Character Build: The Scion of War

Greetings one and all to what was my second build for a CB Event, Songs of the North, on the Vault, back in early 2018. While browsing through some old builds on Drive, I decided, fuck it, port this one.. Get ready for one crazy, war loving Altmer, get ready for…

Jingo Jungle

War, many say it brings out the best in oneself. Others say it brings out the worst. I say it brings out the truth.

Those gallant knights and pious clerics may claim they fight to defend the weak, but no, I know the truth. Once their blade cleaves through the first foe, or their maul crushes the skull, they are instantly filled with glorious bloodlust. How would I know? It's because I am the daughter of Ebonarm, the god of war. I am his champion. Wherever I am, war follows, for war…..

I am War!

Build Overview

Race: Altmer Vampire, of course, due to the fact it fits the backstory, even though Ebonarm is, before being erased from lore post-Daggerfall, a Yokudan god, Redguard would be a backup race. Altmer primarily for Highborn for added Magicka regen, a +50 bonus to Magicka. Make her blonde with short hair, and if on PC, make her a bit shorter than a female Bosmer.

Inspiration: Tanya von Degurechaff (Youjo Senki/The Saga of Tanya the Evil) and Apollyon (For Honor)

Standing Stone: The Mage to start with, followed by the Apprentice, to replicate that old school Altmer weakness to magic, and added magic regen

Stat Spread: 3/1/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Stop Magicka at 360, and 170 to Health.

Primary Skills: Illusion, Enchanting, Archery

Secondary Skills: Smithing, Destruction, Speech

The eyes that only see prey
An instinct to act on
The bloodlust and it’s just
Not enough … Not enough


Combat with the Scion of War is also about the chaotic circus that is the battlefield. With the usage of explosive bolts, Fury/Fear Spells, and followers, you’ll have a blast.

Combat is primarily a ranged affair. With Faendel as my follower for early game, primarily due to the fact he trains up to Adept level in Archery, you should focus first on thinning out the herd, well, actually first scope out the enemies, checking, say, if they have any mages or armored two-handers, then pop a Fortify Illusion potion and start spamming Fury and Fear spells so you got your foes beating down on each other, then switch to either your Crossbow, if you have any bolts, or your spells, primarily ones with an AOE like Fireball or Chain Lightning, and start spamming them to whittle down your enemies’ health even more. Focus on ranged enemies such as archers and mages, as they can do more damage from far away. Toss in Marked for Death for added lessened enemy AR. Always keep moving.

Dragons are fairly easy to beat as, with shock damage and exploding shock bolts, you’ll be steadily draining ths Magicka of any Dov you face off, and if you didn’t know, Shouts are considered magic based attacks, so no MP in your flying lizard frenemy, then they’ll be forced to land.

Follower wise, you’ll soon wanna ditch good ol’ Faendel for Jenassa, that wonderful Dunmeri mercenary and now your second in command of your little mercenary unit.

Quest wise you’ll stick with the Main Quest, Dawnguard (Cause even if this gal loves war, she doesn’t want to be on the losing side), Stormcloaks and Imperials (You can switch sides by giving the Jagged Crown to leader of the opposing faction), College of Winterhold, Dragonborn, and the Dark Brotherhood.

Face true power, weaklings!

An execution fulfilled
Their justice, corrupted
So ascent of torment



Smithing-A purely optional skill, used primarily for crafting bolts and Elven Arrows for use with Auriel’s Bow.

Enchanting-Used to boost your survivability, rename items, and buff your skills and regen.

Archery-Your main method of dealing ranged damage, primarily via Explosive bolts for that sweet AOE damage.

Illusion-Used primarily to lessen your enemies numbers via Fury and Fear spells, as well as Courage spells to buff your allies.

Destruction-Before you get your Crossbow, and when you run out of bolts, this will be your main method of ranged damage dealing

Speech-What commander doesn’t have charisma?


If you don't want another bolt in your leg, talk!


  • Always look down upon anyone in dialogue, except those in your merc band.

  • Never accept surrender, for the weak must be culled.

  • If you have a mod that does this, build a shrine to Ebonarm. If not, just equip any and all mannequins with full Ebony armor.

  • Never run away from a fight, though tactically retreating to, in the immortal words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the High Ground, is acceptable.

Let our hunger never end
Let my savage brethren rise again


Thanks to Valric for the awesome screenshots and Lee Friskilis for the swanky Perk and Equipment spreads. Two down, two to go….

The amoral bureaucrat turned sadist magic war loli and the warmongering leader of the Black Legion's lovechild

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  • I dig this build, Chris. I don't know the inspiration material but this is a cool character concept. I love it because it is concise, too! Fear plus anything ranged is such a fun combo. Well done.

    • Thanks Henson, and agreed. 

  • A very logical idea, Frenzy spells with ranged fighting. But dressed in such a creative and original concept. I like it!

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