Event Build: Boudica - Lost Queen

Boudica - Lost Queen


Pros: Makes for a quick playthrough, since I couldn't find very many quests that a Reachwoman would do.

Cons: I don’t know enough about Boudica to construct a full roleplay guide around her, so I just took the things she was most known for and based it on that.  Additionally, there is a mod I couldn’t find that the roleplay heavily depends on.  You could just go without, but it’ll be difficult to picture a Reachwoman siding with Nords.



As some of my fellow history nerds may know, Boudica was a Celtic queen who, following the death of her husband and the Romans assaulting her daughters, decided she would take vengeance on the Romans.  She raised an army, massacred the Romans, and was defeated in battle.  Following the theme of this event, I modeled her in Skyrim.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find very many quests that fit Boudica.  I figured she'd be a Reachwoman, given the Forsworn's connection to the Celtic people.  Given that she would be a Reachwoman, the only way to make the Civil War playable was to either ignore that the Stormcloaks were Nords or make them not be Nords anymore.  She would help Madanach expel the intruders from the Reach.  Also, seeing as how the Bretons were based on the Britons, I figured Breton would be the best fit.



Name: Boudica

Race: Breton

End Level: 27

Attribute Distribution (M/H/S): 0/2/1

Health: 275

Stamina: 190

Magicka: 105

Magic Resistance: 50%

Black Books: Why would she go near such wretched abominations?

Shout: Boudica is not the Dragonborn of legend.

Standing Stone: Lady Stone

Religion: N/A.  To my knowledge, not very many Tamrielic deities match up with the Celtic pantheon.




Major Skills

  • One-Handed (70) - Like most Celtic women of the time, Boudica was trained as a warrior.
  • Block (30) - The Celts used shields, so I picked up the Targe of the Bloodied.
  • Archery (50) - The Celts were great archers, so Boudica likely knew how to shoot a bow.
  • Smithing (40) - While Boudica was not trained as a blacksmith, you can’t get very far in Forsworn armor without improving your armor to some degree.
  • Light Armor (50) - The Celts wore light armor.
  • Speech (20) - Since Boudica was a leader, I’m going to assume she knew how to speak to a crowd.  That being said, I couldn’t find anything on her being overly charismatic, so there’s no reason to go particularly high on this skill tree. 



  • The Forsworn Conspiracy
  • Stormcloak Rebellion - I installed a mod that turned the Stormcloaks into Reachmen so that I could model the battle between Boudica and the Romans.  This should be the last quest you do, given that Boudica died in the battle.


When playing Boudica, I felt it was best to sprint into combat, or if you have unlocked the perk, Shield Charge.  After that, you should use power attacks whenever possible, which I roleplayed as Boudica’s rage because Boudica was a pissed-off queen trying to avenge her family.


  • Vokrii
  • Imperious
  • Andromeda
  • [I can’t remember what it’s called and I can’t find it in my load order, but if you find a mod that turns the Stormcloaks into Reachmen, that’s probably it.]




  • Targe of the Bloodied
  • Forsworn Sword
  • Armor of the Old Gods
  • Boots of the Old Gods
  • Gauntlets of the Old Gods
  • Helmet of the Old Gods

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  • Pretty good. Id recommend sprucing up the gameplay, fleshing it out and all that, but solid

  • If you use mods, Alternate Start lets you begin as a Forsworn. The statue is carrying a spear, which would be fun to use as a backup to her bow. 

  • Quite a good and solid concept you got here, but there are still so much that can be further explored and expanded to give that 'pizzazz'. And especially since this is a historical figure-based build, I did expect you to give at least a brief lore dump on who Boudica was and how you dipicted her in the world of Skyrim (why you chose her as a Reachwoman, etc.)

    • My bad, didn't mean to ignore all that.  I will fix that as soon as I get the chance.

This reply was deleted.