Ghorm "The Revenant"

Ghorm, a Necromancer wielding a powerful Battleaxe clad in Ancient Heavy Armor.

Basic Information
Race: Orc
Attributes: 1/3/2
Major Skills: Two-Handed, Conjuration
Minor Skills: Heavy Armor, Block
Standing Stone: The Ritual Stone

Armor: Ancient Nord Armor
Amulet: Necromancer Amulet, Gauldur Amulet
Ring: Ring of Namira (Optional)

Raise Zombie (Novice) *Can ONLY raise Draugr*
Reanimate Corpse (Apprentice) *Can ONLY raise Draugr*
Conjure Boneman (Apprentice)
Summon Arvak (Apprentice)
Revenant (Adept) *Can ONLY raise Draugr*
Conjure Mistman (Adept)
Dread Zombie (Expert) *Can ONLY raise Draugr*
Conjure Wrathman (Expert)
Dead Thrall (Master) *Can ONLY raise Draugr*

Aura Whisper
Drain Vitality
Marked for Death
Soul Tear


Thanks Curse Never Dying  for the amazing perkspread!


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    • Thanks for the advice! It took me a while to make this and I ran out of steam last night. I didnt realize I had the Summon Priest in there very glad you said something about that, all I did was copy and paste most of this from my build on another site.

      I'll need to come up with some kind of a story for Ghorm to tie up all the questions that surround him, keep an eye out if your interested.

  • Not bad Skin. You seem to have a knack for quality screenshots because that first pic is bad ass.

    My suggestion at this point would be to explain how this guy fights. Sometimes the best way to explain that would be to guide the player through how the character deals with certain enemy types.

    For example my knight cleric build is an absolute savage against anything undead, but does very little damage against living enemies.

    Your list of perks look a bit scattered. What I can mak for you is something called a perkspread, which is basically your list of perks overrated on top of an image. Take a look at some of my builds for examples.

    Another good thing to expand on is roleplay and quests. What motivates Ghorn the Revanent? What is he seeking and why is he in Skyrim are just a small sample of ideas you could go with. The point is to get us behind the mindset of this character as we play him. It helps justify for the player why they'd undertake certain quests as this character, which in turn makes playing this build a richer and fuller experience for the player.

    All n all you're off to a good start. Keep at it.
    • Hey pal, yes the skills section gets destroyed when I exit the editor. I was trying to make something new in Paint last knight but I couldn't finish it. Any help you offer would be accepted, this is my first build to be published publicly so it does look a bit rough haha. 

      Also I will try to come up with some more explanations for Ghorm soon, time is not a friend of mine this week.

  • Curse and Tysoyaha pretty much covered everything I wanted to say. This is a solid foundation for a build so far, but it could definitely be improved and built upon. I would definitely recommend taking up Curse’s offer and using a perkspread. Not only will it make your perks much neater and organized, but his photoshop skills are also really amazing so it’ll definitely be a cool image. Take your time on this and make sure it’s really something you’re satisfied with, it’s your first build so have fun with it. Good luck
  • If anyone cares I made a perkspread now available!

    • I'm almost done with the one I promised to make you. Just had a lot on my plate. Sorry about that.
      • 4173824?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

        I finished it. But I got to admit yours looks a ton better than mine. What font are you using? It looks amazing. 

        • Its ok curse, when I got off work last night I thought I'd give it another go.

          I think yours look awesome! how did you get the colors in there?

          I have a few custom fonts I downloaded for this project, "28 Days Later" is the name of it lol 

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      • Its more than great. I think I've been dethroned as the site's perkspread master. 

        • lol I literally had one of your perkspreads along side as I was making mine to keep it as much like yours as I could. Don't worry bro your still perkspread master!

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