city via the Sea of Ghosts.

The Manor Quarter: In the city's south is the opulent Manor district, where many of the councilors of Morrowind's Great Houses live - mainly those from House Redoran and House Sadras. The Temple of the Reclamations in this district is open to the public, espousing worship of the True Tribunal of Azura, Boethiah and Mephala.

The Common Quarter: The easternmost district of Blacklight is simply known as the Common Quarter. Dense apartments and cornerclubs sprawl across this district of the city, home to the masses that live in Morrowind's capital.

Cormar View: Outside the city to the west is Cormar View, guarding the pass through the mountains into Skyrim. A small village here helps to support an old Imperial fortress, now garrisoned by the Redoran Guard, as Blacklight's first line of defense against invaders.

Reich Parkeep: To the south lies Reich Parkeep, a hub of farms and plantations that sprawl across the surrounding wetlands. A common destination for merchants and caravaneers, purchasing stock to transport to the capital.

Non-Player Characters:

 The following is a list of Non-Player Characters that have thus far made an appearance in Dragon's Dozen. Some exist in the Elder Scrolls lore and some are homebrew, but all have been adapted to fit into the campaign. All NPCs are controlled by GMs unless otherwise specified. There are two types of NPCs: Lamp Camp NPCs (familiar faces around Labyrinthian) and Quest Specific NPCs (those that have made an appearance during one of the missions).

***A series of short stories entitled "Tales of Lamp Camp" will be posted throughout the campaign that revolve around specific NPCs. You can find a link to these stories here. Be sure to leave a like and tell us your thoughts!***

Lamp Camp NPCs:

Blaise Lamont: A Breton in his early thirties, Blaise Lamont is the current Steward of the Order of the Lamp. Well-groomed, wearing practical but refined attire and an intricate silver sword, Blaise projects an aura of calm confidence.

Zenoya: Altmer mercenary Zenoya is a fierce spell-word whose allegiance lies strongly with the Order of the Lamp. Wearing old Aldmeri golds as armor, her thick Nordic accent and “hit first, ask questions later” attitude seem like a sharp contradiction to what is seen on the surface. Regardless of others perceptions of her, Zenoya is willing to go to the ends of Nirn to keep her allies safe and go even further for those she calls her friends.

Favnir Silver-Tongue: A brilliant scholar and even deadlier mage, Favnir Silver-Tongue is the foremost expert on dragons and their ancient Dragon Cult. In tune with his cocky, show-off nature, his garb consists of fine college robes inlaid with intricate Ebony stitchwork and buffed by light ebony mail. While he is often mistaken as arrogant for his off-hand remarks, the young Nord is arguably one of the most brilliant minds in Skyrim and is willing to fight to the death to prove it.

Sofie Lamont: Blaise's adopted sister, Sofie is another orphan of the civil war hailing from Windhelm. Now she is one of the Order's foremost Lamp Knights, meeting her foes with spells and a mighty two-handed sword. Despite training and leading some of the Order's new initiates, she has a reputation for being stubborn and hotheaded; an attitude which has earned her more than a few scars.

Teldryn Sero: Former mercenary and self-proclaimed "greatest swordsman in all Morrowind", Teldryn Sero has been working with the Order of the Lamp for almost thirty years. Now in his third century, this chitin-clad Dunmer's blade has begun to slow, but his wits and spells are as sharp as ever.

Cylena: A young Bosmer and initiate of the Order of the Lamp, Cylena left her home of Valenwood to study magic away from the judgements of her "betters" in the Aldmeri Dominion. Recruited by the Order after a brief time as an Apprentice in the College of Winterhold, her keen eye for both arrows and the arcane make her a good candidate to become a Lamp Knight. Clad in fine leathers and a heavy scarf, she is a common sight around Lamp Camp, standing guard and running errands for the Steward.

 Dulmoth: Another one of the Lamp Knights' new initiates, Dulmoth found the Order after being cast out from his clan for using magic during a duel. Despite this Orc's unquestionable combat prowess with his one-handed warhammer, he is still learning to properly command the potential of his magical abilities, as evident from a litany of scars from various mishaps. While not on active duty, this mail-clad warrior is never far from Lamp Camp's tavern.

Laurri'jo: Standing nearly 8 foot tall, Laurri’jo is a massive Pahmar-Raht with an even larger collection of magical artifacts, potions, ingredients, and enchanting stock. His simple arrangement of thick leather bracers and footwraps; colorful, layered merchant wear; and pastel, senche-tiger fur would almost give him a jolly appearance- if not for the heavy greatsword strapped to his back.

Ra'mano: In sharp contrast to his companion Laurri'jo, Alfiq Ra’mano is no larger than a housecat, though his burgundy-dyed fur and expensive collection of jewelry sets him far above the ordinary pet. Cunning and quiet, the cat has a knack for seeing things that weren’t meant to be seen and hearing things that weren’t meant to be heard. Typically, he is never far from his partner’s side- seeking to keep harm from him and his profits by magic or misdirection.

Mjallar Steel-Singer: A journeyman Nord smith who studied under masters in Whiterun, Mjallar has been commissioned by the Order of the Lamp to lend their services to the adventurers assisting them in their mission. Most accustomed to working more common materials like steel and leather, Mjallar always does his best to be a friendly face and fulfill whatever strange requests the adventurers throw at him.

Quest Specific NPCs:

Volsung Quest:

Volsung: A widely feared warlord commanding the bandits of Volskygge, Volsung has taken the name and mask of the Dragon Priest who once ruled the former temple. Embodying the name of the mask - translating as Horror - Volsung's bandits have been marauding around Hjaalmarch and the Reach for years. Little is known about Volsung themselves, besides that none have come to blows with him and lived to tell the tale.

Ralof: A grizzled veteran of the civil war and former Stormcloak officer, Ralof now leads a band of mercenaries known as the Roughnecks. A small army in their own right, many of the Roughnecks are former Stormcloaks themselves. Ralof and the Roughnecks are held in high regard by the Jarls of Skyrim, where they are often employed to root out infestations of bandits, monsters and even dragons when the forces of the city guard have failed.

Hevnoraak Quest:

Erik the Slayer: It's rare to find someone in Skyrim who hasn't heard tales of Erik the Slayer, renowned Nord adventurer and dragonslayer. A regular sight in inns and taverns across the province, especially in the western holds, this mighty warrior may be reaching into his middle years, but his legend only continues to grow.

Zahkriisos Quest:

Grendis Rovolo: An armoursmith renowned across Tamriel, Grendis lives and works with his wife, Dralia and son, Saras, in Blacklight. Generally friendly and outgoing, this middle-aged Dunmer is proud of his craft above all else.

Councilor Morvayn: Old even by Dunmer standards, Councilor Lleril Morvayn of House Redoran governs the Velothis region in north-western Morrowind, including the city of Blacklight. While popular among his people, he has little patience for the games of the Great Houses.

Tavala: Like any good thief, Tavala has a suave and sassy personality to match her rougish good looks. An information broker and member of the Bal Molagmer, an organization of supposedly righteous thieves based in Morrowind, she wears a dark suit of netch leather and a heavy glove on her left hand.

Emmissary Udelil Larethius: An emissary of the Thalmor, Udelil travels all across Tamriel forging and maintaining alliances by whatever means necessary. Like many of his kin, he and his entourage maintain the haughty and superior posture that befits his ancestry and position.

Galo Saras: Galo of House Sadras is a wealthy young nobleman, looking to make a name for himself in the Grand Council. Clad in the finest Dunmer fashions, he regularly hosts guests from in and out of the province at his opulent estate in Blacklight's Manor District.

Player Characters:

The following is a list of Player Characters that have made an appearance in Dragon's Dozen. Each character is owned and controlled by their respective creators. There are two types of Player Characters: Active Players (those currently involved in questing) and Inactive Players (those who have retired from the campaign).

Active Players:

Aurelius Everlund (Erinoth): Quiet and respected Aurelius Everlund is always busy, either with odd jobs for those who can pay his fees or in scholarly pursuits and ventures. Easily mistaken as a gentle giant, the heavy-armor clad Imperial naturally falls into leadership roles, but when things go south, he’s often the first to take the blame.



Hallbu Dragonstar (Henson): Skilled with spell and sword, Maran Knight Hallbu uses his gifts to fight evil wherever it shows its head in hopes of bringing balance across all of Tamriel. The middle-aged Redguard viciously safeguards life and is willing to go beyond rules, laws, or customs to preserve it, should the need arise.



Lyra (Chiara): Dubbed “The Thieves’ Guild’s Youngest Doyan”, Bosmer Lyra created quite a name for herself in her younger years, but her knack for infiltration and investigation have made her quite sought after well into her 60s. Usually spending her time cycling between the Thieves’ Guild and the Mages College, she is always on the lookout for anything of value- be in treasure or intelligence.



Liulfnir Storm-Blade (Hero of Kvackers): A pale Nord with a dark appearance, Luilfnir is a silver-tongued mercenary with a history of taking some questionable jobs. Riddled with scars and donning an impressive collection of armor and arms, he looks- and more often than not, acts- the part of a tough warrior, but he has the best intentions for those that he allows close to him.


Avenach the Red Wolf (Gorlack): Quiet and resourceful Avenach is a young Nord hunter and wanderer who relies on simply on a bow, a quiver of arrows, and his own fists to make his way in the world. Initially standoffish, he typically has the good of others in mind, willing to heal those who are injured and share a meal with those who are hungry.


Ambarro (Mistflower Swan): The mischievous and boastful Ambarro hides his Po Tun heritage behind the guise of a simple Khajiit. Using a mix of martial weaponry learned from his village, this Shinobi seeks to discover the motives of any potential threat and cause mischief wherever he can in the name of what he believes is good.

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Coins-He-Craves (Diablo Saint): Wise-cracking, trophy-taking and sharp-shooting, Argonian mercenary Coin-He-Craves lives true to the essence of his profession. A dabbler in the alchemical arts, he has gained a reputation as something of an artificer of late.


Jan Cero (Miraak): This enigmatic Imperial Battlemage, formerly in the employ of the Shadow Legion and College of Winterhold, fights with mighty steel and mysterious sorcery in equal measure. His direct but nonetheless effective approaches to many problems are often mistaken as bullheadedness or glory-seeking.

8017404897?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Blackened Rose (Lazy): Vampire and Nord of the Skaal, the fanciful Black Rose wields the powers of Oblivion as his weapons. While quiet about his past, Rose has found trusting allies among both the other adventurers and close colleagues from the Daedric realms.


Ceryse Vinicius (Furrion): The self-styled Lady Vinicius, ancient vampire of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, is a powerful mage dealing in both conventional and forbidden magics. Her pact with Daedric Lords Molag Bal and Clavicus Vile grants her access to unimaginable power, but at great cost...


Maple Kyrielight (Chris/Knightblade): Enthusiastic and eager to take a few hits for her friends, the Bosmer shieldbearer can be found in the midst of battle or at a seat in the local tavern.


Nakira Zax'el (Rogue): An Argonian alchemist born into a life of slavery, her biting words are matched only by her claws and spells.


Inactive Players:

Lord Saxton, the Flayed One (Lazy): Veteran and Victim of the Imperial Legion, Saxton is a man of few words and violent actions. Failed attempts at healing a horrible skin disease have left him marred and bleeding constantly, but he’s battle prowess and intimidating stature are testament enough that the Breton is not to be trifled with. 

Drel, Priest of Arkay (Telby): In an odd turn of events, Dunmer Vampire Drel finds himself as a Priest of Arkay- but much more out of necessity than religious convictions. With blood from the recently deceased, corpses ready for necromantic practices, and weak-minded priests that are easy to sway, he feels right at home in the catacombs of the Halls of the Dead. In his isolation however, the lonely elf has been left feeling unfulfilled, and he desires more.

Arivena Korzras (Rogue): One of the last remaining Snow Elves, “Sethana” tries to blend into society by claiming a Dunmeri heritage and namesake. Young, naive, but talented with both magic and might, the woman searches for new friends and adventures beyond the Sanctuary of the Hidden Vale.

Eryn Eldenwood (Ya Boi Ray): Eryn, a wandering, blind Bosmer, had always been told she was to play a part in an important “story”, though she knew she would never find out the ending until she ventured into the unknown. Despite her disability, she sees and hears far more than the average mer, drawing her sight from magic and the forests themselves.

Ein Stone-Fist (Ein): A “True Son of Skyrim”, Ein is an impressive warrior skilled in both hand to hand combat and warfare. Having grown up in the shadow of his “Uncle Ulfric”, the Nord seeks to preserve his country’s legacy so that their sacrifices will not be in vain. His convictions are strong but his drive to protect his comrades and allies is far stronger.

The Story Thus Far:

The following section will be updated with the overviews of quests and campaign plot points. To make sure you're up to date on all the newest information, be sure to follow this blog! Otherwise, head over to our Discord for the full story!

Act 1:

Introductions to Lamp Camp:

The ruins of Labyrinthian now alive will ready and willing volunteers, Steward Blaise Lamont welcomes the adventurers and mercenaries to Lamp Camp and informs them of their goals. He invites the eager parties to meet with him in the Order's Enclave to discussion mission opportunities.

The Hevnoraak Quest:

Ambarro, Liulfnir, Sethana, Avenach set out in search of Erik the Slayer, a famed adventurer who had recently come into possession of the mask Hevnoraak. Rumor held that he operated primarily in and around the Reach of western Skyrim; the group chose to investigate the inns in the region first.

In Rorikstead, Erik’s hometown, they met Erik’s venerable father tending the inn. After some convincing, he revealed that Erik was on a contract to hunt a dragon which had made its lair deep in the wilderness. He also warned the party that a group of unknown thugs had previously been to the inn and asked questions, likely seeking to find Erik as well.

Tracking Erik to the lair in Dragontooth Crater, the party attempted to assist Erik with his hunt. Unlike Erik, they seemed to greatly underestimate their foe, a fierce glacial dragon named Iizgrahnah. While they managed to fell the creature, they sustained several injuries along with Erik’s ire; he ended up spending much of the fight shielding the less experienced fighters from the dragon’s wrath.

In the aftermath of the battle, the party discussed the mission they had received from the Lamp Knights with Erik. He agreed to return to Labyrinthian with the adventurers, to discuss the handover of the mask with the Order’s leaders. He invited the group back to Rorikstead to rest for the night at his father’s inn.

The following morning, the group noted one of the town’s outlying buildings ablaze as they made preparations to return to camp; no doubt a trap set by the thugs. A tense confrontation ensued; the thugs had taken Erik’s father hostage as a bargaining chip for the mask.

With a careful ambush, the party managed to free the hostage and take down the mercenaries while minimising collateral damage, even managing to take one of them prisoner to return to camp. However, a lethally poisoned arrow which struck Erik during the battle overloaded Hevnoraak’s enchantment, shattering the mask. They learned that the thugs were hired from New Hegemony territory in High Rock, in the service of a mysterious cult. 

The group returned to camp with Erik and the broken mask, much to Favnir’s chagrin. Fortunately, after some discussion, it was determined that Hevnoraak could be repaired at the Skyforge in Whiterun, and the shards were left in the Order’s care.

The Volsung Quest:

Ein, Hallbu, Saxton, Aurelius and Lyra were dispatched on this mission to hunt down a bandit lord in the ruins of Volskygge. This warlord was widely feared across the region, and had taken upon himself the name and mask of the dragon priest who once inhabited the ruin, now a fortress for his group of bandits.

Upon their arrival, the group found a group of mercenaries called the Roughnecks already camped in the treeline by Volskygge, under the leadership of Ralof, a veteran of the Civil War. The Roughnecks sought to claim the sizable bounty on Volsung’s head; the two groups joined forces to besiege and assault the bandit fortress.

Once inside the walls they were met not only by the bandits but draugr raised from Volskygge’s tombs to fight alongside the bandits, substantiating rumors of a powerful lich among the bandit forces. Furthermore, a necromantic ritual continually raised fallen Roughnecks, draugr and bandits alike to bolster Volsung’s forces.

The adventurers made haste for the temple, seeking to remove the head of the snake; fighting through a flooded section of Volskygge to reach Volsung and his witch. The deepening waters in the tomb proved to hide many dangers, including sunken, ancient draugr who rose to face the group.

The battle with Volsung themselves, set in a rapidly-filling chamber of water, proved taxing for the party, facing not only the endless hordes of sunken draugr but the mighty warrior. Suffering grievous injuries in the process, only the adventurers attacking in concert felled the warlord. They chose to retreat back to the Roughnecks’ camp to heal their wounds before returning to battle the witch herself.

Despite having claimed Volsung’s mask and achieved their goal, the group chose to accompany the remaining Roughnecks back into the ruins the following day to face the witch. While less than mighty herself, she had taken control of the dragon priest within the ruins using magical chains; it was his power she commanded to raise the army of the dead.

Once the witch had been vanquished, the Roughnecks and adventurers parted ways, both shaken and scarred by their experiences...

The Zahkriisos Quest:

Lamp Knight Teldryn and Initiate Cylena led this mission to Blacklight, the capital of Morrowind, to recover the mask Zahkriisos. Zahkriisos was thought to be in possession of Councilor Lleril Morvayn of House Redoran, a prominent politician in the region.

Upon arrival in Blacklight, the party found lodgings with Grendis Rolovo, a famous armourer and friend of Teldryn’s. Grendis was working on a intricate ebony shield, supposedly a gift for a Thalmor emissary in Blacklight at request of Galo Sadras, another prominent political figure.

The following morning, the group split up to gather information regarding Morvayn and his mask. One group met with the man himself; he offered to deliver the mask in exchange for a small service. There had been a number of murders of dissidents throughout the region, performed outside the honorable writs of the Morag Tong. He believed someone intended to frame and depose him, and requested the party investigate to find the true culprits. The other group headed to the Thirsty Guar, a local cornerclub, and met with Tavala in an outlaw’s refuge beneath the establishment. Tavala was an information broker and member of the Bal Molagmer, an association of supposedly righteous thieves, and former friend and colleague of Teldryn’s. She offered to assist the group with a heist to the Redoran Vaults where the mask was stored, but also informed them of the murders that Morvayn had spoken of; supposedly the murders had not been committed by a local group.

Reconvening at Grendis’ workshop, the party decided to investigate the murder’s at Morvayn’s request. Their first destination was Cormar View, a small farming village supplying a fortress that guards the pass through the western mountains into Skyrim. Despite Teldryn’s instructions to pose as curious travellers rather than dedicated investigators - the common folk believed Morvayn was behind the murders after all - the party rather forcefully revealed their intentions, assaulting one of the guards and townsfolk they mistakenly found under suspicion. The Dunmeri Lamp Knight managed to smooth things over with the local authorities, but the group gleaned little valuable information during the encounter.

Their second destination was Reich Parkeep, another farming settlement and prominent tradepost in the region. Here, their investigation bore much more fruit; they discovered the victim was a well-liked Imperial trader named Rhea Nuccius who had made a petition to oppose raised taxes on local goods by Morvayn in recent times. It had so happened that her guar had taken a bite of their attackers’ belongings; enticing the beast to regurgitate the contents of their stomach revealed the remains of a satchel bearing an Aldmeri crest.

Upon delivering the gathered evidence to Morvayn, they determined that the murderers’ next target was Galo Sadras’ Second Councilor, who made a public statement against Morvayn regarding the murders earlier in the day. They also recalled that Grendis idly revealed earlier in the day that this Second Councilor would be collecting the shield for the Thalmor emissary. Intercepting them at Grendis’ workshop, they found that a pair of Thalmor nightblades, the true culprits of the murders had beaten them there, slaughtering the Second Councilor and the House Sadras guards. They held Grendis and his family at swordpoint; a fierce battle ensued between the members of the Order and the two Thalmor and their newfound Morag Tong allies. One of the nightblades was killed in the fighting, while the other escaped grievously injured.

Morvayn’s men took the wounded Lamp Knights and mercenaries to the Temple for healing, many of them terribly injured during their previous encounter. He presented them with their prize - the mask Zahkriisos - as well as a tidy sum for services rendered to House Redoran.

Act 2:

The Konahriik Delve:

Aurelius Everlund along with newcomers Ceryse Vinicius, Black Rose, Jan Cero and Maple Kyrielight joined Blaise, Zenoya and Favnir on this delve into the heart of Labyrinthian itself. Favnir, the resident dragon scholar, had learned of another of the masks beneath encampment’s very feet; hopefully the venture would yield more details on the prophecy itself, as well.

While the dead of Labyrinthian had been largely quiet in the years following the slaying of Morokei during the crisis with the Eye of Magnus in 4E201, something had recently reawakened them. The group soon came face to face with the spectral dragon priest behind it all, who raised a force of draugr and undead dragon to stop them.

Despite the chaos of their initial encounter, the group prevailed and delved further into the ruins, doing battle with another group of draugr, chanting the words of the prophecy. During the desperation of the battle, Ceryse and Rose’s vampiric natures were revealed. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed in the ensuing discussion, preventing any among the party from coming to blows.

Beckoned forth by the echoing taunts of the Dragon Priest, the group uncovered a newly excavated hall. It led into a massive chamber, containing the Priest Konahriik’s physical form - including mask - his servants, and a massive memorial inscribed with the full prophecy Favnir had been searching for. Both sides fought for all they were worth, but Konahriik gained the upper hand with an ominous warning - “you cannot kill what is not bound by time”. Only Favnir’s timely intervention in claiming the mask and demanding loyalty from the ancient lich as his successor prevented things from escalating further.

The mask claimed and prophecy uncovered, the group made their way back to the surface following their ordeal, ready to be of further service in the Lamp Knights’ upcoming assignments.

To Be Continued...

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