Did You Know? - A round up of Skyrim Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone. Along the way I got to thinking that our growing community of new builders dont have access to the treasure trove of knowledge that older builders had in past Skyrim communities. So I thought I'd create a simple thread where anyone can post any interesting tricks and exploits, and even little quirks about the game that they come across. I'll even start us off.

Did you know ....

The spells Courage, Rally, & Call to Arms all stack.

The end result is an ally( or allies) with a metric ton more health, stamina, and weapon proficiency than they typically possess. Word of advice: Courage will be difficult to aim in the midst of battle, so its best to use this combo right before a big fight. 

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        • It's insane! Shame I can't try this stuff out.
    • Wait, did you say it has a 15 second stagger effect? The guy just stands there having a seizure?

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    • This mechanic can be utilized to make some very interesting builds! Perhaps something revolving around the Sinistral Elves.

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        • Hoping to see more of this from you, I know you can make really good characters builds from intriguing mechanics.
  • Is Mercer Frey giving you trouble?Perhaps this tip could help.

    Did you know..

    You can actually steal his weapons just before the end of the quest "speaking wth silence". As he is opening the final Nordic puzzle lock door just before your run in with Karliah's arrow, you can actually pick pocket his weapons if you have the appropriate perks.

    When you fight him for the final time he won't have access to any weapon you stole from him. This is especially good for those thief builds that tend to struggle in open combat, especially against the powerful weapons Mercer normally uses.
  • Time to dust the old cobwebs off this thread.

    Did you know...

    Lucan Valerius is the old merchant in Skyrim who will remain open 24/7. That is until you return his golden claw. He must really value that thing if he’s willing to lose sleep over it. 

  • Did you know that dispite being a master level spell you can still dual cast Dragonhide to increase the duration past the 45 seconds stated in the description to about 99-100 seconds?


    Also equipting a shield does not negate benefits from the mage armor perk. 

  • Most people know that dual casting cloak spells drasticlly increases the range and not the damage.  But if you dual cast any spell while a cloak spell is active, it will increase the damage of the cloak spell as if it's being dual cast.  This even works for concentration spells like flames or healing.

  • I haven't been to this forum in a while, so I thought i'd add something here.

    Did you know that the tentacle explosion from Miraak's Robe is untyped magic damage? It's damage can be increased by a "Weakness to magic" poison. And it's effective against draugr, vampires, and all other types of undead. 

    By this same token, a direct hit from Miraak's Staff is also not poison damage. Somehow, it manages to also damage undead creatures, but it's an incredibly pithy amount, so I don't think this is really usable in any way. And of course, once the wall of tentacles is made, they do not damage undead. They will, however, still stagger them.

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