Character Build: The Viking.

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Bjorn, the Viking nord.

The Viking is an agile and ferocious combatant, a warrior who does not depend on magic to slaughter his opponents, but only on his martial skills and combat strategy.

He travels through the icy lands of Skyrim in search of enemies of heights, gold and glory.

The Build

Race: I chose Nord for obvious reasons, but any race can make a good Viking,  including the imperial. Perhaps feeling betrayed by being condemned to an unjust death, the imperial decides to join the nords to learn their customs and so on. A real outsider.

Stone: “Warrior Stone” for the initial combat experience bonus, but after being enabled, I can recommend "Lord Stone", which attributes resistance to magic attacks.

Stats : 0/2/1. As said before, the Viking is a pure warrior, and as such he does not use magic. Its focus is health and stamina.

Recommended Skills:

One-Handed- The Viking specializes in the use of the ax, its quick movements and bleeding bonuses yield a powerful combination especially against enemies using two-handed weapons.

Archery- A good bow in the right hands can do more damage than fireballs. At a safe distance and with the two initial perks it is already possible to reduce the number of enemies and weaken the remaining ones. But remember, you are not an archer and you shouldn't invest that much in this skill tree.

Block- In close combat defense is an essential part, and this is where Block comes in. At first, the shield does not offer a very significant defense, but the right perks give you defense against arrows, magic and the fun shield charge.

Heavy Armor- Complementing what was said above, a good defense is crucial for a melee fight especially if we want to tank.

Light Armor- As much as he has a strong defense, the Viking is a fast fighter. Light armor provides less defense, but greater freedom of movement and speed.

Smithing- Vikings were warriors famous for their brutal battles, culture and advanced knowledge of metallurgy, and Skyrim would be no different. Viking must be able to produce and strengthen their own equipment with different metals.

6278229056? Profile = RESIZE_710x No magical defense can stop Bjorn the Viking.

Recommended Equipment:


  • Ancient Nord Armor Helmet
  • Tsun's Armor
  • Steel Nordic Gauntlets
  • Steel Cuffed Boots
  • Steel Shield


  • Nord Hero War Axe
  • Nord Hero Bow (Arrows of your choice)


Shouts: The Viking does not use magic, however, as shouts are a natural ability of the dragonborn I recommend the use of "Unrelenting Force" and "Dragonrend"

 Recommended missions:

Main Quest-The Viking warrior does not refuse a good challenge, and the presence of dragons in Skyrim makes his blood boil.

Companions- In addition to being a very fun mission, it gives you good companions (which can improve your skill trees and serve as a great support), access to unique weapons, armor and shields, in addition to showing you a little of the history of Ysgramor, the great nord hero

Blood on ice and Civil War (stormcloaks)- Becoming the thane of Windhelm and war hero is an extremely important step in the build of Viking, the great hero who defends his people on the battlefield and fights against injustice and religious intolerance Thalmor.

Forbidden LegendIn addition to rewarding you with a unique item with status that will make a big difference in combat, the story of "forbidden legend" is interesting, challenging and still earns you some unique and enchanted weapons

6278247478? Profile = RESIZE_710xBjorn demonstrates his skill with bow.


The Viking is the hero of the nods who seeks to defend his people from the hateful Thalmor
and anyone who associates with them. The ongoing Civil War brought the Hero to Skyrim to fight alongside Ulfric
against the imperials, but he was faced with a much greater threat - the return of the Dragons.
A hero can come from many spheres, like a soldier or a mercenary, but faith in Talos and love for his people give him the strength to protect the citizens of Skyrim.
The Hero is proficient in the art of battle and wanders through these icy lands in search of enemies and challenges at the height, be it bandit camps, tombs full of draugrs or
dragons on top of mountains, the Viking faces every challenge that is set in front of him , everything that brings you gains and glory
to secure your place in the pantheon of heroes in Sovngarde.

6278266094? Profile = RESIZE_710xDeath to the hateful Thalmor!

Thanks for reading! This was the first time that I ventured into writing a build, so do not hesitate to leave criticisms and tips below, questions if you have any questions, or like if you liked my work.

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