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Character Build: Clan of the Light

0Sad4CrZSZYg3IZSEoBdj4pts8BzVDKU_LgQrvNs76N8qyOe1q68VBqopqN3tdmDLhDNWyvmJhfk3gmJuNfecfo1tAE4RurIpqcTkCmcDqx3UY1NVb_ICB-B31m4vNQTxy75Dr8      Hammerfell's most secretive military faction has been able to remain hidden for centuries. The skills required to become a member of this force are what makes them, as a whole, able to stay in the darkness. Compassion, power, stealth, cunning,

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Character Build: The Thief Mage


Disgraced and stripped of her titles, she fled to the nearest province which was Skyrim. Being the Court Mage of Bruma came with little power or wealth. The local Nords did not cherish her skills highly enough. They did not respect her abilitie

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Character Build: The Cartographer


This character comes from a desire to figure out who Natalia Dravarol is. She was the cartographer who created the map of Cyrodiil for Oblivion. She also created the Skyrim map but her name has been changed to Nataly. Some think this is a descenden

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Character Build: Snow Fox


The Snow Fox, a nickname given because of his unusual but successful combat style, is a guerrilla warfare specialist who will come from out of nowhere and quickly return from whence he came. A lifetime of living in the wilderness has allowed him to

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Character Build: The Hist Mage

Communication with the Hist has sent our mage all over the continent. They directed him to Skyrim where he is to find and help restore one of their own, the Eldergleam. Once he made his way to Skyrim he discovered it needed more help than he could im

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Character Build: The Night Mother

The Night Mother


The Night Mother is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. Some say this is the title given to the leader regardless of who she is. Others believe she was the head of the Morag Tong before the split with the Dark Brotherhood. Some sa

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Character Build: The Fifth Wall

The major cities of Skyrim have four walls. Walls that protect the citizens from the hostile environment outside, both nature and man. Skyrim has another source of protection, an unseen wall that defends the land from any and all threats. This defens

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Character Build: The Werevulture

A humble Priest of Jephre who wanted nothing more than to help those in need. He sought out influence and power but not for his own selfish reasons. His goal was to do everything he can to bring peace and prosperity to all. A prophet long ago told of

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