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My first build here on the Skyforge, and not a better time to let the creative juices flow than for the new Lore of the Ancients Event. I spent a good ammount of time playtesting the build, and optimised him for the adept difficukty as a no crafting build. But should you want to play above that, feel free to add crafting skills if you so want. A frost battlemage, this character will freeze his opponents where they stand before cracking open their skulls with his accursed mace.

The Backstory


The Dragon of Coldharbour was born the son of a warrior and a low ranking priest serving the Dragon Cult. Following in his Father's footsteps, he served as a warrior within the ranks of the cult, and proved a vital aset due to his strength, speed, and magical prowess. But he felt he was being held back by the Dragons , who favored their Priests, and sought higher power so that one day he may topple the tyrannical rule of the Dragons.

He spent months scouring the vast library of Labyrinthian, but found not what he sought through reading. But his thirst for power attracted the attention of the Dragons, who warned his parents to keep an eye on the young warrior, but he also drew the attention of another, more benevolent entity than the dragons. One night, as the young warrior slept, he was visited in his dreams by an aspect of Molag Bal, who promised him powers beyond those of the dragons. He would be able to topple them and free his people from the rule of the Dragons, and most importantly, rule the lands as his own. Bal ingrained a location of a shrine into the mory of the young man, and the man awoke that morning with a mission. 

Sneaking from his room before the sun had risen, he fled into the countryside of Skyrim, the location of Bal's shrine he now knew, but along his trek he was found by a group of Cultists, sent by his parents to find him. After refusing to peacefully go with them, they attempted to forcefully take him. But he fought back, slaying most of the group before chased towards the White River by reinforcements. There he attempted a daring last stand, not wanting to die by the hands of pathetic cultists. But there is strength in numbers, as he swiftly learned being pcuehd further back into the river until the current swept him away. He watched from the river, streggling to hold his ground as the cultists walked away, leaving him to flow away. What felt like hours later, he was caught upon some rocks near the border of what would eventually become Bruma and Eastmarch, before getting encased in ice.

Centuries later, he thawed out, and, dazed and confused, wandered right into an Imperial ambush, being thrown into a prison cart and sent to Helgen, where a twist of fate and irony would take place.

Stats, Race, Standing Stone

The DoC is an Atmoran, but of the ingame races, he is a  Nord. As such he will receive the Battle Cry ability and 50% resistance to frost. 

He will use the Lover Stone early on, but switch to the Lady Stone late game for Health and Stamina regen boosts.

His stats will be a spread of 2 Magicka, 3 Health, 2 Stamina, allowing for spell casting, power attacks and general tankiness.



The Dragon of Coldharbout is a neutral evil character, out for nothing but so serve Molag Bal, destroy all traces of the Dragon Cult, and to futher his own power. In terms of quests, he will complete the main quest not to save Skyrim, he couldn't care less, but defeat the leader of his ancient enemy. He will side with Castle Volkihar in Dawnguard to further his allegience to Molag Bal but harnessing the true powers of Vampirism.

Some essential quests for the gear are House of Horrors for his accursed Mace, Bones of a Crow for his sweet armor, Forbidden Legend and Rings of Blood Magic for his jewlery, and to collect all Dragon Priest masks to collect his true prize, the mask Konahrik, which he will adorn as a final sign of power.

Other quests to consider are the College of Winterhold which could be explained as him wanting to truly explore all schools of magic for personal gain, as he will use restoration, destruction and alteration. The Dark Brotherhood could be considered as he is an evil character, but wouldn't really tie into the roleplay.

Quests of avoid are the Thieves Guild and Companion questlines, as they force down the paths of service of other Deadric Princes, as well as any Daedric Quests not pertaining to Molag Bal. 


The DoC will open combat by casting Frost Cloak (or Blizzard) to coat his enemies in jagged ice before pelting them with paralysis and Ice Spike/Icy Spear as they charge him. The few that remain will fall victim to his mace, sending the souls of those whom oppose him to Coldharbour. Restoration spells are used for healing yourself.



Headgear: For headgear, the DoC will wear the Dragon priest mask Konahrik, obtainable by collecting all Dragon Priest masks and using the Wooden Mask to place them in the pedestals. The Enchantments are decent, but what we really want is the aestehtic it provides to the character as well as the achievement it provides to the roleplay.

Armor: We will wear the Dragonplate Mail, obtainable from the dead body of Bjormund Wind-Strider at the end of the Anniversary Edition quest "Bones for a Crow". It provides a great aesthetic and the enchantment of 100% fire resistance is great for a vampire character.

Hands and Feet: We will wear the Insulated Dragonplate Boots and Gauntlets available from Bjormund's body at the end of the previously mentioned quest.

Jewellery: We will wear the Gauldur Amulet and Ring of the Erudite for their useful enchantments to the character, and a roleplay element from the ring. They are obtainable at the end of the quests "Forbidden Legend" and "Rings of Blood Magic" respectively.

Weapon: To tie in with his allegience to Molag Bal, the DoC will use the artifact of his Lord, the Mace of Molag Bal. The drain stamina enchantment will allow for more power attacks and the soul trap will allow for refuelling the weapon as needed.

Spells and Shouts

In terms of destruction spells, any frosts for your off hand work well, but some essentials are Frost Cloak, Ice Spike/Icy Spear, Ice Storm, Unbounded Freezing, and Frostbite. For restoration the best Frost Spells available, and for alteration the only necessary spells are paralysis and paralysis rune.

Shouts are important as the character will view his Dragon blood as a sign that he was meant to be the one to overpower the dragons. He will make use of Bend Will, Cyclone, Disarm, Dragonrend, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Unrelenting Force, and any other you might find useful.



Closing Statements

As stated in the beginning, this is my first build and I thank you for reading through my build. I am open to any suggestions on how to improve. This is a character I had an idea for a while and I think it came out well.

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