Spider Scrolls Test

Hey guys, its been too long, and its about time I get back on track with the KoTN series, but first before I do. I wanted to do some Testing on a particular mechanic in Skyrim as it will be heavily used in a KoTN Build and possible RoTA/RoTD Build (Coming Soon).

I was curious about some Spiders in Skyrim. Notably, the Spider Scrolls found all around in Solsthiem and made in White Ridge Barrow (White Ridge Sanctum more specifically), via the Imbuing Chamber. I had completed some tests, which had taken a LONG time, purely due to the Spiders being, well barely known in the Web.

Honesty, if you don't believe me, go ahead and google it. Most people normally brush them off, but some people have made some seriously bad ass builds out of them. On the topic of Tests and Spiders, I was curious about the DPS and HP, among other things. I even found some strange effects, while others are quite amusing to use in combat.

Disclaimer: The tests have been completed on PC, Skyrim 1.9 with no mods or Unofficial Patches. I have only the DLCs, which are Dragonborn, Heathfire and Dawnguard installed and running at the time of the Test. All results have been recorded on Adept Difficulty. Other Notes will be in the specifc 'Sections' of this discussion.

There is a 'slight' chance that either, I have missed read a value or had missed an important piece. The Test is not 100% complete, meaning that there are some things that I have either not tested, or had no idea on how to Test.

Also, I will be assuming that the Reader (you) knows how to create Spider Scrolls in Skyrim. If enough people want, I can add a 'Section' on Creating Spider Scrolls, including the individula Recipes.


Throughout, this Discussion, I will be using several abbreviations, purely to make it easier to read and type up the Test Results. Here are ALL of the abbreviations that are used throughout this Discussion. I will also include any needed info such as the ingredients and effects used in the Buffing Poison.

AG: Ash Guardian (Expert Conjuration Spell)

Buffing Poison (BP):
Ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower, Nightshade, Wheat.
-Decrease Magicka Regen by 100% for 75 seconds
-Fortify Health 48 pts for 60 secs
-Restore 75 pts of Health

BP was created with Alchemy at Level 100 with the following Perks:
-Alchemist 5/5
-Physician 1/1
-Poisoner (Doesn't have any affect on BP, I checked)

No Fortify Alchemy Enchantments or Blessing were active, during the Test. The BP was applied using a Steel Dagger, with One Handded at 15, with no Blessings/Enchantments/Perks active.

CoA: Call of Arms (Illusion Master Spell)

CoP: Circle of Protection (Restoration Expert Spell)

DPS: Damage Per Second.

HP: Hit/Health Points.

GC: Guardian Circle (Restoration Master Spell)

VotE: Voice of the Emperor (Greater Power, only obtainable by playing as an Imperial)

Cloaked Spiders

Anyone, who has came across these buggers, know how much damage they can do in such a short amount of time. They come in 4 types, they are; Flame, Frost, Shock and Poison. I always have dreaded coming across these Spiders for good reason, they have a fair bit of HP AND the DPS from the Cloak is levelled.

In other words, higher level + higher difficulty = more pain, and reloads.

Also, you can buff the Cloaked Spiders HP, via Buffing Poisons (BP) and Illusion Spells. Here are my Notes on Cloaked Spiders in regards to HP and the DPS of the Cloaks.

Cloaked Spiders Test Results (Part 1)

HP: 111.00
Courage->HP: 144.00
Rally->HP: 144.00
Courage, Rally->HP: 177.00

CoA->HP: 144.00
Courage, CoA->HP: 177.00
Rally, CoA->HP:177.00

Courage, Rally, CoA->HP: 210.00

Buffing Poison->HP: 159.00
   NOTE: Spider attacks once hit with Dagger. Sheathe weapon to stop attacking, it the Spider is poisoned sheathe and then cast Calm/Pacify. Once Calm/Pacify wears off it will attack again).
   NOTE #2: All Spiders resist their Elements (Flame Cloaked resist Fire etc). The Poison Spider, fully resists the Buffing Poison and will attack the Player.

BP, Courage->HP: 192.00
BP, Rally->HP: 192.00
BP, Courage, Rally->HP: 225.00
BP, CoA, Courage, Rally->HP: 258.00.
   NOTE: Strangely after being Calmed (by either Calm or Pacify), for both Courage and Rally, the Spider won't attack the Player after CoA is casted.

NOTES: These Test Results were acquired on Level 50, the Player was a Dark Elf (Race doesn't affect the HP)

Cloaked Spiders (Part 2)

Level 1-9
Flames, 15 pts per second to Health.
Frost, 15 pts per second to Heatlth and Stamina.
Sparks, 15 pts per second to Health and Magicka.
Poison, 15 pts per second to Health.
Albino Poison. 3 pts to Health and Stamina for 2 seconds.

Level 10-19
Flames, 20 pts per second to Health.
Frost, 20 pts per second to Heatlth and Stamina.
Sparks, 20 pts per second to Health and Magicka.
Poison, 20 pts per second to Health.
Albino Poison. 3 pts to Health and Stamina for 2 seconds.

Level 20-29
Flames, 25 pts per second to Health.
Frost, 25 pts per second to Heatlth and Stamina.
Sparks, 25 pts per second to Health and Magicka.
Poison, 25 pts per second to Health.
Albino Poison. 3 pts to Health and Stamina for 2 seconds.

Level 30-39
Flames, 30 pts per second to Health.
Frost, 30 pts per second to Heatlth and Stamina.
Sparks, 30 pts per second to Health and Magicka.
Poison, 35 pts per second to Health.
Albino Poison. 3 pts to Health and Stamina for 2 seconds.

Level 40-49
Flames, 35 pts per second to Health.
Frost, 35 pts per second to Heatlth and Stamina.
Sparks, 35 pts per second to Health and Magicka.
Poison, 35 pts per second to Health.
Albino Poison. 3 pts to Health and Stamina for 2 seconds.

Level 50-60
Flames, 40 pts per second to Health.
Frost, 40 pts per second to Heatlth and Stamina.
Sparks, 40 pts per second to Health and Magicka.
Poison, 40 pts per second to Health.
Albino Poison. 3 pts to Health and Stamina for 2 seconds.

As you can see, the Cloaked Damage from the Cloaked Spiders increases every ten levels. Strangely, the Poison Cloak does 35 points of Poison DPS (ongoing when in range) at Level 30-39, while the other Cloaked Spiders do only, 30 DPS. I believe this was intentional but I have no way of confirming this.

NOTE: The Cloaked Damage was tested on Adept, in the Editors Test Room (accessible only by Console Commands). The Player Race was an Imperial with no Enchantments, or Blessings. I found out that the Cloak Damage changes via Difficulty. I also found out that the Cloaked Damage does NOT increase after Level 50 (only tested it to Level 60).

The Minimum DPS from Cloaks are;
-20 DPS at Level 50
-Albino Poison 1 pt for 2 seconds
-30 DPS at Level 50
-Albino Poison 2 pts for 2 seconds
- 40 DPS at Level 50
-Albino Poison 3 pts for 2 seconds
-60 DPS at Level 50
-Albino Poison 4 pts for 2 seconds
-80 DPS at Level 50
-Albino Poison 6 pts for seconds
-120 DPS at Level 50
-Albino Poison 9 pts for 2 seconds

NOTE: The Minimum DPS from the Cloaks can be increased even FURTHER with Weakness to Magicka/Element, and can be decrease by using Resist Magicka/Element and Abosrb Magicka.

Jumping Spiders

Jumping Spiders. I HATE this Spiders with a burning passion. Why? As these buggers, are essentially, they are super accurate (even when moving), kamikaze bombers. Everytime, I come across, these guys, its ALWAYS too late, as the last thing I see is a Spider in mid air going straight for me.

What makes matters worse is, that these buggers, are HARD to dodge. As they have nearly 100% accuracy (to my knowledge) and are able to easily hit moving targets. Essentially, a homing Fireball. What I have also learnt the hard way, is that the damage is scaled on Difficulty. How much damage, they do on Adept (essentially Normal, both Player and Enemy does Damage that is not increased or decreased), is roughly 50 pts.

What is REALLY weird/strange/awesome, is that the Jumping Flame and Shock Spider have less HP then the Jumping Frost and Poison Spider.

Jumping Spiders Test Results

Jumping Flame and Shock Spiders

HP: 401.00
Rally->HP: Failed, Spider dies/explodes once Rally is casted.
Courage, Rally->HP: Failed, Spider dies.

CoA->HP: Failed, Spider dies, once CoA is casted.
BP->HP: Failed, Spider dies upon being hit.

Jumping Frost and Poison Spiders

HP: 491.00
Courage->HP: 524.00
Rally->HP: Failed, Spider dies.
Courage, Rally->HP: Failed, Spider dies.

CoA->HP: Failed, Spider dies, once CoA is casted.
BP->HP: Failed, Spider dies upon being hit, even the Poison Spider, which has 100% Poison Resistance.

Oil Spiders

Anyone who has seen these guys in Builds or even used them in combat, know how deadly they can be. And how much Damage the Oil Spider can do via the Oil. These buggers are also Tanks/Juggernauts at higher levels, having more HP then all the other Spiders, even with the BP and Illusion Spells.

Warning: To those who haven't used them before, STAY OUT of the Oil Spill, that they excrete. Once set off, it BURNS like stepping in the Fire Pillar in the Sigil Tower in Oblivion or the Lava in the Deadlands in Oblivion. In other words, MASSIVE damage over a short span of time. Just don't try it at all.

Oil Spiders Test Results

HP: 491.00
Courage->HP: 524.00
Rally->HP: 524.00
CoA->HP: 524.00

Courage, Rally, CoA->HP: 550.00

BP->HP: 539.00
   NOTE: Oil Spider will attack once hit. Dual Cast Calm (single cast Pacify is not strong enough as Oil Spider is a higher Level), to stop the Spider attacking. The Oil Spider WILL continue to attack you once it wears off.

BP, Courage->HP: 572.00
BP, Rally->HP: 572.00
BP, Courage, Rally->HP: 605.00
BP, Courage, Rally, CoA->HP: 638.00

Mind Control Spiders

I never have really used these guys before this Test, as I didn't know nothing about them. I understood that they effectively turned an Enemy into an Ally, no matter the Level Cap, (unsure if they can 'control' the Undead) I am pretty sure they only work on Humaniod NPCs.

But to successfully use them, YOU must 'throw' it onto an Enemy for it to attach. If you don't or you miss, it will hit the ground and just die. In a splat way, like dropping an egg from a high place.

Mind Control Spider Test Results
(Host body during Test was Bandit Outlaw)

Bandit Outlaw HP: 109
Mind Controlled Bandit Outlaw->HP: 109.00

Courage->HP: Failed, kills the Mind Control Spider. Though, the Bandit Outlaw does get the buffs.
Rally->HP: Failed.
CoA->HP: Failed.

BP->HP: Failed.

NOTE: I had trouble testing the Mind Control Spider as at certain times, it was difficult to see if it was still active. Casting any Illusion Spell or applying an Buffing Poison, when result in the Mind Control Spider Effect (the yellow web look, when casting a Mind Control Spider), will disappear. The results on the Mind Control spider maybe incomplete.

However, you can cast any Illusion spell, and/or Buffing Poison onto the target (tested with Bandit) and THEN use a Mind Control Spider on the target. The effects of any Illusion Spells/Buffing Poisons will NOT dispel.

Exploding Spiders

I quite honestly, didn't bother testing these guys during the first Part of the entire Spider Scrolls Testing. But I was curious what what Spells, Shouts etc can actually denotate the Spider and are they actually better then Runes.

Exploding Spiders, can be easily denotated by almost EVERY Spell in the Game. The Spells that can't denotate the Exploding Spiders are; Restoration Master Spells, Circle of Protection (CoP), Guardian Circle (GC), Soul Trap, Banish/Expel/Command Daedra, Summon Spells and Dragonhide.

Also, ALL Shouts can denotate Exploding Spiders, except for; Aura Whisper, Battle Fury, Become Ethereal and Elemental Fury. While any AoE Powers (besides Waters of Life), can denotate Exploding Spiders, some examples include; Voice of the Emperor and Beast Tongue.

Still not sold on Exploding Spiders? Well, they have a HUGE ace up their sleeves. If Spiders had sleeves, anywho. You can have multiple Exploding Spiders, (beware when 'throwing' them as if they land on another, they will denotate), which are not affected by the Spider Scrolls Summon Limit. Even better, is that they are effectively MOVABLE Runes, once thrown, which won't explode even when touching each other. Casting any Spell will denotate them though.

HOWEVER, you can cast any Wall Spells and move an Exploding Spider into the Wall, without it denotating. For even more fun, you can cast a Wall Spell, cast a Rune spell, where the Wall is THEN throw a Exploding Spider and move it into the Wall. Meaning any enemy that hits the Wall will denotate the Rune and THEN the Exploding Spider.

NOTE: Exploding Spiders can AND will damage you and nearby Summons/Spiders if denotated near the Player.

Fun Facts

Here are some weird and strange things I have found out able Spider Scrolls, during the Testing (and partially during the Rune Master);
-The Player or Target/s can be affected by poison them, inflicting them with Albino Poison, which is affected by Resist Poison but not Resist Magicka.

-If a Spider summoned by the Player turns hostile, the other Summoned Spiders will remain neutral and not attack it, nor attack the Player.

-All Spiders do NOT set off Runes or Exploding Spiders. However, IF you remote denotate a Rune off yourself (hit it with a Shout or Spell, arrows don't work), with a Spider on top of it, the Spider will be damaged.

-All Spiders do Fast Travel with you, however, they can only 'walk' meaning that they can lag behind, but won't disappear if you go into another cell. However, they can't follow you into different 'worlds'. Examples include, inside Azuras' Star, Apocrypha etc.

-Also Spider do NOT affect the Summoning of Daedra/Undead. Meaning you can have any Atronach/Undead/Dragon/Ghost (Call of Valor) (two if you have Twin Souls), without dispelling the Conjuration Spells/Shout.
   -Meaning you can have 2 Summons (Conjuration, or Dragons via Shouts), 6 Spiders (not including Exploding Spiders) AND an Ash Guardian (AG doesn't affect Conjuration Summon Limit) at once.

-ALL Spiders are NOT resistant to Paralysis. Both the Paralysis (Spell) and Mass Paralysis do affect Spiders, even when neutral. Once hit by Paralysis (either Expert verison or Master), they will become hostile. Spiders can also be hit by Ash Shell, without turning hostile.

-Strange thing about Oil Spiders is if you cast a Cloak, next to one, it will kill the spider instantly but not set off the Oil (if any), if neutral. Even stranger is, that if you cast a Cloak spell then stand next to an Oil Spider is that it won't affect it or kill it.


I assume that there are going to be some fairly common questions. If not, these are the questions, I was wondering before and during the Test.

Q1: Can you Heal Cloaked Spiders?
A1: You can Heal Cloaked AND Oil Spiders, either through one or more of the ways below:
-Applying a Buffing Poison, that has the effect of Restore Health
-Any Healing Restoration, such as Healing Hands and Grand Healing
-Waters of Life (Greater Power, only obtainable in the Dragonborn DLC)
-Restoration Staves of Healing (Staff of Healing Hands etc)

NOTE: Once Spiders are hit by a Buffing Poison/Spell/Weapon/Shout, they will turn hostile. To stop this (only temporarily), simply Cast Calm/Pacify (Dual Casted if Oil Spider at higher levels) or Harmony. SOMETIMES, depending on the Spider and what you hit them with, they will stop attacking IF you sheathe your hands/weapons. Check Q3, for more information

Q2: Can you increase the Cloak Damage of the Cloaked Spiders?
A2: You can ONLY increase the Cloak Damage of Cloaked Spiders, via applying a Weakness to Magicka/Element Poison onto the target. Applying a Buffing Poison with the effect of Fortify Destruction (it is possible, Hanging Moss, Glow Dust and Ectoplasm), onto the Cloaked Spider will do NOTHING, except turn the Cloaked Spider, hostile to the Player.

Q3: What are the different ways of Calming Spiders?
A3: Well, Calming Spiders, such as the Cloaked Spider can only be done with either;
-Calm/Pacify/Harmony (Sometimes need to Dual Cast depending on the Spider)
-Animal Allegiance, Kynes' Peace (one word seems to be enough)
-Beast Tongue (Greater Power, only obtained if Wood Elf)
Something I had learnt is that VotE does have NO EFFECT on Spider Scrolls. Mind you, I have never used VotE, even though it would have help a lot in battle. Just remember, Calming the Spiders is NOT permanent.

NOTE: Any Mind Control Spiders will be killed IF Beast Tongue, Animal Allegiance or Kynes' Peace is used.

Q4. What is the Damage by the Jumping and Exploding Spiders, and is it levelled?
A4. Honestly, I have absolutely no clue, what the Damage is. My best idea in regards to Testing it, is basically being a target dummy. If someone has a better idea, or knows what the Damage or how to measure it, could you please let me know?

I 'believe' that the Damage caused by the Exploding Spiders is 50, on Adept at least. Besides that I have no clue, at all. I also 'believe' that the Damage from the Exploding and Jumping can be increased using Weakness Poisons. (To be tested... At some point).

Q5. How many Spiders, (any type), can you actually have spawned/summoned without dispawning/dispelling any others?
A5. You can have up to 6 Spiders, (Jumping, Cloaked or Oil, any combo) AND have countless more Exploding Spiders. (Check the Exploding Spiders Section for Details on this movable Runes)

Q6. Is there any way to decrease the DPS from Cloaked/Oil/Jumping Spiders? Without turning down the Difficulty, or using Cheats/Exploits/Glitches?
A6. Of course, there is! Skyrim treats the Cloak from the Cloaked Spiders, Damage from the Jumping and Oil Spill from the Spiders as MAGICAL effects. Therefore, (and I have tested this), you can EASILY decrease the DPS from the Spiders (not including the physical damage), by using any Resist Magicka/Element and Absorb Magicka Enchantments/Blessings.

If you are wondering, the Magical Effects from the;
-Cloaked Spiders, is obviously its Cloak (with stays active until it dies)
-Jumping Spiders, is the Explosion (essentially, a Jumping Spider is a moving, homing Fireball of Pure Pain and Death)
-Oil Spiders, is the Oil which is left behind in a 'trail'.

Don't even thing about using Wards though. I have noticed, that they do NOTHING, in regards to reducing the DPS from the Spiders. The Albino Poison can be reduced and possibly nullified by the Resist Poison, (Blessing/Enchantment/Potion)

Q7. What perks affect the DPS done by Spiders? (Magical and non-Magical)
A7. I have no clue, to my knowledge, no Augmented <Element> Perks affect the Damage caused by Cloaked or any other Spiders. As they are an NPC (essentially), so they have their own perks and skills.

Which happen to be;
Cloaked Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Spider:
-One Handed, Level 39
-Archery, Level 39
-Sneak, Level 39
-Block, Level 31

Jumping Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Spider:
-One Handed, Level 100
-Archery, Level 100
-Sneak, Level 100
-Block, Level 100

Oil Spider:
-One Handed, Level 100
-Archery, Level 100
-Sneak, Level 100
-Block, Level 100

As seen above, the Cloaked, Jumping and Oil Spider have 'skills' which are increased for some unknown reason. Whether the skills affect some scripts, or they were meant to be 'cleaned up', I don't know. All other skills, that are not listed are at Level 15.

Closing Notes

It has taken roughly 3-6 hours testing and then another 3-6 hours, recording and typing up all the results. If anyone wishes to see my Notes (above is the simplified verision), let me know. I just want to thank, everyone who made this Spider Scrolls Testing discussion possible. I can't really say who, as mainly there are too many names. But you know who you are.

If you have any questions, please ask. If I get enough, questions asked, or really ANY questions asked, I will answer the questions and post them under a FAQs Section in the Discussion.

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  • I finally have this posted at LAST! I know I am missing tags and images but at the current moment, I am in a bit of a hurry and I will try to fix it when I get back. If any Hosts/Admins need to make any changes let me know and do it.

    • Hey this is amazingly detailed. Much more so than I thought it would be. Great job with this Lee. I'm sure this will inspire someone. 

      • Thanks Curse, it turned out more that I thought it would be as well. At the start, I was only curious about the HP of the Spiders. And it certainly inspired me, giving me more ideas for the Rune Master and another build.

  • Wow, this guide is incredibly well detailed, Lee. I haven't played around with spiders scrolls before, but I'll keep in mind to reference this whenever I do.

    • Thanks Asleph, there's still plenty that I haven't even tested.

  • First off, let me just say.... holy shit. I did not realize how much info there was about spiders in here.

    Now then, a question or two. Did you test any of this with the Companion's Insight ability from the black book? Will that keep you from detonating your own exploding spiders or anything like that?

    • Companions insight doesnt work on spiders. That much I can confirm from my time playing my wolf spider build. Companions insight only affects followers and spiders aren’t considered followers.

      • drat. that would be a super interesting way to save yourself from accidentally Wile E Coyote-ing yourself with some explosive spiders.

        • I’m not sure Companions insight works both ways. I’m almost certain it only nullifies your spells and shouts damage against followers.

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