Character Build: The Shezarrine

After talking with Albino, we had realized that we had both been working on a build based around being a Shezarrine for months. At first we thought we should collaborate on this, but instead we chose something else. We have decided to present our Shezarrine builds separately to show our two different takes on a Shezarrine character in Skyrim. I’ll provide a link to Albino's build in the credits once he puts it up. Now then, let me present to you…


The speaks to me. The words become clearer and clearer as the days go by...My own parents are calling me insane, they can't hear what I can, but who knows...They may be correct, I suppose only time will tell.

The words are now clear as day, but it has only been giving me hints. It could be leading me to my death, but I feel I must do this regardless. I must go to Skyrim; I can only hope that all will be revealed there.


What is a Shezarrine?

A Shezarrine is an incarnation of Shor, the chieftain of the Nordic Pantheon. Many Shezarrines have gone down in history as being great warriors, and one in particular was even given the status of a divine by the Nords. Now, a new Shezarrine is on the path of having his destiny being revealed, and Skyrim will change forever because of it.

The Build

The Shezarrine is as Nordic as a Nord can get. A classic warrior type combined with 100% shout cooldown reduction to make you feel like you're playing your first Skyrim character again, along with something new to spice it up.

Race: Nord is the obvious choice here, with Shor being a Nordic god and this build being everything Nordic in general makes anything else feel out of place.

Stats: 0/1/1. The Shezarrine does not bother with magic, so this stat distribution balances out the two stats that he will be using.

Stone: The Warrior Stone will be used for the earlier levels, mostly for the faster smithing leveling; then it gets swapped out for the Atronach. The Shezarrine doesn't use magic, so he can reap the magic-negating benefits of 50% Spell Absorption without worrying about the hit to Magicka Regeneration.

Skills: One Handed, Block, Smithing, Heavy Armor, Speech, Shouts (custom skill)

Shouts: Call of Valor, Call Dragon, Cyclone, Dragon Aspect, Dragonrend, Elemental Fury, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Slow Time, Storm Call, Unrelenting Force

Equipment: Nordic Carved Mace and Armor, Ysgramor's Shield

Recommended Quests: Main Quest, Companions, Stormcloaks, Dragonborn, and everything you can do to help out the fellow Nords.


Combat with the Shezarrine is simple yet fun. Use your mace to honor Pelinal Whitestrake (a known Shezarrine of the past), and Ysgramor's Shield to block incoming blows. Both of these tools are great to use. Shouts are also a big factor in this build, you are not able to learn shouts so quickly JUST because you are a dragonborn, being a shezarrine provides you with a big advantage while using the thu'um. While this build does use infinite shouts, it does not use it in an overpowered way by spamming shouts constantly. Instead, you can use them for certain situations while not having to worry about the cooldown later on. 

All shouts can benefit you in combat in some way, and because of the shout cooldown you are free to improvise with them when you feel like it, and you can also use them at the right moments, all without having to worry about a cooldown or wasting them. How do you get 100% cooldown reduction you ask? Find five Amulets of Talos (do not grab the amulet from Roggvir right after he gets executed, as the quest associated with it is glitched and causes issues); then stack them together using the werewolf stacking glitch (or just get infinite shouts through mods) once you obtain Beast Form.



One Handed: Most would prefer swords or perhaps an axe, but I find maces to be oddly satisfying. The slowness of them really gives off a powerful feel as you crush your enemies bones. The Nordic Carved Mace in particular is a great weapon and The Shezarrine wields it like no other.

Block: A shield is a lifesaver on any character. You could argue that by the end of the game your upgraded armor will keep you alive well enough, however it is absolutely key in most situations and it will save you so many times that it will become a better companion to have along than somebody like Aela or Mjoll.

Heavy Armor: Nordic Carved armor is by far one of the coolest looking armor sets in the game, hell it even looks good on Khajiits!

Smithing: Smithing, all Nords love smithing. This is how you will get Nordic Carved...everything. Fortunately it doesn't take very long to get Advanced Armors, and even then you can keep on getting smithing to 100 so you can upgrade your armor and weapon as much as you can.

Speech: You may be wondering why Speech of all things is used on this build, well let me tell you! First I imagine that a god incarnate would probably be very persuasive, and second is that it is amazing for smithing supplies. Quicksilver ingots take a while to get so you should have quite a few septims by the time you can finally get them.


Your Destiny

You have done well, my child. You have felt Shor's presence in Sovngarde. You now know what you are, and you know what you must do. Help out your fellow Nords, seek out the evil in Skyrim. You journey is far from over, but I will be watching you through it all. You will not fail.

Your destiny is the endgame of this build. From Helgen to Sovngarde you have been going through the main quest trying to understand why you were brought here, not entirely convinced it was because of you being Dragonborn. Upon entering the Hall of Valor, however, you realize that you are a Shezarrine, unlocking your ability to use shouts without cooldown. However, you also realize that Alduin wasn't the only threat to Skyrim, so now you must set out to help your fellow Nords by doing other quests.

The Companions: You thought this was an ordinary band of fighters until you discovered that they were cursed by a Daedric Prince. Do whatever you can to cure them. This is also where you get the werewolf form to execute the stacking glitch. Only cure the curse once you have infinite shouts. If you lose the shout reduction for whatever reason, simply speak to Aela and she will give you the form again (assuming you have Dawnguard installed), then you can cure yourself again. You’ll want to do this questline as soon as you have five Amulets of Talos and have realized your destiny as Shezarrine, for obvious reasons.

The Stormcloaks: You must unleash Shor's wrath on the Imperials for betraying Skyrim and her people. You also realize that the Thalmor are another threat, and Ulfric will need you for that upcoming war as well, so gain his trust.

Dragonborn: While you do not care much for the Dunmer, the Skaal in Solstheim are in trouble and you must save them from the return of Miraak while dealing with an unwanted Daedric Prince at the same time. Let them both know that you are not a puppet to be played with!

Dawnguard: The Volkihar threaten Skyrim with their plan to blot out the sun. Do whatever you can to stop them and the vampire attacks on Nordic settlements.

Aside from these, you should do any quests that let you help your fellow Nords. In particular, Missing In Action is a good one since it also lets you strike back at the Thalmor.


As I've said, all shouts can benefit you in some way, so here are some examples of what shouts you can use and when.

Slow Time: Used when fighting against archers, with slow time you can make sure that your shield is always up in time to block an arrow.

Elemental Fury: Best used against the tougher enemies, ensuring that they receive a quick yet brutal death.

Call of Valor: Used before fighting a boss, these heroes from Sovngarde are great warriors and great distractions as well. The dragonborn that is summoned when using Dragon Aspect can also be used for this purpose.

Storm Call: Can be used when entering an enemy fort to surround the area, doing damage against most enemies. Make sure to not use this when allies are around.

Unrelenting Force: Used when your enemies are directly behind a cliff, it's pretty self-explanatory. But if you plan on looting your enemies after the battle, make sure the cliff isn't too big.

Ice Form: Can be used against bigger enemies such as giants, making it hard for them to land a hit on you.

Cyclone: Used against groups of smaller enemies such as Rieklings, wolves and spiders.

Dragon Aspect: This is mainly used for the dragonborn that can be summoned, he can save your life as he can take an enemies attention with ease while you heal up. 

Keep in mind that some shouts require you to do certain questlines to get all three words to them; you can do these if you wish, though the lesser versions of the shouts will still help you in a fight even without a word or two.


Most Shezarrines have a history with the elves, to say the least, so the Thalmor are certainly big targets for the Shezarrine. Kill every Thalmor member you see without remorse, as they do not deserve it.

Help out all of those loyal to the Stormcloaks, as any support they can get will help them win the war in the end. Skyrim deserves to be how she always was, and some local Nords are starting to lose faith.

However, just because many Stormcloaks mistreat the other races, you do not, as anybody can be a help to the cause. Do not treat anybody badly because of their race, not even Altmer (Thalmor excluded).

Never flee combat! You are an honorable warrior, not a milk drinker. Use all the healing potions you need, but running away is simply dishonorable as a true Nord. Once you enter a fight, it will be to the death.


I have been on this journey for months, and I feel it can finally end soon. I will be remembered as a legend, and I must accept this. I can only hope that Skyrim can now have the rest that she needs...


Thank you to Kynareth for the great lore information given to me.

Thank you to Tae-Rai for just general support

Thank you to NobodyBeast for contributing to the build with some of the banners

Thank you to Albino for posting a build preview and preventing imminent disaster

Credit to various Nexus users for the screenshots.


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