Character build: The Forsworn Queen



Race: if using Vanilla like me) Breton (If you have the Forsworn legacy mod you don't have to worry about this)

Class: Sneak archer/Spellsword

Major skills: Light armor, Sneak, archery, one handed, destruction.

Minor skills: Alchemy, Enchanting, smithing, speech, Alteration (for magic resistance)


Backstory: The Forsworn queen grew up in a settlement of the Forsworn camps, she is known to be a bookworm but didn't take any crap from people who mocked her disabled father. Her mother died in childbirth. She had some friends and would always play with them and pray to the daedra with her father, one day in her teens the villiage became excited by the news of the royal family visiting them as their kings heir Madanach is now of age and looking for a bethrothal.

The Forsworn queen always wondered what the son looked like and was not disappointed by the boy. He was a musclar boy with jet black hair and stern but everwatching eyes. He noticed her immediately and would be extra nice to her.

However the choice of his bride was held in competion in a makeshift arena not to the death but to see who gets knocked out first, the Forsworn queen was a natural at ice magic and sword due to her father always teaching her magic, and her grandfather teaching her how to use a bow and blade. She beat over 20 girls, panting, bloodied and bruised she raised her sword and her father clapped the loudest. She noticed the princes smirk and her heart swelled with joy.

When they turned 18 they we're wed and lived happily until the Markarth incident, during the seige Madanach commanded the Forsworn queen to flee due to being pregnant with twins. Reluctantly She fled to High rock until she gets a letter knowning her people are safe, unfortunately due to the stress of fleeing, fear for her husband safety and people she sadly miscarriaged. For 30 years she waited until she could wait no more. She books a ship back to skyrim and immediately starts planning her revenge once she enters Markarth she will help her husband escape and will help the reach reclaim it's birthright.


Appearance: white haired woman with a purple facepaint to show her rank (choose the one that is lines under her eyes.)


Attire: Full set of Armor of the old gods, Namira ring, a bonehawk amulet.


Weapons: Forsworn bow&arrow, Red eagle bane


Factions: Namira coven, College of Winterhold, Dark brotherhood, Imperials, Volikhar clan


(Due to I can't play mods due to the system I use for skyrim SE this is optional)

Wintersun- Choose Molag bal for the revenge feel

Forsworn Legacy

Alternate start- Choose Came by boat


Perks: Sneak 5/5 up to deadly aim, Up to silent roll. Alchemy 5/5 alchemist up to Snakeblood. One handed 5/5 armsman, 3/3 bladesman, up to savage strike, speech 1/5 haggling up to intimidation, archery: Everything. Destruction: novice up to expert, Augmented frost up to deep freeze. Alteration: novice up to Magic resistance 3/3. Smithing: Steel up to Arcane Blacksmith


Stone: Atronach stone


Playstyle: First be a sneak archer. Once discovered switch to Spellsword with ice magic and Red eagles bane.


Qoute: "The Nords will pay!"

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