Contest Build: The Inventor


Race: Breton for the magic resistance as you can’t cast magic without alike help, more on that later.
Stone: The Steed stone as you are going to carry lots of equipment with you everywhere that you go.
Stats: 0 Magicka, 1 Health, 1 Stamina. You can’t cast magic spells. You got your wits and a giant bag of tricks.
Major Skills: Speech, Alchemy, Smithing, Enchanting
Minor Skills: Heavy Armor (Perking is Optional), Destruction (Optional If you want to be super powerful), Archery (If you want to get the most out of the Mark 2)
Weapons: Staves and scrolls (Optional enhanced dwarven crossbow)
Apparel: Dwemer armor, Custom made (With the Steed stone you can carry multiple sets of dwemer armor and they weigh nothing.)
Shouts: Become Ethereal, Slow Time, Frost Breath, Fire Breath, Unrelenting Force (All of them See the Mark 3 on how to maximize your shouting)
Powers: Companions insight so you don’t blast your followers.
Quest: Main Questline, Civil War Imperial, Dawnguard so you can get access to the enhanced dwarven crossbow, become Thane in every hold and own every property you are insanely rich. You can’t join the Dark brotherhood or the Thieves Guild.

3887209904?profile=RESIZE_710xThese are minimal skills that you need to get the Inventor fully running.


  • Only have female followers
  • If you are in town and it is night time you have to sleep in an Inn or your house. No waiting!
  • Every time you visit a town you have hit the Inn and have a drink.
  • Always give to the beggars.



The Inventor was born a mechanical genius. After his parents retired, he took over his family's company, which manufactured weapons and armor. Enjoying women and alcohol, The Inventor didn't seem to care much for the rest of the world, until he was kidnapped by Stormcloaks using weapons of his own design. They commanded him to build them weapons. Luckily for the Inventor imperial soldiers ambushed the group of Stormcloaks and toke all of them to Helgen to executed.

After escaping Helgen, The Inventor decided that using his skills to make armor, he would make up for his past sins and help the world. The Inventor will build a suit of armor so that he slay the dragons that are terrorizing Skyrim and save the common people.


Staves are what are going to be how you deal damage until you get your enchanting to 100. As soon as you can you need to make it to the College of Winterhold. Your goal is to get to the midden so you can use the Atronach Forge. You will be making a Staff of the Flame Atronach [1 Broom, 1 Fire Salts, 1 Corundum Ingot/Ore, and 1 Soul Gem (Greater or higher)] a Staff of the Frost Atronach [1 Broom, 1 Frost Salts, 1 Refined Moonstone/Ore, 1 Soul Gem (Greater or higher)] and a Staff of the Storm Atronach [1 Broom, 1 Void Salts, 1 Orichalcum Ingot/Ore, 1 Soul Gem (Greater or higher)]

The Staff of Paralysis can be found in Snapleg Cave which is located east of Ivarstead.

The Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson you can get by following the college of winterhold questline. Just make sure that you have scrolls with you.

The Staff of Magnus you can get by following the college of winterhold questline. Just make sure that you have scrolls with you.

By completing some Daedric quests you can easily pick up the Sanguine Rose, Skull of Corruption, and the Wabbajack.

You can find destruction staves on dead falmer. I recommend Nchuand-Zel as it is easy to get to and there is a ton of dwenmer stuff that you meltdown to help level your smithing skill by making dwarven armor and weapons. Just make sure to activate the Steed stone first and have a follower with you to help carry all of you loot back to the surface.

Your Crafting set (Enchanting at 100, Alchemy at 100 with a potion of fortify enchanting you can get 29% improvement for each enchantment)
Necklace enchanted with fortify alchemy and fortify smithing
Ring enchanted with fortify alchemy and fortify smithing
Gloves enchanted with fortify alchemy and fortify smithing
Hat enchanted with fortify alchemy
Chest enchanted with fortify smithing

BOSS SET or OP SET if you decided to level destruction to level 100

Mark 1 remember I said that you can’t cast spells well you don your custom suite of Dwemer Armor you become the Iron Man of Tamriel.
Helmet (Legendary) enchanted with fortify destruction and another enchantment of your choice I choose water breathing to help with harvesting Nordic barnacles.
Chest (Legendary) enchanted with fortify destruction and fortify health rate to help you heal when you do get hit.
Boots (Legendary) enchanted with fortify carry weight and stamina regen.
Gauntlets (Legendary) enchanted with fortify carry weight and fortify heavy armor.
Shield (Legendary) enchanted with fortify health and resist magic.
Necklace enchanted with fortify destruction and resist magic.
Ring enchanted with fortify destruction and resist magic.
With this set of custom enchanted dwemer armor, all of your destruction spells will cost ZERO magicka to cast. You will have to get enchanting to 100 and have a few fortify enchanting potions with your alchemy skill at 100,. You can cast lightning storm forever if you really wanted to.

COMBAT ARMOR if you decided not to level destruction to level 100 but still want to be powerful

Mark 2 when you don your custom suite of Dwemer Armor you become the death from afar.
Helmet (Legendary) enchanted with fortify archery and another enchantment of your choice I choose water breathing to help with harvesting Nordic barnacles.
Chest (Legendary) enchanted with fortify health and fortify health rate to help you heal when you do get hit.
Boots (Legendary) enchanted with sneaking and muffle.
Gauntlets (Legendary) enchanted with fortify archery and fortify sneaking.
Necklace enchanted with fortify archery and healing rate or fortify health.
Ring enchanted with fortify archery and healing rate or fortify health.
Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Chaos damage and fiery soul trap (For when you need to fill soul gems)
Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Chaos damage and frost damage

LEVELING ARMOR or Spelunking armor with infinite shouts for fun

Mark 3 this is the armor if you want a challenge. (Ok, this one is OP as well)
Helmet (Legendary) enchanted with water breathing.
Chest (Legendary) enchanted with fortify health.
Boots (Legendary) enchanted with fortify carrying weight.
Gauntlets (Legendary) enchanted with fortify carrying weight.
Necklace Amulet of Talos (Do the Resto pot glitch with the Amulet of Talos until your times become negatives and you will have infinite shouts just don’t take of the amulet. Here is YouTube video to see the glitch
Ring enchanted with fortify carrying weight or healing rate or fortify health depending on your play style.
ALL the Staves you can carry.
This suite of armor can allow you to max out at the lowest level. You enter combat use a summoning staff to tank the enemies and then blast them with your destruction staves or shout them to pieces.


images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcR75Unq6w582wPE0XYsi2oM6qnuzr5zPRcdPINIJsWdMQxyD6LV&profile=RESIZE_180x180Main Guns – Fortify destruction damage with Shock Resist
Glow Dust + Glowing Mushroom
Nightshade + Glowing Mushroom


images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQL5cQa_MJfSlwF7WGpjWLRQOMHVF7TbcMoKoIrc6PMCxEP2Rz2Targeting System – increase bow damage with health regen
Canis Root + Juniper Berries + Garlic



images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSfaHFW-ucMupyrIU9OSolwSRTV7vby9VzErzAJFwYV0PsYKinbShow Me The Money – Waterbreathing with health regen
Nordic Barnacle + Salmon Roe + Garlic


SingleCartoonWildWest1Yaroslav_15-512.pngHigh Yield Explosives – Damage Health with Slow and Weakness to Poison
Abecean Longfin + Deathbell + River Betty



laser_blas.jpgDragon Buster Canon
Requirements – Full Set of Mark 1 armor + Main Guns + Become Ethereal + Lightning storm
This combo allows you charge up lightning storm without having to worry about taking damage.


laserblasts.jpgRepulsor Blast
Requires: Full Set of Mark 1 armor +Main Guns + Scroll of Guardian Circle + Dual Casting + Chain lightning + Impact
This lethal combo is the bane to all undead, healing you and keeping the undead at bay while you fry them with chain lightning.


rocket-launcher-illustrations_3837-13.jpgSteel Rain
Requires: Full Set of Mark 2 armor + Main Guns +High Yield Explosives + Your Special Crossbow + Exploding Crossbow Bolts + Slow Time




Leveling alchemy quickly is by making potions that are expensive. Salmon Roe + Nordic Barnacles + Garlic make a potion with Waterbreathing and health regen. Each potion will be worth over 1 -2 thousand gold.

Salmon Roe

Catching salmon that are leaping up waterfalls or rapids will yield one sample of salmon roe. Salmon found in still bodies of water, streams and lakes, however, will not provide any salmon roe.

One of the easiest locations is the series of waterfalls along the river running north and alongside Riverwood towards Whiterun.

Salmon killed with a bow, ice-based magic such as Frostbite or with the Cyclone, Unrelenting Force and Clear Skies shouts will produce both salmon meat and salmon roe. The lake below Solitude has vast quantities of salmon roe that can easily be collected in this manner. They will not yield salmon roe if simply harvested, however.

Nordic Barnacles

Around 19 Nordic Barnacles on The Silvermoon, a sunken ship in Lake Ilinalta near the Lady Stone. The Water Breathing ability helps when searching the wreck, but it is fully possible to obtain everything without it by making repeated short dives. The mast of the ship can be seen above the water's surface from the Lady Stone island.

At the entrance of Lake Ilinalta Nordic Barnacles can be found in a sunken Nordic tomb entrance in the lake just opposite of Lakeview Manor.

Eight in the "moat" under the bridge in Whiterun directly outside of Dragonsreach.


Found in almost every kitchen.

Found on tables inside caves, hideouts and in forts.

Faendal's House in Riverwood contains two garlic heads.

Meeko's Shack located east of Dragon Bridge.

Inside Bits and Pieces several garlic braids can be picked (does count as stealing).

House Gray-Mane has a bowl with 8-9 garlic, and another on a nearby table.

Inside Boulderfall Cave is a basket half full of garlic heads.

Found inside Fort Hraggstad.

At least three in Driftshade Refuge.

Sven and Hilde's house in Riverwood contains six heads of garlic on six garlic braids.

Found inside the Alchemist's Shack.

Three braids are hanging from Carlotta Valentia's stall in Whiterun


The crafting skills and speech build off of each other. You smith an iron dagger and then sharpen it improving your smithing, you can then enchant the dagger with turn undead or if your lucky banishment. It’s ok to use petty soul gems for these enchanting. You will still be increasing your enchanting skill. Once you have pile of enchanted daggers you can then sell them this will increase your speechcraft.

One of the fastest ways to increase smithing is by crafting dwarven bows. Do some dungeon runs down into Nchuand-Zel you should be able to carry out enough dwemer metal to make over 200 ingots. Keep your eyes out for the following items: Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal, Large Decorative Dwemer Strut, Large Dwemer Plate Metal,  Large Dwemer Strut, Small Dwemer Plate Metal, Solid Dwemer Metal.

Craft the bows then enchant them with turn undead or banishment. Take a pile of them to the market and sell them.


Shrines to Zenithar give a 10% bonus to prices for 28800 seconds (8 real-time hours).

On the Shrine to Zenithar outside Riften to the northeast there is a free Amulet of Zenithar which gives 10% better prices.

The Gift of Charity, give a small but noticeable bonus to prices. There is a beggar in every major city within easy reach of the shops.

Potions of fortify barter.

If you choose to you can join the Thieves Guild and get a hood that will give a 10% bonus. If you do a few of the main thieves guild quests you can improve it to a 15% bonus.

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  • Nice build! An inventor type specializing in all the game's crafting skills makes for a pretty interesting build. 

    • Thank you, I had a lot of fun making and testing this build.


  • Have you lost your mind? Can you see or are you blind?

    • You assume that I ever had a mind to lose.


      • Can you walk at all.. or if you move will you fall?

        Guitar riff


  • Interesting concept you have here, using all 3 crafting skills in tandem with your staves and then progressing onto spells and crossobws. Obviously it's quite a grind to max out all three of those skills so I think it would be good to see some leveling tips for when you're starting out, for example certain quests or locations to visit that'll help you level up those skills. Otherwise not bad for your first build, looking forward to seeing you improve in the future!

    • Ponty thank you for the advice. I thought up of a few tips to help make the gridding a little easier for this build. I hope people find them useful.

  • Good work! I don't think staves get a whole lot of credit, so I'm happy to see someone using them. Good luck on the contest!

  • Very interesting concept, most builds tend to minimize the use of crafting skills or use 1 or 2. But I can see myself trying this one.

    Good job Alchemist!

    • Glad you find it interesting. I like the crafting skills as they let you make any type of character you want and you can focus more on the RP side of the game if you want to. Once the character is fully on line it's a fun one to come back to so you can run around and slay dragons.

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