Character Build: The Electromancer


 This is the first time I write a build here, but I'll try my best... Hope you can have as much fun with this build as I've had so far.   



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   Fast description

    The electromancer is a build that makes use of all of the destruction spells, but, as the name suggests, it gives more atention to spells such as: Sparks, lightning bolt, chain lightning and lightning storm, and it is interesting to remember that not many enemies have resistence to such element, thus making it really flexible and useful.



   [Recommended race: High elves are recommended due to their high magika initial stats.]

   After getting inside the castle in the beggining of the game, you can find yourself a spell book (sparks) in a cage, and you will try your best to use it in order to evolve your destruction stats and discover more about how precise you'll need to be in order to use the spell properly.

   After fighting the bear and managing to scape, you'll activate the mage stone in order to gain an special bonus in your magical skills, which will be necessary over time.

   [Stats: I'd recommend you to focus on Health and Magika in the beggining (until level 20 or untl you finish the winterhold quest) and, when comfortable, start evolving your stamina.]

    What quest should I follow?

    It is interesting to help Farengar in whiterun, in order to get your first word of power, ''Fus'', and prepare the ground for the greybeards quest that will follow. 

   After learning this first word, go to Whinterhold and complete the ''eye of magnus'' quest.

   When in the Dwarven dungeons, you'll find yourself in a difficult sutiation due to the high stats of the Dwarven machinery. At this point, you'll need to use more powerfull speels (and more magika hungry spells), so, level your magika and health stats as high as you can before goind into them.

   A good tip is to buy Lightning bolt from faralda, and use the ''dual casting'' perk in order to improve your damage.


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   When in Labyrinthian, an incredibly useful trick is to use the ''guardian circle'' scroll just before the squeleton dragon spawns, so you'll get an nice protection and the squeletons around you will not be able to attack. Really useful.

    But it is all worth it. Do it so you can get the archmage robes, and many amulets, that will help you in all combat situations. 

    A trick is to desenchant all unused aparell in you archmages quarters, so you can enchant some cool armor later...

     After getting such equipment, you can do the greybeards quest in order to learn shouts such as: The complete Unreleting force shout (Fus - Ro - Dah) and Whirlwind Sprint (Wuld - ... - ...), which will prove useful in many combat situations, as an last attack when your magika is low.



   The long way that follows

   After finishing those quests, you will be probably level 30 ~ 35, and now its time to build a nice armor and rise your stats.

   This step is arguably one of the most important but the longest, so, in order to become the greatest electromancer, you'll need to have the greatest abilities...

   We'll start by rising our smithing to 100, and our enchanting to 100, by crafting iron daggers, enchanting them, and selling them.

   It is recomended for you to do it in whiterun, since these 3 steps are on reach for you.

   The objective here is to unlock two very special perks: ''Double effect'' and ''Daedric Smithing''/''Dragonbone Smithing''.


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   After this long process, if you choose to usa an Daedric Armor, you'll need to go to the Shrine of Mehrunes, and after completing the quest ''Mehrunes Razor'', three Daedras will spawn, and by killing them you will get the Daedra hearts you'll need to smith your armor*. There are 3 Daedras outside and some inside the shrine. Kill the mage Daedra first, as it is more dangerous. You can get the ebony ingots in a box close to the door you used to enter the shrine, and you can buy the rest you need in the Belethor’s General Goods, in whiterun, which has a forge you can use.

  (*If you wait one week and then come back to the shrine, these Daedra will have spawned again.)


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   If you choose Dragonbone, you'll need to kill dragons, that may appear periodically on the map, and in some marked points. 4 dragons will probably give you bones enough, but be advised: They are really heavy.


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    After smithing your armor, now it is time to enchant it.

    Use enchantings to fortify your destruction in one ring of your choice, a necklage, your armor and helmet. If you have a potion to fortify enchanting, now its time to use it. The second enchanting of the apparel are of your freedom to choose.

    If you have enchanting level 100, every fortify destruction shall decrease the cost of destruction spells in 25%, so, now you can use destructions spells freely, and it is recommended that you talk to faralda to get the master destruction spells, which you can learn how to get in this link: (It is important to remember that you can only do that quest if your destruction level is 100)


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   Now your build is complete, you'll probably be level 60 and you are almost invencible! 

   Your infinite magika will grant you immense power if used with spells such as Lightning storm, and your incredible armor makes you almost invencible, if well enchanted and upgraded...


 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


   My friends, I wish you have lots of fun with this build, and you find it as incredible as I have...



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  • Not bad for your first build. 

    • Thank you! :D

  • Interesting to see the concept of a Storm Mage blended relatively seamlessly into a Heavy Armored tank build.

    I only have a few suggestions to begin, this is your first build, so I won't try to tear into it too much

    1. You seem to be under the impression that, lategame, it will be viable to primarily use Lightning Storm. Though it is a powerful spell, keep in mind Master Spells require a lengthy charge time, and you will be interrupted if staggered. Might want to either invest into a follower or maybe some summoned minions, considering how much extra magicka you will end up with.
    2. You very briefly go over Dragon Shouts, but only seem interested in Unrelenting Force and Whirlwind Sprint (Wuld Nah Kest, btw). I think a Storm Mage Tank build could also greatly benefit from Ice Form, Storm Call, and Disarm shouts. Ice Form is negotiable, but Storm Call and Disarm will be immensely useful to the build, if not also immersive. You can conjure a lightning storm almost at will, and also use the power of lightning to magnetize your opponents' weapons and cast them aside, making it that much easier for you to destroy them
    3. You've gone over how few enemies in Skyrim vanilla have natural or even added resistances to shock damage, but you've not given a counter to resisting it yourself. As a Storm Mage, one would assume you are probably resistant to it as well, and you don't really get much of a boost by a single enchantment on your boots - or by wasting three slots to get ~75% resistance - so I recommend that, instead of maxing the destruction tree, you simply focus on Shock spells alone - the build is Electromancer, not Destro Mage; however, it is your discretion to see fit - and instead use those extra perks to flesh out the Alteration tree to acquire the Magic Resistance perks (3/3) and the Atronach Perk to absorb 30% of all incoming spells; between just these four perks - which does require Alteration 100 and 8 perk points to reach them in the tree - you now have a natural resistance of 30% magicka and you automatically absorb 30% of the magicka of any spell hitting you, which gives you a great boon against other uses of shock damage, and against other mages in general; also worth noting that dragon breath attacks are considered magic damage, so you'll be resistant to those as well

    Other than those brief-ish- points, I think you've got great potential. Nice work!

    • PS: You might also consider taking a bit of time to study the builds of others, such as Curse or Pixel or Teccam or Chris or...well, any of the more common builders, and see if you can't glean any extra useful information off of how they present their builds. It's always nice to have a template to work with, so you know what you can include and what probably isn't worth it.

    • So that is what I call a good comment! 
      Thank you very much for presenting me such concepts! 
      I need deeper research in order to make my future builds more interesting...
      really nice
  • This is quite a solid entry for your first go. You've done some neat stuff with the presentation, which again is rather impressive for your very frist time building. Other people in the comments previously have hit on a lot of the major points of feedback. The only thing I would say is check out these posts in the General Discussions from SkoomaDealer. We had a pretty nice discussion on those posts that should give new builders an idea of what readers are looking to get out of a build if they click on it.

    Again, quite well done for a first entry. You're showing a lot of promise and I'm sure if you keep growing you'll be a great addition to our building community :D

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