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The Character Building Help Desk

This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds, as well as to answer queries about anything regarding the Character Building group.

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    • Hey Jordan,

      Since your original playstyle is that of a necromancer/support mage, the most powerful destruction spell you can invest in is Ignite (Dragonborn DLC). The quest to obtain Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana (the ring required to cast the spell) is a bit long-winded, but the reward is well worth it.

      The spell Ignite deals Fire damage over time. Initially that's 60 damage (4 dmg x 15 sec), but if you have the Aspect of Terror perk from the Illusion tree (which you seem to have a high level in), it deals an insane 210 damage (14 dmg x 15 sec). To top it off, the spell costs a relatively cheap 30 mana (which can be made cheaper with enchanting), and stacks on afflicted targets. All this with zero investment in Destruction magic. For characters who have the luxury of lobbing spells at enemies while their undead minions tank the damage, this spell is incredibly powerful. The only downsides I can think of are roleplay contradictions, or having to skip out on another ring (which can be remedied). 

      If you wanna see what utter destruction Ignite is capable of, there are builds like the Montalion which can explain it in betteer detail. On top of that, there is a glitch available to gain access to Ignite without having to equip Ahzidal's Ring (google is your friend). 

      For alchemy, Dwarven Oil + Salt Pile + Red Mountain Flowers lets you restore and regenerate magicka, and the downside of Weakness to Magic is negligible when your minions are soaking up damage. There are some articles on the net about "Poisons with Positive Effects", which are essentially steroids you can inject into your minions to make them stronger. 

      Necromage buffs all your enchantments by 25% if you're a vampire (and you haven't used the unofficial patch), and also buffs all spells cast on yourself. This includes Flesh spells, Muffle, Healing spells and Equilibrium. 

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to have atronach stone with fortify restoration potions for 100% spell absorption and the apprentice stone wth the aetherial crown?

    i tried a lot of different ways, but I’m a bit of a noob with the crown, haven’t really used it before. 

    • It should be possible. One or the other stone will end up attached to the crown. If its the Atronach stone you'd simply have to drink the appropriate fortify restoration potions prior to wearing the crown. 

  • It's been years since I've been on here, but I am currently in the making of a Quad-Build(that will need a few mods to make it work)The Four Horsemen, obviously based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse from the book of revelations. They consist of: Conquest, the white rider, immovable as he rains arrows upon his enemies and crushes any resistance; War, the red rider, an unstoppable force of destruction that brings ruin with his massive blade; Famine, the black rider, stripping vitality from the denizens of tamriel; and Death, the pale rider, who has come with his scythe to deliver swift release from the mortal coil.

    Literal Explanation: Conquest uses Heavy Armor, Archery and Block as major skills, and One handed as a minor skill; His focus is around conquering and rallying armies to do his bidding.

    War is a werewolf that uses Two handed, Heavy armor and Destruction as major skills; His focus is around completely decimating his foes with indiscriminate chaos

    Famine is a vampire that uses Sneak, Illusion and Alteration as major skills, with Destruction, Conjuration, and One handed as very minor skills; his focus is weakening enemies while unseen, so that they can be easily finished off

    Death is a lich that uses Two handed, light armor and conjuration as major skills; his focus is on swiftly moving around the battlefield with his axe(scythe) using necromanc to assist him.

    Right now, I'm still playtesting through them and am currently at Famine. I'd be extremely grateful to recieve any thoughts on the idea

    they also will each be using a unique horse for their character so that's cool too

    • Hey, long time no see!

      You’ve got quite an ambitious project there, and it looks to me like you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you want to do. If you’re looking for advice on what mod to use I would highly suggest Ordinator, and if need be the accompanying race and standing Stone overhauls, Imperious Races and Aurora Standing Stones. 

      Also, if you got Discord be sure to join us on our discord server. Link should be on the home page of the site. 


  • Hey everyone! I’m in the mood to play as a pure mage this time. Can anyone make a recommendation?

    • Pure mage eh? Gladly, I know of a few.

      -Curse's Force Adept, has 5 skills, uses Destruction and a (minor ish) glitch for unlimited Magicka, to pull of feats of Magic rarely seen - basically makes Destruction more useful.

      -Chris Diokno's Twilight of Meridia (collab from the Tamriel Vault). A blood mage with a twist. Part Necro, Part Blood, Part Mage - completely awesome

      -Henson's Psijic Monk. The similar to Percival/Pixel/Brosis's collab (below), but different as it's done without mods and uses One Handed.

      -Blacklight's Archmage Shalidor, based of Shalidor himself and from ESO (can't say for certain that Shalidor is in ESO myself as I've never played it)

      -Elysium's Azra Nightwielder, based around the First Shadow Mage myself. As always with Elysium's builds, it has phenomanal RP. Also has optional mods. That and it doesn't play/end up like your 'run of the mill' mage (hell none of the ones I linked to).


      -The Psijic Monk, created in collab with Percival, Pixel and Brosis. Recreates a Psijic Monk quite well. Uses mods, which are displayed at the top

      I do realise, that I haven't given much detail to them. Either way, if you have any questions mate, fire away!

      Character Build: The Force Adept
      I wanted to explore ways to bring out the full potential of destruction magic, without employing the usual combo of illusion and conjuration spells t…
    • Curse’s Maleficar is another modded pure mage worth considering. It’s a heavy destruction and summoning focused build with a really intuitive blood magic mechanic. 

    • Thank you thank you! 

  • What build would you recommend for completing every achievement?

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