Character Build: KoTN - The Divine Crusader

Hey everyone this is my first Build on the Forge. This build is the first 'installment' of the Knights of the Nine Series (KotN). This time I decided to create a build is a hero as being a villain can be tiresome. After doing some research into the Aedra and playing around on Oblivion, I stumbled across a myth, and a legend that is known as


The Divine Crusader

907106?profile=originalWhen misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world
When the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped 
When the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne and the White Tower falls
When the Knights of the Divines disband, fighting against each other
When the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding
The Fallen King awakens and the Wheel turns upon the Divine Crusader
When the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne and the White Tower falls
When the Knights of the Divines disband, fighting against each other


Knights of the Nine: Not much is known about the Knights of the Nine. They were apparently a Knightly Order which was reforged to battle Umaril the Unfeathered, following in the steps of Pelinal Whitestrake, who was waging war against the Ayleids. Apparent from battling Umaril (more about him later), the Knights of the Nine had another purpose: that purpose was to find and regain the Relics of the Crusader (more on than later).

In 3E 111, Sir Amiel Lannus had founded the Knights of the Nine with the intention of recovering the lost holy Relics of the Crusader, which had been created by the Divines themselves. The Knights of the Nine grew in fame, and had recovered many of the holy Relics, but after the War of the Red Diamond, the Knights slowly 'fell' apart or disbanded and they had then lost all but of the Relics.

In 3E 433, Umaril the Unfeathered returned to the mortal realm on Nirn, after having been reborn in the Fires of Creation due to his strange alliance with Meridia. The fallen King (Umaril), had led an attack on the Nine Divines by desecrating the Chapels, with his army of Aurorans.

Umaril the Unfeathered: Umaril was an Ayleid sorcerer-king who had once ruled all of Tamriel and enslaved the human population (possibly during a Dragon Break as I can not find more information about it). Umaril was a 'half-Elf', born of an Ayleid mother and a divine father.

Umaril had an alliance with the Daedric Lord of Life, Meridia. His alliance with Meridia, had granted him immortality: despite his physical form being killed, his spiritual form would live on and inevitably return. Thus, Umaril would "never know death".

Umaril was defeated by Pelinal Whitestrake (also known as the Divine Crusader) at the start of the First Era, during the Human uprising against the Ayleids and the fall of the White-Gold Tower. When Umaril was defeated, he was cast adrift in the 'waters of Oblivion', (where all Daedra go when they are defeated in Mundus) and many thousands of years past before he could return to Mundus.

Umaril had returned at the end of the Third Era, to seek vengeance upon the Divines, as they brought about his fall. The Hero of Kvatch, had learned of Umaril's return, via a vision from the Divines themselves. The Hero of Kvatch had gathered the Relics of the Crusaders originally used by Whitestrake. The Hero defeated Umaril, in his physical form, but had been mortally wounded in the process, weakening him to a point where entering the Aetherius was suicide.

Once again Umaril, was in the 'waters of Oblivion' slowly planning, the destruction of both the Divines and the Crusader's Relics. After that moment Umaril (somehow) became half Daedra and Umaril

Pelinal Whitestrake: Pelinal Whitestrake, fought alongside Morihaus as the champion of Queen Alessia during the Alessian Slave Rebellion, early in the First Era. Pelinal is one name for the "legendary immortal hero/heroine" who wandered Tamriel in the Late Merethic Era building up Kingdoms and abandoning them to wander again.

Whitestrake served the revolution by slaying the Sorcerer-Kings (Umaril) if the Ayleid cite-states in single combat. Towards the end of the war, the rebellion forces began moving closer to the White-Gold Tower, leading Umaril the Unfeathered to challenge him to a duel.

Pelinal had killed Umaril nonetheless, but his victory was shot lived as he was mortally wounded. The other Elf Kings were descending upon Pelinal but the Divines had intervened taking Pelinal to the Aetherius as they knew, Pelinal was and is the only force capable of defeating Umaril.


The Build

Race: Imperial
Stats: 1/2/1 (M/H/S)
Stone: Mage -> Lady/Atronach/Lord
Major Skills: One Handed, Enchanting, Destruction.
Minor Skills: Restoration, Heavy Armour, Speech.
Shouts: None.

The reason why we are using the Lady Stone is that the Regeneration effect given by the Lady Stone can be quite useful in the midst of battle. We shall not be using any the Thu'um (also known as Shouts) because we are not Dragonborn. The Mage Stone gives us some much needed help with levelling our Destruction and Restoration, due to both Restoration and Destruction skills being the slowest levelling skill in the game.

Imperials are the perfect race for the build because they gain 'boosts' to every single skill that the Divine Crusader uses (besides Speech), as well as I 'believe' that the original Divine Crusader whom was Pelinal Whitestrake was an Imperial. Although, any 'Man' races work equally as well. The Divine Crusader is a holy Paladin/Knight blessed by the Nine Divines in his quest of recovering the Relics, defeating Umaril (see the Final Battle for more details) and destroying any and all evil in Nirn.

Skill Overview

One Handed: This shall be our primary source of damage, as you can tell. Not including Destruction, against the Undead that is. Take the perks, Armsman, Bonebreaker, Bladesman and Fighting Stance.

Enchanting: This skill shall be our support skill, and it shall help us 'rediscover' the Relics (more on them later), it (the skill) will also allow use to increase our survivability and our damage. Perks used are: Enchanter 5/5. Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, Extra Effect, Fire Enchanter.

Destruction: This skill is primarily used for ranged damage and gaining more damage via Augmented Flames for the Sword and Mace of the Crusader (more on them later). Taken perks are, Novice-Adept and Augmented Flames

Restoration: This skill will be used for mainly, 'purifying' the Undead (Draugr, Vampires etc.), and it shall be used for healing yourself, and casting Turn/Repel Undead and Wards. Perks taken are Novice-Expert, Regeneration, Necromage, Respite, Recovery and Ward Absorb.

Heavy Armour: This skill is very minor and is only used for increasing our armour rating (also known as AR) as we shall be using Dawnguard armour (Heavy Armour variant more on that later). The taken perks are from Juggernaut to Tower of Strength.

Speech: This skill is heavily used due to being 'blessed' and due to the Helm of the Crusader, created and blessed by Dibella herself. Perks taken in this skill tree are used to remind the people of Skyrim that the Knights of the Nine have returned. Take all perks besides Intimidation.


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With the Relics of the Crusader, taking down really any enemy will be easy. Taking on enemies around level 20-25 may seem easy, but it will all change if you either make the wrong move (slip of a cliff edge on accident) or if you underestimate your opponent.

Archers: Simply either use your Fire spells (Fireball, Firebolt etc.) to take them out or simply raise your shield (Spellbreaker) and slowly walk to your enemy and either use a combination of bashing and 'swipes' or strikes with the Mace of the Crusader which has been created and blessed by Zenithar, the Divine/God of Work and Commerce.

Mages/Dragons: Mages shall be the easiest opponent you come across, due to having Spellbreaker, Wards, Ward Absorb, Sword of the Crusader and Destruction spells. When you come across any mages simply raise, a Ward or Spellbreaker, and start casting Destruction spells (Fire spells) at your target. I highly recommend gaining Ward Absorb so you are able to stand behind your Ward while casting your spells without the fear of running out of Magicka.

Warriors: Warriors, can be an moderate opponent but if underestimated (Bandit Chiefs) they can and will destroy you. I recommend using either the Mace or the Sword of the Crusader paired with Spellbreaker.

Undead: The Undead which includes Draugr, Vampires, and so on. At range with the Undead, I recommend using Sun Fire/Vampire's Bane if you do not have those spells, I recommend using any Fire based Destruction spells.

At close combat, I recommend casting Stendarr's Aura and then equipping the Sword of the Crusader and Spellbreaker. Doing so will allow you to allow you wipe the floor with corpses of the Undead, but beware certain enemies such as Draugr Death Overlords equipped with a Ebony War hammer will destroy you if you are not careful.

908264?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024All evil shall fear the Crusader for he/she is blessed by the Nine Divines.

Obtaining the Relics

You may not have known/noticed but in the plug in the Knights of the Nine, each Relic was created by a Divine but there were Trails to obtain them. In this section I shall recreate the Trails and I shall explain about the Relics.

Lore: The Divine Crusader's Relics

The Crusader's Relics is a set of Aedric artefacts, created by the Nine Divines and given to the Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake. Legend has it that, the Relics changes and adapts itself to the needs of the wielder and increases their proficiency in the School of Restoration.

Together the Crusader's Relics when near Undead or the Fallen King, the Relics emit a blinding light which damages Undead and the Fallen King near by. This effect is known as the Blessing of Talos (more on that later).

Each Relic was created by a Divine but protected by a Trail, created by a Divine.

Helm of the Crusader: 
Creator: Goddess of Beauty, Queen of Heaven, commonly known as Dibella.
Enchantments: Fortify Restoration, Fortify Barter
Item: Gold and Ruby Circlet
Trail: Complete "The Heart of Dibella" quest in Markarth.

Cuirass of the Crusader
 Goddess of Love, commonly known as Mara
 Fortify Restoration, Fortify Health.
 Dawnguard Heavy Armour (White/Grey variant).
 Complete "The Book of Love", "Bonds of Matrimony" and "Spread the love" quests in Riften.

Gauntlets of the Crusader
 God of Mercy, Charity, and Well-Earned Luck, also known as Stendarr
 Fortify Block, Fortify Heavy Armour
 Steel Plate Gauntlets
 Complete the Dawnguard Questline (Dawnguard side obviously).

Boots of the Crusader 
 Goddess of the Heavens, the winds, elements and the unseen spirits of the air, commonly known as Kynareth.
 Fortify Stamina Regen, Fortify Stamina
 Steel Plate Boots
 Complete 'The Blessing of Nature" in Whiterun

Necklace of the Crusader
 'Chief' of the Nine Divines, Father to the Dragons, also known as Akatosh.
 Fortify Magicka, Fortify Destruction
 Gold Ruby Necklace
 Complete the Dragonborn Questline.

Shield of the Crusader
 God of Wisdom and Logic, commonly known as Julianos
 (Cleansed see below for more information) Spellbreaker
 Complete the College of Winterhold Main Questline in Winterhold.

Sword of the Crusader
 Lord of the Wheel of Life, commonly known as Arkay or Ark'ay
 Fire Damage, Drain Magicka
 Silver Sword 
 Complete the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened" in Solitude

Mace of the Crusader
 God of Work and Commerce, the Provider of our Ease, commonly known as Zenithar.
 Fire Damage, Turn Undead
 Steel Mace
 Complete the quest "The Man who cried Wolf" in Solitude

Blessing of Talos
 Tiber Septim, Ysmir, 'Dragon of the North' commonly known as Talos
Trail: Find all of the Crusaders Relics and complete the Civil War Questline (Imperials).

Effect: Creates a blinding aura, which damages nearby Undead and the Fallen King.
Replicated by using Stendarr's Aura.

After you have finished the Trail of one Relic, you must bring it to its creator's shrine. For example, the Boots of Kynareth must be brought to a Shrine of Kynareth. Once you have brought the Relic to its creator's shrine, activate the Shrine. Doing so will notify the Divine of your 'deed'.

Then obtain an Amulet of the creator/Divine. For example, you need a Amulet of Kynareth for the Boots of Kynareth to 'recreate' them. Once you have done so, you are now able to apply the required enchantments to the item.

You must kill all of the Afflicted in Bthardamz and Kesh the Clean to enable the Nine Divines to cleanse it. To cleanse Spellbreaker you must pray at all Nine (yes, Nine including Talos), to cleanse the Aedric artefact and rid it of the vile, corruption created by Daedric Lord Peryite.


The Final Battle

Once you have obtain all 8 Relics of the Crusader and the Blessing of Talos, the Divines will lead you to your destiny, defeating and destroying the Fallen King once and for all. From what the Divines have told you in a vision the Fallen Kings' physical body was destroyed but not his spirit.

The Fallen Kings' spirit has taken over Alduin, who proclaims himself as Akatoshs' Firstborn. You have been asked, personally by Akatosh to rid Alduin of Umaril the Feathered, but to do so you must destroy Alduin.

To destroy Alduin/Umaril you MUST have obtained the Relics and  each single Relic must be once more blessed by its creator. For example the Boots of the Crusader must be blessed by Kynareth. To bless the Relics simply, place the Relic on the ground in front of the Shrine and 'pray'/activate the Shrine doing so will bless the Relic. enabling you to destroy Umaril/Alduin once and for all. 

908305?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Rebuilding the Knights of the Nine

The Crusader has been ordered by the Nine Divines to rebuild the holy Knights of the Nine. To do so you must have a house built (I would choose Falkreath as it looks similar to the Priory of the Nine). To recreate the Knights of the Nine you must 'recruit' worthy Knights. These Knights shall have their build of their own for each, giving a unique play through.

The Knights are as follows:

- The Mage (Altmer/High Elf)   - The Scout (Argonian)   - The Archer (Bosmer/Wood Elf)

- The Conjurer (Breton)   - The Battlemage (Dunmer)   - The Thief/Assassin (Khajiit)

- The Barbarian (Nord)   - The Warrior (Orc)   - The Spellsword (Redguard)

This is a rough basic idea. Each race will be used once, and in each build will ONLY use skills that are boosted by the race. For example Orcs have a 10+ in Heavy Armour, while having 5+ in Block, Two Handed, Enchanting, Smithing and One Handed, meaning you can only use those particular skills.Thus making some builds incredibly powerful in combat and others strong in other areas. Relycs and myself believe this is how the races in Skyrim are really meant to be played.  

To recruit the Knights while playing as the Crusader, find a follower of each race. Then take them to the Nine Divines and 'bless' the follower with each Divine. 



The Divine Crusader follows 'The Ten Commands of the Nine Divines'. The Commands are as follows;

1. Stendarr says; Be kind and generous to the people of Tamriel. Protect the weak, heal the sick and give to the needy.
2. Arkay says: Honor the earth, its creatures, and the spirits, living and dead. Guard and tend the bounties of the mortal world and do not profane the spirits of the dead,
3. Mara says: Live soberly and peacefully. Honor your parents, and preserve the peace and security of home and family.
4. Zenithar says: Work hard, and you will be rewarded. Spend wisely, and you will be comfortable. Never steal, or you will be punished.
5. Talos says: Be strong for war. Be hold against enemies and evil, and defend the people of Tamriel.
6. Kynareth says: Use Nature's gifts wisely. Respect her power, and fear her fury.
7. Dibella says: Open your heart to the noble secrets of art and love. Treasure the gifts of friendship. Seek joy and inspiration in the mysteries of love.
8. Julianos says: Know the truth. Observe the law. When in doubt, seek wisdom from the wise.
9. Akatosh says: Serve and obey your Emperor. Study the Covenant. Worship the Nine, do your duty, and heed the commands of the saints and priests.
10. The Nine say: Above all else, be good to one another.

The Divine Crusader must slay any and all Dragons including Paarthurnax, in memory of Sir Amiel, who is the reason why the Knights of the Nine existed. The Divine Crusader challenged powerful Ayleids back in his 'time' before he supposedly 'died'. Kill any and all Thalmor you can find. If you come across any places owned by the Thalmor (examples include the Thalmor Embassy, Fort Northwatch etc.), destroy them and leave no survivors.

The reason why I recommend killing Paarthurnax is because, it is in memory of Sir Amiel and one could say that Paarthurnax is just the Wyrm of Elynglenn in disguise. You do not consult with Daedra/Daedric Lords execpt for Peryite (due to Spellbreaker) and Herma-Mora (due to defeating Miraak).

Help the Nine Divines in any way, from completing quests such as 'The Book of Love" and "The Blessings of Nature" doing so will gain you the favour of the Nine Divines.

Well I guess thats it. This was a great build to create and play. This build is the first of the Knights of the Nine (KotN) series, so expect some other builds with the KotN coming in the Workshop. Some examples are; KotN; The Scout, KotN; The Alchemist. If you have any questions or comments or have anything to say about the build, fire away. I'd like to thank Relcys for the spreads, Phil for help on the lore and roleplay and everyone in the Lore Group for helping find more about Pelinal and the Knights of the Nine.

Till next time.

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      • Thanks Skooma Dealer, I have many many more to come.

  • Wow, it’s good to see this build again, Lee! I already talked about it with you personally but I have always loved this build since it was first released. Can’t wait for the rest of the series. Other than nostalgia, only thing I can say about this build is that a few of the images are broken on my end, for example, the first image. There also seems to be a duplicate on the equipment image.

    • Ah yes, that was a fault on my end. I tried fixing it, when publishing it but I couldn't see any broken images until Curse pointed it out and I noticed. Are they still broken? As I think Curse may have fixed them, him or someone else.

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