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The Manowarrior - Lord of Steel

The Manowarrior

Lord of Steel


''Warriors take the field, the battlefield of life. You cannot run, you cannot hide. I am the keeper of the laws, decided by the Gods. Only one of us will win, and return to fight again.  Our ancestors cheer from far beyon

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Character Build: The Paladin

'Sup all? Since I really enjoyed my last remastered FudgeMuppet build playthrough, I decided I’d keep going. My strategy that I explained in my Arcane Warrior build for getting myself to play Skyrim simply for enjoyment seems to have worked! Once aga

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Character Build: The Divine Crusader

The province of Skyrim is in desperate need of a hero. Dragons are returning, a civil war is raging, and necromancers, bandits, and daedra worshipers pollute the land with their foulness. The Divines have therefore seen fit to send a champion, a succ

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