Event Build: The Falmernehtar

Rage Awakened

“No one really knows who he is. But he’s shown his neck in just about every Hold up until now, either to upgrade his equipment or purchase supplies, and even then I don’t think he even says anything. Just pays his coin and leaves, so no one really knows anything about him, despite seeing him so often. But me and a scholar actually ran into him during one of our expeditions into some Dwemer ruins. We’d just amassed a good haul of dwarven metals when a group of Falmer jumped us out of nowhere. Five of em, all armed with poisonous weapons. We’d all counted ourselves dead at that point.


Until ‘he’ showed up.


One minute there’s a small army of those bastards, and the next there’s a whirlwind of slashes and bashes and gods know I’d just seen body parts moved to places they’d had no business being at. In the end, it was nothing but him and a pile of corpses, and he still didn’t utter even a word. We could hear the scuttling of more of those monsters further ahead, and hightailed it out of there, but hm? He kept moving forward.


I would’ve thought him dead, had he not shown up in the tavern that night...”

Greetings, everypony/sera. Chris Diokno and Blackblood here with a badass little collab build for the Crossworlds event. This idea has been a few months coming, and we’re glad to finally be able to post it. The Falmer are what remain of the Snow Elves after the treachery of the Dwemer: Twisted, evil creatures that attack settlements at night and enslave mortal races. To date, there’s almost none who are capable of dealing with these wicked, yet intelligent creatures. Until now that is. For we bring forth a hybrid of two slayers, one new, one old, to bring the wrath of the Nine unto the fallen Falmer and rieklings.


The Falmernehtar’s name comes from the Old Aldmeris language; it means “Snow Elf Dreaded Hunter/Slayer, and perfectly describes what this man does. Think of him as the Falmer’s very own boogeyman. We’ve forged a man - nay, a machine - that’s capable of  charging into hordes of Falmer and Rieklings, carving them up like a knife through butter, while also able to apply a more strategic approach to the slaughter. And even though he is capable of handling other opponents like bandits and draugr, they are mere practice for when he deals with these vile bastards. If you’re looking for a build that can handle the wicked Falmer and their putrid pet Chaurus with ease you’ve come to the right page..


Race: Nord. As a native born son of Skyrim, the Falmernehtar , has known of the Falmer all his life. Plus, the 50% Frost Resist helps out against Falmer Shamans and the like, and Frost Dragons, plus the bonuses to Block,and Archery.

Standing Stone: The Warrior to start with for leveling, then The Lord, for further defense against both the physical (or Bound) blades and axes of the Falmer, as well as their sinister magics.

Stat Spread: 1/3/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Magic is primarily used only for Rune Spells, a Cloak (Primarily Fire), and the occasional Muffle. Stop perking Health around 250.

Primary Skills: One-Handed, Block, Alchemy,

Secondary Skills: Destruction, Sneak



::Main Skills::

- One-Handed -

Your main damage dealing weapon. Combining both the savagery of a warrior, yet still an elegant, knightly weapon, swords will be your go-to stealth and melee weapon, if ranged wouldn’t be favorable.


- Block -

As Heavy Armor is not too heavily perked, you’ll be relying on well timed blocking to keep your Nordic steel coated ass alive, and for bashing of course.


- Alchemy -

A wandering adventurer can often go for days or longer before entering a village or town again, so the Falmernehtar has not only learned to make poultices to restore himself or those and need, as well as poisons to combat his foes.


- Destruction -

While not as skilled at the mystical arts as others, the Falmernehtar has gained knowledge of flame magic to incinerate his foes, and to lay down runes as magic traps.


- Sneak -

While no master assassin, the Falmernehtar is a skilled hunter, and uses sneak to get the first hit or two in before switching to the old sword and board, or to scout out your enemies


- Heavy Armor -

Primarily used for a bit of defense, but mostly for Fists of Steel to beat your foes to death if unarmed.



- Archery -

The ranged weapon of choice for this warrior is the humble crossbow, since even the base weapon is as strong as the Daedric Bow. Even without perks the combination of Sneak, Exploding Bolts, virulent poison and the Enhanced variants can make up the difference. This is meant primarily for dealing the first strike, getting some cheap damage in early and putting yourself in the advantage at the start.

The only good Falmer is a dead Falmer



Gameplay will focus primarily on the Falmer. Bandit wise, simply snipe off a few with your Crossbow, keep firing till they get close, then bash and slash till dead. Focus on the squishy mages and sniper duels with archers. Dragons, simply use Elemental Protection and the ever so flame/frost retardant trees, boulders, and what have you of Skyrim to defend against their breath, use crossbow bolts and the occasional shock magic scroll and found/bought Damage Magicka potions (As Shouts count as Magicka), to get them to land. Then simply use your scrolls, and shield bashing to interrupt any attempted ground based Shouts, and use carefully timed blocks and movement to keep damage to you on the downlow, and repeat until the enemy is dead.


However, this build will focus on the Falmer (and to a lesser extent Daedra, primarily of the Dremora variety, but all Daedra is fair game). So, in keeping with that theme, I did something I rarely did while playing Skyrim. Now normally, you’d only focus on the immediate enemies around you, and either fight whatever you see, or if things turn pear-shaped, tactically retreat. Well, this boyo will do something similar. Say you’re fighting a group of spiders while exploring some musty old cave, when some Falmer notice you and come over to join the party. IMMEDIATELY lock on to the Falmer and go for them, ignoring all else.

If you ever find yourself unarmed, or just for the sheer hell of it, unequip your sword, and use your fists of steel in conjunction with the Targe to fist your Falmery foes to death, with Flame Cloak used for added DPS, and Whirlwind Cloak for a chance at getting some breathing room.


However, that only counts if you’re seen. If not, simply cast Muffle (Scroll or Spell), and then begin scouting. See if there are, say, any Falmer Warmongers or other such high level Falmer around. These you’ll want to dispatch with as swiftly as possible, use poisons. If not, simply lay down Runes, use any Exploding Bolts to deal a bit more AOE damage, then switch first to Sword-And-Torch, bashing with the Torch to add some burn damage, then swap to the Targe for better blocking, and bleed damage. Poison your blade. You care not for honor when facing the deformed sons and daughters of the decrepit Snow Elves, only that their blood flows.


Alongside this, partake in any quests that envolve lots of Falmer (Blackreach anyone?) or Azura’s Star (I chose to keep it as Azura’s Star, as all Falmer souls are white.


Follower wise, while I rarely used them, I stuck with either Vigilace, or until I had the funds to yeet him, then Bran or Sceolang. Human wise, I stuck with Faendel for the early game, then Jenassa, for her wonderful spellsword goodness, or Brelyna, Maryon.


Enjoy your last moments, you craven scum



While we both decided to keep our equipment relatively unenchanted, I decided to include the enchanted variant from an earlier playthrough, boosted with a made Fortify Enchanting potion:

Sentinel’s Visage-Helm recovered from the tomb of an old guardian, it is encircled with faint runes.

(Steel Plate Helm w/ Fortify Destruction)


Targe of the Blooded


Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow


Ashen Promise Ring-This ring, scorched by foul Falmer magics, is a reminder of all that you, and others have lost to the Falmer. (Gold Diamond Ring w/ Fortify Unarmed)


Winterborn Mail-This ancient Nordic mail, forged in the harshest of Atmoran winters, is said to slowly restore the wearer’s vitality, even in the coldest locales.

(Nordic Carved Armor w/ Fortify Healing Rate)


Fists of the Mountain-Steel gauntlets once wielded by a brutal knight, the gauntlets grand the bearer increased martial strength, enough to crush a man’s head like a grape

(Steel Plate Gauntlets w/ Fortify Unarmed)


Moesring-Greaves forged to honor those who had fallen during the Battle of Moesring Pass, if one listens closely, one can hear the marching of the ancient Nords. (Steel Plate Boots w/ Fortify Stamina Regen)


Amulet of Talos


Crucible-This ancient blade, forged of starmetal, was wielded by an ancient Daedra slayer, the burning aura carving through flesh and soul alike.  (Skyforge Steel Sword w/ Fiery Soul Trap)



  • Collect Falmer Ears and Daedra Hearts, as trophies of war, store them in a chest in your home.

  • Only spend as much time in any given town as needed, simply purchase/sell what you need to, accept/turn in any quests, then leave.

  • Especially against Falmer or Daedra, protect any innocent person in need. You may be an aloof man, but you are not a heartless one.

  • Never remove your helmet except in the company of close friends, such as Brelyna.


Closing Notes

Well BB, I must say, it was wonderful working and discussing this build with you. Thanks also to Lee for the screenshots, and BB for the spread. Now, as you may have guessed, this build was primarily based on Goblin Slayer from, well, Goblin Slayer, with a BIT of the Doom Slayer/Doomguy/Doom Marine thrown in for extra measure. Well, my dear reader, this was fun, and have fun ripping and tearing the guts of hapless Falmer. But, I shall not leave you without a few mod selections


Goblin Killer Outfit and Goblin Slayer Shield-Adds in the iconic Dark Souls-esque arms and armor of Goblin Slayer


Goblins-Mihail Monsters-From this wonderful modders, he/she adds in, well, Goblins, so more shit to brutally murder!


CROSS_Crucible-From the wonderful Fallout modding team, comes in the Crucible from DOOM, originally part of a Fallout swords pack. It fits SO well in both Skyrim, and the build!


This Orsimer gets it

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  • Excellence!!

  • You guys really outdone yourself with this. God, that backstory/prologue I LOVED. I won't lie, immediately from that sprung Doomguy 'You will be worse. Rip and tear until it is done'. Bloody good job guys, nothing like culling - I mean cleaning - the Falmer population.

    • I mean, as I point out, Doomguy WAS half of the inspiration. Thanks Lee

    • I handled that part. And yea, it's 3/4s Goblin Slayer and 1/4 Doomguy, so I had to make him terrifying, badass and enigmatic.And the rest of this build does much to help convince that.

      • Aye my bad. Should have worded that better. Meant to say that it definetly captures the Build itself.


  • Neat build, Chris/Blackblood ! I always enjoy reading new builds.I will say though, I have a hard time reading "The Falhmernator" without an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent like in the terminator... Maybe I have a problem...

    • If you have a problem, I think we both do, as I keep reading it in Schwarzenegger's voice


      • Oh God, Im imagining it now too. Shit, now I wanna make an Ahnold build (as a tribute to the former govenor of my home of Cali)

    • Hey BlackBlood did half the work, hut thanks

      • My bad Blackblood! Edited the original. You both put out a nice build!


        I'll be on the lookout for an Ahnold build. Haha

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