10961870301?profile=RESIZE_400xHello, and this is a Link inspired build, which I came up with to celebrate TotK finally coming out 4 years after the teaser. so, now that you have studied up on HYAnese, strap in for the ride.


His father was a soldier, so he was trained from a very young age. He was able to beat grown adults by the age of 4, and trolls by the age of 18. He enrolled in the imperial army, and fought for 3 years. He was on a break when he journeyed to skyrim, when he saw stormcloaks on the horizon. He drew his blade, when he was struck in the leg with an arrow, he never saw it coming. The next thing he knew, he was in the same cart as the traitor known as ulfric stormcloak himself


How to RP:

When he was caught in the ambush, he did not hold it against them. It was all a mistake, however he was still a bit mad that he was on the chopping block despite his name not being on the list. When he escaped, he knew his gear was sent away into helgen keep, so he decided to take a stop there and retrieve his gear (champions tunic, master sword, hylian shield, and an imperial bow). After escaping helgen, they head straight to riverwood, and then to whiterun to help out the jarl.


Recommended Quests:

  1. Ill met by moonlight
  2. Shadowrend
  3. The quests to get the powers listed
  4. Anything that involves killing a monster
  5. The Cause
  6. Bittercup (altar of nothing)
  7. Turn of the Seasons

Self-imposed Limitations:

Only use each champion ability (other than miphas grace, can't control that one) 3 times an Irl day

No using chests, only mannequins and weapon racks (other than non apparel/weapon stuff)

3rd person only other than when aiming a bow

Mounted combat is favorable

survival mode

Twilight pact only during night and when fighting the silver hand

No killing people unless they attack first, not even nazeem (other than grelod, but they are a fucking bitch so they dont count)

Always pick the option where you don’t talk if available



Necromancers Hood (Archery + Alchemy)

Champion's Tunic (Stamina Regen + Health)

Ring of Instinct

Necklace of Magic Resist and One-Handed

Hunter Backpack

Hylian Shield (Block + Magic Resist)


Master Sword (Silent Moons Enchant + Banish Daedra)

Imperial Bow (Soul Trap + Turn Undead)

Spells: Healing Hands, Telekinesis, and Lightning Rune


Slow Time, Become Ethereal, Whirlwind Sprint, Unrelenting Force, Marked for Death, Storm Call, Cyclone, Dragon Aspect


Agent of Dibella, Agent of Mara, Beast Form, Companion’s Insight, Seeker of Might, Nightingale Strife, Turn of the Seasons, Bittercup effect (+ Health - Magicka), Ancient Knowledge, Sailor’s Repose

Special Moves:

Champion Abilities:

Daruk’s Protection: Dragon Aspect + Power Bash + Block Magic and Arrows perks

Revali’s Gale: Klimmek's Supplies Glitch

Mipha’s Grace: Avoid Death/Healing Hands

Urbosa’s Fury: Storm Call + Master Sword Power Attacks

Flurry Rush: Slow Time + Master Sword + Dodging an Attack


Twilight Pact: Unrelenting Force + Beast Form + Ring of Instinct + Totem of the Hunt

Stasis: Slow Time + Steady Hand + Quick Shot + Ranger

Cryonis: Ice Arrows + Water

Magnesis: Telekinesis (only metal objects)

Remote Bombs: Lightning Rune + Magelight


Fireproof Elixir: Bone Meal + Snowberries + Mudcrab Chitin

Spicy Elixir: Moon Sugar + Slaughterfish Scales + Purple Mountain Flower

Electro Elixir: Swamp Fungal Pod + Glowing Mushroom + Blue Dartwing

Energizing Elixir: Sabre Cat Tooth + Bear Claws + Honeycomb

Hearty Elixir: Hanging Moss + Wheat + Yellow Mountain Flower

Enduring Elixir: Garlic + Lavender + Chaurus Egg

Sneaky Elixir: Hawk Feathers + Frost Miriam + Purple Mountain Flower

Mighty Elixir: Canis Root + Rock Warbler Egg + Juniper Berries

Tough Elixir: Skeever Tail + Hawk Feathers + Luna Moth Wing

Any food you can cook (veggie soup, horker meat, etc.)


The main skills are: One Handed, Archery, Block

The Secondary Skills Are: Light Armor, Alteration, Restoration, Destruction

Crafting Skills: Alchemy (Main), Enchanting (Dont use until level 100 with perks), Smithing (Steadilly Level to Improve Gear)

Other Stuff:

Factions: Companions, Blades, House Telvanni, College of Winterhold, Thieves Guild, Penitus Oculatus, Dawnguard, Imperials

Followers: Not unless the quest says so

House: Tundra Homestead

Alignment: Lawful Good

Standing Stone: Tower Stone/Lord Stone

Race: Bosmer

Gender: Male

Version: Switch AE

Difficulty: Adept

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  • does this have to be on Survial Mode?

  • sorry i'm not used to play in survival mode so i disabled

    • I'm guessing to replicate some of the aspects of Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom

      • i know but i'm not used to survival mode

  • There's actually a Relics of Hyrule mod from Nexus, but it's not available for Switch. 

    Relics of Hyrule

    • Well yes, but Switch adds in some of the BOTW stuff on the Throat 

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