Neutralizing Necromancy . . . in Skyrim

Do you hate it when necromancers and vampires resurrect an enemy you just killed no longer than five seconds ago?  Do you wish there's a way to make sure they STAY dead?  Well just ask your friendly necromancy user and they'll say that not even Dead Thrall and the Ritual Stone can bring back enemies that were either turned to ash or beheaded.  And each of those conditions can be done in these simple - though maybe time consuming - ways.


This can be done with just one perk and it will depend on whether you use a one-hand or two-handed weapon; Savage Strike for one-handed, and Devastating Blow for two-handed.  These perks work with any melee weapons, even blunt weapons like maces and warhammers.  Note that these perks only work on humanoid enemies - men, elves, beastfolk.  Draugrs are not affected, though the killing animation is still used.  While the decapitation chance is unspecified, both do give a 25% additional damage to standing power attacks.

Ashes to ashes

This can be done with the Disintegrate perk in the Destruction skill tree, the master Destruction spell Lightning Storm, and the Dragonborn DLC ability, Dragonborn Force.

Disintegrate requires 70 in Destruction and proves also useful finishing off dragons.  And, yes, you can still get their souls.

Lightning Storm requires a maximum 100 in Destruction.  Its use costs 138 magicka per second, but the Master Destruction perks reduces it to 69.  Taking the Necromage perk makes it especially useful against the undead.

Dragonborn Force is gained from the Black Book in the Dragonorn DLC quest, The Gardener of Men.  It increases Unrelenting Force’s environmental damage and helps kill weaker enemies when dealing with groups.

 The Wabbajack does both in addition to transforming into small animals and items like rabbits and sweetrolls, though these are 4 of the 28 random effects.

^_^ Have fun making people stay dead.

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  • Not a bad idea, but it could've been done better.
  • You could add stuff like raising the dead before a necromancer gets the chance to do it or how unrelenting force will keep these enemies weak even after being raised, essentially making the enemy undead easily killed.

    • Do you mean Marked for Death? But I agree, those would make for some great additions to this thread.
      • Yep, thats what I meant.

    • More on that: You can cast a raise dead spell on a corpse as it's bein ressurected by an enemy necromancer, and it will be placed under your control.
  • e. g. How big the chance of decapitation is, how much damage do you have to deliver to trigger the disintegration, how big the chance of turning someone into dust or sweetroll with Wabbajack is, taking over your enemy's minion... and there's probably some more options.
  • Had to update this forum a little.  Sorry it me so long to finally do it.

  • These are good tips. I think I read somewhere that you can steal a corpse away from the necromancer raising him. But if you use your raise spell too many times the corpse just turns to ash
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