Name: Sauron 

Race: Breton (In game actual race is Maia)

Gender: Male 

Homeland: Mundus 

Birth: Dawn Era 

Class: Necromancer 

Factions: Dark Brotherhood, Theives Guild, Vohkihar Vampires

Mods: I will be using "The Sauron Armor Mod" that adds his armor into the game as well as other mods 

Backstory: Sauron was a member of a Race of beings called "The Maiar (Singler: Maia)" created by Akatosh/Auri-El during the Dawn Era for each of the Aedra. Sauron was a Maia of Zenithor from whom he leard much in the ways of smithing which would prove useful in the creation of his ring and back then he was know as Marion. At this time, Marion seemed just as good and incorrupt as Akatosh had made him but that would soon change. For in the God Lorkhan Marion saw the power to achieve his own goals and power. He then presented himself to Lorkhan and he was named his Lutenitent. From then on Marion was known as "Sauron" meaning "The Abhorred" and became the Missing God's greatest servant. However, Lorkhan soon had his heart torn out and was defeated. Sauron than seemingly repented, but he was called back to the Adrea and was to be tried for his war crimes. So Sauron fled to Nirn, to Aldmeris. There he met the local Aldmer Population and lived under the alias of "Annatar, Lord of Gifts" where he took on a fair form. Throughout the beinging of the Mythic Era Sauron was able to to persuade the Aldmer To Worship Lorkhan (And his plan was to eventually have them worship him.) This lasted for Centuries until Akatosh finally decided enough was enough, he then sent the Aldmer that remained faithful on ships to Tamriel before flooding the continent. But Sauron foresaw the incoming danger and he too fled to Tamriel. For years after that Sauron lived in the Forest of Murkwood in Black Marsh, at the fortress of Dol Goldur and he became known as "The Necromancer" and he was the greatest of his time before Manimarco. Here he continued to build up his strength, and he created an army of Orcs, and foal creatures such Goblins, Orges, Trolls, and other foal creatures as well as undead that he got from all across Tamriel. But the greatest of his servants were "The Nazgul" Undead Kings of Aldmeris that Sauron took with him to Tamriel. And around the same time as the Atmoran War against the Falmer he invaded the lands of the Alyeids in which became known as "The War of the Mer and Sauron" Which has long since been forgotten. Sauron knew however that he could not defeat the Alyieds, not by strength of arms anyway. So he went to Red Eyes and foraged himself a Magic Ring that would almost certainly mean victory. But sometime he lost it and its current whereabouts are still unknown. But because he lost the Ring he was defeated and slain. But since the Ring was still around he would later return in the 4th Era, 180 in the area of the Jearl Mountains where built up another army, and marched it down the mountains into Skyrim. But the army ended up getting destroyed by the avalanche and he hiked all the way down the mountain himself before being knocked out and awaking on the cart to Helgen. Now after his escape he plans on once again trying to take over Nirn, starting with the guilds....

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  • Why does it say "Red Eyes?" I meant to put "Red Mountain" sry

  • Info on Sauron 

    Sauron | The One Wiki to Rule Them All | Fandom
    Sauron (or Þauron (Thauron); Quenya; IPA: [ˈsaʊron] or Vanyarin; IPA: [ˈθaʊron] - "The Abhorred"), the eponymous Lord of the Rings, was a fallen Maia…
  • Hey there Khajiit, welcome back. So, for the build. I would recommend, unless this is a WiP, to include gameplay, such as how Sauron here deals with his enemies, specific types of enemies, quests, etc. Also, its just Character Build, not Character Build for Skyrim. Secondly, and while you can choose to do this or not, I recommend Skyrimizing this a bit more. Maybe add in pictures to break up the text

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