Non-Combat Stealth Takedowns

Have you ever been in that situation where you wanted to play a character which should be able to do stealth takedowns (a thief or maybe an assassin) but in the end wasn't because standard stealth kills are overused/not your way and/or unarmed is too weak and noisy?

Yes? Great, because I'm here to present a 'trick' that can roleplay you out.

• What it does: Silently kills or temporarily disables a target.

• What you need: Pickpocket lvl 40 (the 'Poisoned' perk), a mid-lvl Alchemy skill (works at all lvls but best at max) or a Philosopher´s Stone , Sneak to remain undetected

• How it works: In fact, it's just putting a paralysis poison or a dmg health poison (you will need the Stone to create poisons that can kill higher lvl foes) into the pockets of your enemy(s). But! The roleplay effect of doing this is that you're silently knocking them out. 

In case of Paralysis, the enemy will recover shortly after (6 seconds duration with 40 Alchemy + perks), so this is also suited for pacifist runs or a thief that doesn't kill. 
Dmg Health will drain the enemys health, but only 60 at maximum lvl. You can do it with lingering dmg poisons but they can alert other enemys around. The Philosopher's Stone can make incredible strong poisons that do enough dmg to take out higher lvl enemys, which would normaly be op but the fact that you have to sneak onto the enemy and that it only works while you're undetected/none seeks you and the enemy isn't a draugr or vampire, makes it more of a rewarding challenge.

• Things to know: 
- You can train to 40 pickpocket in less than 5 min by beeing taken to the prison in Riften and using pickpocket on one of the prisoners there. He wont become hostile and if you trade him 200 septims (later 500 septims) and steal it back, it go up 2-4 lvls at a time.

- It takes about 4-5 seconds to give the enemy a poison. You can improve this by getting rid of all weapons that you're carrying around (this will make the 'Weapons' section disappear) and by removing unnecessary potions/poisons, to make the poison you want to use beeing the first one in the list. Doing both will increase the speed at which you can place poisons to 3-4 seconds. A standard stealth takedown animation takes about the same time (this is only true for the vanilla-menu).

- Using Imp Stool + Swamp Fungal Pod + Mora Tapinella or Red Mountain Flower results in an easy Paralysis/Lingering Dmg Health or Paralysis/Dmg Health poison.

Thanks for reading. Positive criticism is appreciated, negative isn't.
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  • This is copied from my post on the vault, the same will be true for all the other tips/tricks I´ll be posting here.

    • Cool beans. Go ahead and post everything. 

  • I personally like to reverse pickpocket paralysis poisons onto Enemies I either want to get passed or incapacitate for the duration of an upcoming battle.  

    • Yeah, especially true for a more pure assassin or thief based character

    • I feel like that perk is a bit underated, same as sneak without the Dmg perks. 

      • You should check out Kaiser’s Witch Doctor Build. It’s pretty much does what you described here. Sneaking without the sneak attack perks.

    • I think of it like using “paralyzing palm strike” from fallout 3

  • my pale mane build utilizes reverse pickpocketing poisons!

  • So basically plant  a paralysis poison as fast as possible to simulate knocking someone out?

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