Contest Build: The Chosen of the Wilderking

Brief Description: A bosmer werewolf archer that is traveling to skyrim to wipe out all dragons and whoever is raising them with his mastery of the bow, poisons, and his power over nature. But still there are other enemies he must deal with while he is there those who pervert and destroy nature ruining its beauty and serenity. He is doing this so he can assume his rightful place as the Wilderking and work even harder to protect nature.

Race: Bosmer with the Thief stone then switching to the Lord stone.


His Stats and Skill are pretty straitfoward


1 magika because while you won't being using it alot you will still need it

1 health because you defenitly want more health but stamina is more important for this build

2 stamina because now you can zoom in longer and slow time longer enabling you to get more shots off

Skills: Archery-(5)Overdraw, Eagle Eye, Powershot, Quickshot, Bullseye, Ranger, and (2)Steadyhand

Smithing-Either side to Dragonbone Smithing

Alchemy-Alchemist, Poisoner, and Concentrated Poison

Alteration-Novice-Master Alteration, Mage Armour, Stability

Equipment-Hooded Monk Robes or Forsworn Gear both fit the aesthetic for this build, Kyne’s Token because you take less damage from animals and your bows do more damage, Forsworn bow at low levels until you can forge a Dragonbone bow.

Shouts: Animal Allegiance, Aura Whisper, Bend Will, Clear Skies, Cyclone, Dragon Aspect, Elemental Fury, Storm Call, Whirlwind Sprint

Gameplay: With gameplay your probable going to want to use Thorns of the Earth and Hidden in the Trees (Which are special moves you can see at the bottom) to start any fight as theses will let you get in more shots it will also enable you to get away if needed so you can use your other powers. With melee combat you want to use Call of the Wild and Wolgas (Same as before) form at the same time it will give you multipule allies and you will have a insane amount of damage resistant at the begining of the fight that should make up for the low health you will have to have to become a lycanthrope.

Roleplay:For this character you have to make sure that you don't pick any plants or chop down any wood as this is against the Green Pact which you follow strictly minus you being a werewolf. He must also not build a house as they use wood which is a plant but he can buy one as you are not the one harming nature. This makes roleplay a little harder as you must get all of your ingredints and materials for smithing and alchemy from killing enemies and animals or buying them. With combat you want to use your archery and potions to kill from afar until they damage you enough so you can transform. According to the pact they made with Y'ffre you can only use your lycanthropy  if you 25% health left. This makes fighting a lot harder but you should be able to still make it work because of some of the special moves that you have. You might also want to follow the Meat Mandate which goes with the Green Pact which states that a fallen enemy must be eaten completely before three days pass.

Backstory: Born in Falinesti, Gaenor Rivershade was the Chosen of the Wilderking showing great promise with his power over the land able to coax various poisons and animals from it. But before he could claim the mantle of the Wilderking he must do a great deed for the betterment of nature. He chose to kill the dragon threat in Skyrim before they could come with their flame and claws to rip and burn their living trees to the ground. Gaenor also made a pact with Y'ffre that blessed him with his animal form thus his appearance is sacred but he can only use it in his time of the direst needs.

Special Moves:

Call of the Wild-All the beasts of the land answer your call

Conjure Familiar, Staff of conjure Familiar ,Animal Allegiance ,Command Animal ,Beast form, Beast Stone, and Howl of the Pack


Thorns of the Earth-Use your nature abilities to inflict damage and hold your enemy still

Paralyze enchantment,Bullseye Perk, Damage Health and Lingering Poison potion

Wolgas Form-Use all the beasts inside you to attack

Dragon Aspect, Dragon Hide, Bones of The Earth, Beast Form, and Frostmoon Hunt7989742284?profile=RESIZE_400x

Hidden on the Trees-Step into the land to travel quickly and quietly

Quiet casting, Whirlwind Shout, Invisibility Potion

Here are some ingredients for Poisons that I used: Falmer Ear, Small Antler, Skeever Tail, and River Betty.

These for Invisbility: Charus Eggs, Ice Wraith Teeth, Luna Moth Wing, and Vampire Dust

.Recommended Quest’s:

Forsworn Questline- we're mostly doing this questline to show that we are one with the land and to get the forsworn bow and gear if you would like

Companions Questline- this is a pretty important questline if your planning on leaning into the werewolf part of the build because it makes you able to become one

Kyne's Sacred Trials- this quest is being done so we can collect kyne's token and use it

Cleansing the Stones- we're using this quest to help buff us as a werewolf to offset the low health you have to be to use it specifically the Earth Stone

Alduin’s walls- this is probably the most important quest in this playthrough because you stopping Alduin is the entire motivation for our character for coming to Skyrim

The Final Descent- not an increbibly important quest but it helps buy giving you the dragon aspect shout


Mods: Imperious Racials which will let you eat the flesh of the fallen and helps the build be more in tune with bosmeri beliefs as well as letting even more animals help you in battle

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  • Decent start. I recommend explaining why you chose certain quests, fixing up spelling and grammar mistakes, oh, and it's just Contest Build: *Build Name*

  • My apologies, I'm not ignoring you, I just have work. I will get to this build when I have a break. 

  • I love archers, always have always will and respect that you are not doing a sneak archer. I can also get behind smithing so you can forge a bow from the blood of your dragon enemies to signify being the best archer and the successor to the Wilderking. The rest of this build is rather vague. If you're going to reference your "special moves" in the beginnin of the gameplay section, then explain your special moves first because I kept wondering what Hidden in the Trees was and actually thought you were playing with a modded game for a portion of the readthrough and you simply weren't explaining your mods. 

    I second Chris, more motivation behind questlines would be great. The pursuit of Kyne isn't incorrect, in fact, there are theories that she and Y'ffre are possibly siblings and both have keen associations with the natural world. The connection to Namira is more tenuous, but I understand why you want the Ring of Namira. I know some mods allow Bosmers to consume the dead without needing the ring. 

    Also always check your spelling. And good luck to you. 

  • I definitely like the basis of the build but I think you can polish this more, with a better presentation, explaining the choice of certain quests and you might also want to check the spelling.

  • A very cool build, but the sheet could use a little more work. But a very cool build!

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