Poor little warrior is all tuckered out

Is your Dragonborn fat, slow, and out of shape? Is he barely able to take two swings of that fancy, expensive ax of his? If your hero running low on stamina very quickly, read on below. I've outlined a few simple methods for conserving stamina. There's a tip here for just about every stamina intensive action in the game. These are all simple yet often over looked tips. 

Dual wield power attacks:

This action eats up tons of stamina, even with stamina cost reducing perks. But there is a way to execute a dual wield power attack without using stamina. As soon as you initiate a dual power attack, tap both left and right triggers at the same time. If performed right your character will execute a standard dual strike immediately after the dual power attack is complete, and no stamina will have been expended.

Eagle eye & steady hand:

Zooming in and slowing time with a bow slowly drains stamina. It turns out that shouting Become Ethereal prior to zooming in allows you to zoom in as long as you like without wasting announce of stamina. Keep in mind stamina won't regenerate while you're zoomed in and the ethereal shroud will wear off as soon as you take the shot. So aim well, and make that shot count.

This trick comes in handy for snipers who want to focus on the perfect shot without exhausting themselves. Just remember quiet casting so you don't reveal your position with Become Ethereal. This is also handy for close quarter archers who want to sink a shot without interruption or gain the advantage when up against enemy range attacks.

Bow bash exploit:

For those of you who remember, Alastor's Boiche Seeker features an exploit with bow bashing mechanics that allow you to apply the damage you'd normally deal with a fired arrow via with a bow bash instead. To perform it, notch an arrow and then lower your weapon. As the lowering animation runs its course press the block button to perform a bash dealing your bow's attack damage. If you're wondering what this has to do with conserving stamina, this technique doesn't require stamina at all if done correctly. 

Shield charge:

Shield charge is another labor intensive action. Stamina cost become an issue when shield charge is needed to run down a distant target.

Shouting Become Ethereal before charge allows you to go that distance without ending up winded by the time you get to the enemy. Interestingly enough connecting with shield charge will not break the ethereal shroud. Even more interesting is that shield charging will not break invisibility either. (Credit goes to Albino for finding that) (Credit to Teccam for helping test shield charge + become ethereal)

Power attacks and running:

By now you know the deal. Become Ethereal allows you to perform these actions without wasting stamina. You'll find that shout useful for closing distances with ranged enemies without getting killed along the way or tired. You'll also find it useful for trading blows with stronger opponents.


Silent roll is a fast way to get around while sneaking, but it does take a little bit of stamina. It turns out there is a stamina free way to travel quickly while sneaking. Unsheathed your weapon while sneaking and you'll suddenly find your character moving almost as fast as he does running. As soon as you stop moving your character goes back to normal sneak walking speed next time they move.

Notes on slow time:

This shout is useful for characters focused on stamina regen. The important thing to note is that your stamina regen rate will not slow down when the shout is used. But theres more. Running while under the effects of Slow Time will allow you to travel farther for less stamina. 

And there you have it. A few simple ways to keep that stamina pool nice and full. I hope this little guide will prove useful.

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