Event Build: Santa Claws

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Welcome to my entry to the Secret Santa Event. I was assigned FordFalcon’s Santa Claws build. The idea recommended an Unarmed Khajiit. Without further adieu, here’s my holiday event build.




Race: Khajiit

This race was set by FordFalcon in the build suggestion and is the best race for unarmed builds. They also get a significant boost to Sneak which is a main skill in this build.


Standing Stone: The Shadow Stone

The Shadow Stone provides invisibility for 60 seconds, providing a good way to escape or to sneak up on or past enemies. Other good options are The Steed Stone or The Thief Stone.


Att. Spread: 0/1/1

This spread gives you equal parts health and stamina which are both useful within the build. The build doesn’t use magicka.



Light Armor: This build utilizes Light Armor as the main armor choice. The build wears Shrouded Gloves, Worn Shrouded Boots and Solitude Guard’s Armor. Recommended enchants include Fortify Sneak, Fortify Unarmed Damage and Fortify Pickpocket.


Sneak: The build utilizes Stealth as the main factor in combat. This couples with pickpocket to place poisons in their inventories, to weaken or kill the enemies. None of the right branch perks were chosen as they don’t affect unarmed attacks.


Alchemy: This skill is used, of course, to make the poisons to place in enemies inventories. I recommend poisons of Paralysis, Damage Health and Frenzy. You’ll also want to make lots of beneficial potions for yourself.


Pickpocket: Pickpocket is used with Sneak and Alchemy to reverse pickpocket poisons into the inventories of enemies. All perks were chosen as you may want to take items as well, such as the enemy’s weapons or armor.




The builds play style is unique in that, instead of killing your enemies outright, you’ll be sneaking around them, placing poisons into their inventory to kill them, or make them turn on their allies. You’ll want to stay in the shadows while letting your “presents” take out the targets. Perhaps they’ll enjoy your gift of death than their other gifts. You’ll want to do the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves’ Guild Questlines. The DB will get you the armor pieces and the Thieves’ Guild will help level your sneaky skills.



Well, there you have it. That was my build entry for the Christmas Build Event. Shoutout to FordFalcon for his awesome submission and again to Pixel for the Perk Spread. I hope you all enjoyed it. Feel free to drop questions or feedback in the thread.


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  • Nice submission Percival. Glad to have you in this event. Cool aesthetic for this one :D A very merry Christmas to you, m8.

    Also your build has been posted on the event page.

  • Very nice build, Percival. I really like the concept of the build, it's good for a quick yet enjoyable playthrough.

    It would be really cool to explore more of this presents idea similar to John's Crystallurgist. Instead of roleplaying potions as crystals, it would be neat to feature poisons as presents. For example, in the Crystallurgist, a Fortify Restoration potion is a "White Crystal" whereas a Fortify Destruction & Fortify Health potion is a "Red Crystal." Perhaps you can name your poisons to add an interesting roleplay element to the character and even a visual element to the build.

  • Hey Percival - really nice build - quick and simple play through. Don't forget your tag as well - Rank:Apprentice

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