Saggs. Khajiit merchant build

Saggs is a gray  fifty year old Khajiit woman that is very rude and saggy (obviously) this is my first build and my English isn't that good. Hope it isn't too terrible.

saggs was born in the imperial city with two parents that really wanted a child but when they saw Sagg's face they decided they didn't want her, she was given up for adoption but of course the orphanage owner was some old crone that abused the children, Saggs escaped at eight years old. One year later she decided to become an entrepreneur selling goods for an unfair price, that are also extremely low quality. Almfost everyone in Cyrodill hated her and someone hit her in the temple with a chair. She went into a coma for 41 years, when Saggs woke up she was in a barrel luckily the barrel wasn't sealed. After all that she decided to go to you guessed it Skyrim! Sadly she was caught on the border selling skooma to stormcloak soldiers. 

race: Khajiit

level of  saggs: 100%

occupation: every guild she wants to scam everyone.

skills: speech, smithing, alchemy, One handed, and alteration.

equipment: the best daggers you can smith/ find. She wears the blue variant of merchant clothes with merchant boots and the adept hood with wedding sandals(she has ingrown toenails) because she's such a cheapskate she never bought new boots. She also uses the alteration spell ebonyflesh. 

Perks. I use ordinator so they might be different. One handed: One handed mastery, bite marks, savage, twin fang, swaying cobra, death adder, coiling python. Smithing: any perks you want. Alteration: Alteration mastery, mage armor, distorted shape, energy shield, wellocs dormant arcana. Speech: EVERY PERK. Alchemy: every perk she's the best alchemist in tamriel. Well sorta..                                               

thanks for reading! sorry if my English is bad. T^T it's such a pain to learn.

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  • Hello fellow Khajiit lover! I see this is your first build and as such I have some useful advice for you :)

    • The first thing is read old builds! You'll have so many ideas of what to and not to do! 
    • Try to use images, they really help with setting the mood of the build :)
    • I see that you listed the skills, great start! But don't forget to list the perks too, they are main component of a build. :)
    • Also great that you already defined what kind of equipment this build would wear, but why does she has ingrown toenails? This info is more roleplay than gameplay, remember, this is a build for gameplay, so try to focus on that.

    Here be some links of builds you could try to read and see how they were done:

    If you need help with art (screenshots, perkspreads, et cetera) we have a place for that too, so feel free to ask there:

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  • Hello and welcome to the Forge! I'm glad to see new community members joining with an interest in builds. This is a good starting point and I have several bits of advice how to grow from here.

    In addition to what Jo'Daro already commented, I would say that my greatest bit of advice that has served me well is to use a format. This relieves the stress of having to come up with something new, and gives you defined sections that you can focus on individually so that you have a more complete, well-rounded, and comprehensive build. Here's the format that I use, feel free to use it if you like:



    *Standing Stone


    *Spells / Shouts





    *Abilities (Combonations of perks and powers that make the character unique both in and out of combat)

    *Roleplaying and Quests



    Of course, overtime you will adapt this and forge your own style, so feel free to adapt this in any way you see fit!

    Also, I would recommend leaving RP options a bit more open. Things like name, physical characteristics, and that sort of thing are generally best left up to the individual player.

    Hope to see more from you and best of luck!

  • Hey Cats, without repeating what the others have said, I recommend you go through it and add what and where you can. Don't forget your tags as well

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