Character Building Event: Ghouls and Ghosts

Good morning/afternoon/evening my fellow Skyrimmers! With Summer ending and October here in a few weeks, let's welcome not just Autmn, but our latest character building event!



Now the idea is simple. Make a build around something scary and spooky. This could be say, something from folklore, like one of the countless Yokai of Japanese mythology, or the various black hounds of English folktales. Or perhaps you're fond of slashers and wanna make your own take, go for it! Feel free to team up if you feel ike it.

Submission Details:

  • You may post builds from now up till November 4th, 2023.
  • Please title your build Event Biild: Rest of name/title.
  • Tag your build with "Event:GhoulsAndGhosts."
  • Have fun, and don't forget to comment down below you wanna join in, whether solo or otherwise.


Born-The Wooded Eye


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  • Dunno quite where I'm going with this yet, but I'd like to join it please

  • Sure it's a great idea for October.

  •  Could I remake my Soul Eater Contest Build for this?

    • Soul Eater? Wait was this for Crossworlds? Cause that wasn't a contest. Well, I guess since you didn't post it. Go for it

      • Soul Eater is a build I made and posted for contest4 in October 2020.

        • Well the Event IS mostly for original builds...but I guess it you can make it distinct enough 

          • I don't know, but I have been wanting to remake it for AE. And I don't really have any other ideas for this.

            • Sure, go for it then!

  • Alright sign me up - feeling a werewolf playthrough

  • I'm thinking about making a black khajiit assassin and it's pretty easy

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