Character Building Event: Ghouls and Ghosts

Good morning/afternoon/evening my fellow Skyrimmers! With Summer ending and October here in a few weeks, let's welcome not just Autmn, but our latest character building event!



Now the idea is simple. Make a build around something scary and spooky. This could be say, something from folklore, like one of the countless Yokai of Japanese mythology, or the various black hounds of English folktales. Or perhaps you're fond of slashers and wanna make your own take, go for it! Feel free to team up if you feel ike it.

Submission Details:

  • You may post builds from now up till November 4th, 2023.
  • Please title your build Event Biild: Rest of name/title.
  • Tag your build with "Event:GhoulsAndGhosts."
  • Have fun, and don't forget to comment down below you wanna join in, whether solo or otherwise.


Born-The Wooded Eye


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  • Alright put me down as well. Have a unique idea using Vokrii and Odin that should fit this perfectly. 

  • Sign me up. I've been thinking about a build based around Angrboda, the mother of monsters. 

  • And we have our submission, thank you to born!

    Event Build: The Wooded Eye
    This Green Pact adhering Bosmer associates with a lesser-known cult of Herma-Mora, and she's been sent to serve her god in Skyrim, gathering knowledg…
  • I've just published mine :
    As it is my first one, please, feel free to tell me if I did any mistake.

  • Alright, the build is finally done. The Nuckelavee is ready to spread fear, death, drought, and famine through the land of Skyrim.

    Event Build: The Nuckelavee
    The nuckelavee is the most malevolent of demons... ...without any redeeming characteristics.                                                        …
  • I finish mine I'll send a link

    Event build:The Unlucky Khajiit
     "Khajiit will make those people become unlucky who crossed paths with me since I'm the dark and unlucky in Skyrim" -Tayton the Unlucky Khajiit   My…
  •  I needed Something.

    So here is something.

    Can I sleep now

    Event Biild: WIP: Hunger
    Race: AnyStats: 1 point in Health to 1 point in Magicka
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