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So, this is something I've been wondering, and wanted to bring up. Here we can discuss ideas for any future Building Events, and feel free to chime in. So, feel free to share your ideas below.

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      • I also really like the Non-Playable races idea, there is so much variety. Falmer, Tang-Mo, Tsaesci, Maormer...

  • I'm always excited to see new builds period. I do think an event fot supernatural (vamps/wolves/lich?) would be neat. Racial events, or  class events could be neat just for content generation too. 

  • I think we can make an event based on the books we find in Skyrim

    • We actually had that very idea for our first ever event. We called it Tales of Tamriel. Quite a few nice builds came out of it too. Take a look: https://theskyforge.ning.com/groups/tes-character-building/characte...

      Skyrim Character Build Event: Tales of Tamriel
      Hello and welcome to the first of hopefully many character building events to come! With this event I wanted to try and tick as many boxes as I could…
      • Great builds indeed!

        Maybe a contest around the Nine Divines would be good, or even around any Deities to not restrict the moral compass of the characters.

  • Maybe an "unlikely heroes" event- create the most "totally should die but surprisingly does not" build possible, with backstory.

    E.g. a noble brat who is really good at speechcraft and too proud to get their hands dirty fighting directly, and so all skills are focused on making money and hiring followers to survive. Or a coward who runs away from everything and gets really good at that. Etc.

  • Three ideas here

    1. Poles Apart. This consists on building characters based on two contrary archetypes. For example the bastard son of a vampire, who don't know he's actually a vampire and thinks his abilities come from the Divines who want him to do great things for Tamriel. This is a character build I'm currently doing but I think the same concept could make some good builds

    2.Tales out of Mundus. Every race/faction in elder scroll universe is based in one or more real cultures. So this event would consist on building a character inspired by a character of these cultures and adapt it to the Tamriel. For example a character build inspired by Hercules or Beowulf

    3.Hunters. As there are many options to build characters around the idea of becoming a vampire/werewolf/supernatural thing I think there could be some kind of Event for those dudes who make a living hunting these beasts down


  • Another one I've found tons of fun playing in Morrowind. A "break the world" build. Give your character a purpose and story that leads to an entirely reshaped Skyrim by the end of the playthrough, using a few key mods to allow some mechanics if needed. E.g. the Pale Lady build on this site talks about murdering all the Nords in every town on the way to Windhelm, having put out the sun. In Morrowind I did this using the Great House Dagoth mod- conquered every Imperial fort and took it over with Dagoth minions one by one. You could do something less serious too, like a trickster/Sheogorath worshipper build that lures people to go off and change their lives- maybe Paarthunax becomes a bard, and the bards decide to relocate the college to Solstheim. Neloth then moves to Skyrim to escape the racket. Etc.

  • I'd like to see a challenge to translate ESO Classes/Level-Up Advisor Builds into Skyrim. I know, kind of weird, but I think it'd end up being pretty interesting.

    • Could be neat. I know a few people here and there have made builds based on ESO classes

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