The Character Building Help Desk


The Character Building Help Desk

This discussion is to help people gather fresh ideas and information for new builds, as well as to answer queries about anything regarding the Character Building group.

Feel free to ask questions!

  • Have a build concept that you'd like some feedback on? Post it right here and we'll discuss it. The Helpdesk is an ideal place to kick around ideas for your next build.
  • If you're after help with your build's role-play, seek out the Roleplay Group. The group is home to many role play enthusiasts who will happily help you. 
  • If you have some questions about game mechanics (such as how a certain glitch or exploit works, is this ability effected by that perk, etc.), then this thread is the perfect place to ask. 
  • If you need help with something artistic or presentation related simply ask for what you need here. 

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    • You asking for a precise dictionary term or for something from the archive?
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        • Sounds like a fun concept. It's heavy armored so juggernaut works, and it's agile and aggressive so barbarian works too.
        • The Quicksilver Knight, or The Orochi Warrior.
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            • Oooh, I really like the name orochi warrior.
            • Of course. Quicksilver is a liquid metal mercury, but it is also an adjective to use as a metaphor for speed. Orochi is a type a of samurai warrior that would wield a katana. "For Honor" players may recognize the name as it is a class under the samurai faction.
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                • Glad to be of assistance.
              • Pretty sure Orochi means 'serpent', so you could probably work that around something. 

  • Do illusion perks affect Nord's Battle Cry power and werewolf howl?
    • No, illusion perks don't affect Battle Cry or Howl of Terror, but the magnitude of Battle Cry is 99 so you won't be having any problems with that on a normal playthrough. They also don't affect any undead, daedra, automatons, etc since illusion perks don't affect them.
    • Thank you both very much
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