Character Build: The Noble Thief

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I have chosen the title 'The Noble Thief' for two reason, thus enjoying a little play on words. Literally speaking, Lyra is born from nobility, and still has the skills and connections to move amongst their haughty society when the need arises. She is also a thief, but not just any thief, she is an associate of the Thieves Guild. The Guild regulates Crime across the Empire, and more importantly, they enforce a strict code of conduct upon any who benefit from the protection of their organisation. No killing on the job. No stealing from one another. And no stealing from the poor. Lyra is a woman who wears this mandate as a badge of honour, and seeks to improve the lives of societies outcasts, wherever she might find them. She does not need to steal to survive, but will do so for the benefit of the guild. And... for a little fun. The life of an elf is filled with many long years... How else is one supposed to entertain themselves, in a land crippled by war and intrigue?


 Physical/Personal Bio:


Name: Lyra

Race: Bosmer

Race Traits: Resist Disease and Poison, Resist Fatigue (CC Survival Mode), +10 Archery, +5 Alchemy, Light Armor, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak

Gender: Female

Class: Nightblade (Subclass: Agent, Scout)

Age: 41 (young by Elven standards)

Height: 5’ 2”

Weight: 56 kg

Build: Slender and athletic

Skin tone: Fair

Eyes and hair: Brown and blonde. 

Political allegiance: Imperial

World view: Neutral (Defender of the poor and homeless, society's outcasts)

Guild: Thieves Guild 

+ Roleplay Rank: Doyan

Places of Residence: 

  • The Tower of the Wolf - Player Home In Solitude Mod
  • Shadowfoot Sanctum, Riften Ratways. Creation Club Add On

Canon Quests: For her quests, I wanted to focus on all side stories that involve thievery, infiltration, or investigation (I suppose a great many do). Lyra has a personal vendetta against the Thalmor, and a thirst for solving mysteries, she has a talent for it also. Here is my list of favourites: 

The Mages Guild, the Thieves Guild, Missing in Action, the White Phial, The Black Star, Served Cold, Promises to Keep, The Forsworn Conspiracy, Rebel’s Cairn, Lights out! The Man who Cried Wolf, Tending the Flames, Lost Legacy, March of the Dead, The Final Descent, Old Friends, Forbidden Legend, Infiltration, The Pale Lady, A Scroll for Anska, Siege on the Dragon Cult, The Heart of Dibella, Pieces of the Past, Waking Nightmare, Distant Past, The Lover’s Requital 

Roleplay Quests (created for the purpose of writing fiction):

  • The Fall of the Forsworn. After their numbers are decimated by the Vampire Clan, aid the Vigilants of Stendarr to rebuild and confront a new enemy, the Daedra-worshipping Reachmen. With the escape of their King Madanach from Cidna Mine, and his intentions to resurrect the war chief Red Eagle from the dead, these cultists are now more dangerous than ever…
  • Queen Elisif. Aid the Jarl of Solitude in her quest to become a Queen worthy of a broken land. The Civil War has left a permanent scar on the face of Skyrim, but unity and faith can be restored, if only light can finally be shed upon the meddling schemes of the Thalmor justiciars…




Lyra is a Bosmeri Nightblade, firstly an associate of the Cyrodilic Thieves Guild, and formerly a member of the Imperial Court. Her mother is a much celebrated Imperial battle-mage and an ambassador of the Imperial Council, a figure very much in the public eye. Everything changed when the Thalmor sacked the Imperial City and forced many of the citizens, Lyra included, to cower in hiding in the sewers below the citadel. There, she became entangled with what remained of the Thieves Guild, and began her life as an ‘infiltrator,’ specialising in completing jobs that required infiltration, the procuring of sensitive documents and incriminating evidence, all without leaving a trace of her presence. Becoming one of it’s most valued members, she is tasked with a dangerous, vital mission: to transport an Elder Scroll, stolen from the Imperial Library during the cities capture to protect it from Dominion hands, and deliver it to the hands of a scholar, far away at the Mages College of Skyrim. The rest of her tale, dear readers, is yet to be revealed… 




As a thief devoted to upholding her guild’s tenants of abstaining from violence while completing ‘jobs’ (self defence being about the only exception), Lyra must rely on a multitude of skills and abilities not combat oriented to survive Skyrim’s hostile landscape and population. These include alchemy, stealth, the arcane skills of illusion and alteration, and even the ability to talk her way out of trouble with sheer charm.


Game Start Gear: 

(Warmonger Armory SSE By Batmanna And Duckzilla)


  • Thief Backpack, Creation Club Add On. +75 Carrying Capacity, Lockpicking is 15% easier. Craft or purchase from merchants.


  • Scout Gear: Rogue Thief Hood, Sand Assassin Cuirass, boots and gauntlets.



Lyra prefers to travel light and unencumbered in armour. Her first choice of gear when adventuring across Skyrim, dungeon delving and infiltrating guarded forts. Note the belt additions allowing for additional hidden knives and poisons, ideal for characters preferring stealth poisonings and assassinations to open combat. She carries a light sword for the rare occasion that she does become tangled in close-quarter skirmishes. 


  • Nightblade Gear: Rogue Thief Hood, Shadow Warlock Robe, boots and gauntlets.



Sometimes, Lyra’s field of work requires an ability to stealth inside guarded compounds without the need to draw a single drop of blood. She must be able to move without making a single sound, cloaked in high leveled illusion spells, often relying on her abilities as an alchemist to grant her invisibility or silent footsteps. Her light materialed gear must allow for the storage of additional potion phials in order to complete her covert missions. 


  • Casual/Thief Gear: Rogue Thief Hood, Linwe’s Armor, boots and gauntlets.



When she is able to relax and socialise with her associates at the Riften Thieves Guild, Lyra prefers to don a lightweight version of her fellow guild member’s standard livery. This sleeveless version of the thieves armor can be obtained by completing the Thieves Guild ‘Special Job’ in Windhelm, after completing five smaller jobs in the same city, or by installing the ‘Craftable Everything’ Mod.


Game Start Weapons: 

Imperial Sword

  • A gift from her mother, a battle-mage and ambassador of the Imperial Council


Supple Ancient Nord Bow and Arrows

  • Discovered during one of her expeditions into a Nordic Burial Crypt


Bound Dagger

  • A conjuration spell at her disposal, purchase in game from Talvas Fathryon at Tel Mithryn. Conjured weapons can be poisoned, and the Illusion skill Perk Quiet Casting at level 50 is essential for stealth oriented spell casters. 


Obtainable Artifacts:

Azura’s Star 

  • Obtained by completing the Daedric Quest, The Black Star



  • Obtained by completing Thieves Guild quest line, recovered from Mercer Frey’s vault 


Dwarven Black Bow of Fate

  • Obtained by completing the Kagrumez Trials (Dragonborn Add On)


The White Phial

  • Obtained by completing quest of the same name


Favoured Spells/Potions: 


  • Magelight, Candlelight, Detect Life, Paralyze


  • Bound dagger (useful when having to abandon all gear for the sake of infiltrating heavily guarded areas, such as the Thalmor Embassy)


  • Muffle, Invisibility, Fear, Calm


  • Muffle, Invisibility, Paralyze, Damage Health, Ravage Health, Fear, Fortify Stealth Skills (Lockpick, Sneak, Barter



Archery: Expert

Light Armor: Adept

Alchemy: Apprentice

Alteration: Adept

Conjuration: Novice

Illusion: Expert

Sneak: Expert

Lockpick: Adept

Speech: Adept

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  • Hey Chiara, pretty nice build for a first one. First off, I'd like to pop out something you may wanna do. I may have missed it, but perhaps a little section for gameplay, such as how Lyra goes about dealing with X or Y enemy, to start off with, or whether she tries and avoids/distracts enemies. I'd also recommend popping in what perks you had

    • Thanks Chris! That's a good idea, I've actually just created Lyra fresh ingame so I'm gunna now enjoy myself and figure out exectly how to impliment all her skills! I usually stick to archer builds but I've never utilised poisons like paralysis to navigate thieves guild quests, so I'm going to give it a go and see if I come out alive 😅 And I'll work on the Perks as I go to, and try to write up the outcome 🙂

      • I suppose my conundrum is this: I like to stealth past enemies because combat is time consuming, but smashing enemies is also my favourite way of leveling skills 😁 so I guess I can't win hehe

      • Also, if yah didn't know, you can shoot arrows at the ground/walls to lure enemies. And good point. Maybe just point out strategies on "if" you get into combat, like pick pocketing paralysis poisons on your foes

  • I can dig this. I appreciate the character and overall concept and variety of looks for specific approaches. I like your layout and surprisingly I like how you didn't put any perkspread or list. Intentional? It would be nice to know maybe some more helpful specifics but not including a list of perks we all know anyway helps people maybe take their own interpretation if they want to recreate the concept.

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