Character Build: The Ancient Wraith

Just getting through with the build:

Diversity: The Ancient Wraith should have many options when it comes to combat: Sneak, One-Handed & Archery, while being a bard-like build, he also used magic at his command: Conjuration, Illusion & Alteration. His voice can easily turn his opponents into his servants.

Spectral: The whole idea with The Ancient Wraith is that he is a ghost, moving spectral to places unseen or luring them to their abyss! The point of being spectral is to be ancient, beholden of something with great power, his spectral appearance is Alteration, and being a Vampire

(Necromage perk=OP, Eye Glow, pale)
He holds power from the Ayleids, immortality to this plane, his greater spirit makes the undead and the daedra flee, for showing his unbound appearance as an man that is more powerful than them.

Ancient Knowledge: Alive in a time long forgotten, The Ancient Wraith brings back some of his memories in the afterlife, remembering more makes his art of combat and manipulation stronger. His mind being strong to establish command for the dead and the daedra, makes him a feared and strange opponent for all the living. The Ancient Wraith sought to come back to his true form to commanding the world of Tamriel, as the Ruler who will reunite the lands and destroy the other planes, having destroyed several Gods in his before lifetime, he seek to do it again and walk as Lorkhan once did, the Mortal God.


The Ancient Wraith


"The weak are petty. Bound to do my bidding. I am, The true God and ruler of all!"

His overcome is his strength, and he knows power and he ready to use it against anything that stands in his way.

He will not grant mercy to unworthy dogs, only those who seek to destroy him, only those without fear or regret can test themselves, if someone does defeat him, then they must take the final blow and only then be granted his absolute another way he wants his peace and rest, as he knows: "Legends can never be forgotten". As they will speak of his outcome for an eternity...

• Race: Imperial

• Stone: Lord & Ritual (Aetherial Crown)

• Shouts: Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Throw Voice, Aura Whisper

• Stats: 3:3:1

• Major Skills: One-Handed, Sneak, Archery, Illusion, Conjuration, Speech, Light Armor

• Minor Skills: Enchanting, Smithing, Alchemy, Block

• Weapons: Ghostblade, Stalhrim Dagger, Bound Bow

• Apparel: Vampire Armor (Grey), Glass Gauntlets, Glass Boots, Aetherial Crown (Crown of The Forgotten Kingdom), Gold ring, Gold Amulet, Falmer Helmet?

  • Enchantments: “%” Bow Damage,

                          “%” One-Handed

                          Reduce magicka cost:

                          35% Illusion, Conjuration

                          Cold Damage on Falcata


                          Fortify Magicka Regen

                          Fire Resistance

  • Passives: Ancient Knowledge: Agent of Mara, Sailor's Rest, Circle of Knowledge, Apoth's Sigil of Bloodshed, Thurnad's Pride

    Recommended Quests: The Break of Dawn, Joining the College, Dragonborn (Shouts), Dawnguard (Becoming Vampire)
     Alchemy: Curse of The Unholy Heart (Damage Health, River Betty & Deathbell)

    The core of The Ancient Wraith is that he was once a mighty being that was supported by his great power that was vast and godlike. His empacement is leading him do different abilities, and bending the will of his enemies, the spectral appearance makes him hard at times to find and silently luring each of them to their doom. The mastery of his legendary sword, "Apoth" is truly something to be feared, his skill giving him the reflexes (Block) and strength do slay a God."Apoth" means: "The" Ruler or Dominator in his ancient language, the sword is the first part of him.

"My very soul burns stronger in every strike...My soul grows more powerful, Apoth will not grant you any mercy!"

He is the hunter, his prey will not go uneasy. His Second soul artifact, "Thurnad" is the bow that no one can escape, its ability to slow the time that floats around him, opening a realm where time is controlled by your own mind. The direction to that is "focus", he cannot remain there forever and must be quick to gain the advantage. "Thurnad" means: "Stormhunter", the storm will always catch you.

"The sting of Thurnad will be the last thing you feel. In my name, you shall be sent to only to you're eternal prison, rest wicked for your failures!"

The shadow is his grasp, his grasp is of lingering cold and death. The third soul artifact is directed to darkness, torture and death. "Falcata" is the dagger which strikes true, even the finest armor known to Tamriel, cannot withstand the true might of this blade. "Falcata" means: "Cutter of the Fallen", as the presence of this blade, brings your demise, you've already fallen.

"The shadows overcome everything, it is not an illusion, forfeit your mind, hear the voice of you only know the pain that you tried to overcome, you are now fallen and forsaken..."

These are the weapons you will use and they are also the tell-tale of his memories.
And because two of these are

(Ghostblade & Bound Bow), then the only way to increase damage is to use alchemy: Ghostblade has a base damage of 8 similar to the Iron sword but the only difference is the enchantment (+3 Damage bypassing armor). It's not so great, then you improve the sword with 3 Ectoplasm while having around 900~1000% Fortify Smithing to make it balanced (360 base damage). Bound bow can get increased "%" Bow Damage, otherwise it's pretty good anyway

The playstyle is pretty simple to those Abilities you will use through this build:

• Use your bow or Throw Voice to misplace the enemies if they are many, that way it's more easy to take them all out tactical.
• While using your sword, having nothing in your off-hand gives you the ability to slow time if enemies are attacking with power-attacks, this is reflected to you being transported to another realm where time is controlled by your own mind.
• Illusion magic can give you the upperhand in combat, mainly calm spells are in your arsenal, so Pacify is an ability you will be using.
• Conjuration is to banish summoned creatures like the undead and daedra, you are turning them against their former master while you being the new worthy master.
• Alteration is used to furthermore increasing your resistance in the beginning, for roleplaying means the flesh spells make you look more like a Wraith (spectral).
• The build is bard-like: Being like an Jack of All the Trades and being creative is my resolve, using what you think is the most fun in various situations. Using it tacitly is also another factor to the build.


The character should have no followers because he’s walking his own road, not wanting to make any mistakes.


The Ancient Wraith does not share any mercy, in a way he sees himself as an pathfinder, someone that will take risks with absolute no regret.

He sees down on the weak and pathetic, “they deserve no pity”, as an Imperial would do that in ancient times.

He is considered True Neutral, only wanting to achieve one goal in his awakening, only then his name will be forged and never be forgotten. To be remembered as the true ruler or God of Tamriel, that was strong enough to seal off the false Gods that have held the lands captive for so long.

I've never seen a build like this, Ghostblade builds are not that approved. In my opinion I think this is the most unique and possibly the most fun of them all. I Am very interested in Gods and mythology, having read mostly Sumerian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian & Nordic. (mostly because I'm Swedish)
Ancient tales and the power of the Gods makes me interested in them. That's why I made this build, not only that, but the unique idea within, is where this build shines. This build is also revolved around Celebrimbor from the Middle-Earth games,(lotr), those who love that game will love this build for its synonyms. Taking this character to Skyrim is something amazing. In my playthrough I was roleplaying as the Champion of Cyrodiil, I've always loved Oblivion, as it is my first ES game. While that being said let's move on.

"The lands I shall reunite, Tamriel will be whole once again, as it should be..."

Perks Introduction (Lvl 78)

Light Armor: Agile Defender 5/5
Sneak: All perks (Stealth 1/5)
Alchemy: Alchemist 5/5
• Block: Shield Wall 1/5, Quick Reflexes
• One-Handed: Armsman 5/5,

 Fighting Stance, Savage Strike
Archery: All Perks
Enchanting: Enchanter 5/5,
Insightful Enchanter,
Corpus Enchanter,
Extra Effect
Conjuration: Novice Conjuration,
Mystic Binding,
Soul Stealer,
Oblivion Binding
Illusion: Novice Illusion,
Illusion Dual-Casting,
Hypnotic Gaze,
Kindred Mage,
Quiet Casting,
Master of the Mind
Alteration: Novice Alteration-Adept,
Alteration Dual-Casting,
Magic Resistance 3/3,

The Lord stone is very good for examining more protection against both physical and magical damage sources. Then The Ritual stone shall grant to you an second power to use. Become Ethereal and the other shouts shall be seeken out as quickly as possible. Joining the College of Winterhold is recommended for gaining the spells same goes from being a Vampire, Note: You can examine the Necromage perk if you want. You will use Ebonyflesh, Muffle, Pacify & Bound Bow as your main spells or only spells, Summon Arvak and Summon Spectral Assassin is also good notes for the build. Dragonborn DLC quest line will give you the Stalhrim Dagger and Bend Will shout. You must examine Ghostblade from the quest: A Love Beyond Death" in the Labyrinthian (College questline).




Displacement: The Wraith

Speaking through the mind of his enemies, they fear the wraith as their worst nightmare, they will become servants that will heed, and be commanded as told. This effect will can be cast on as many as possible. Last for 120s, damage to servants end their effect and will turn them hostile. This can also be in an larger Area, but only once a day.

Requires: Pacify (Dual-Casted), Voice of the Emperor, Pacify (Weaker)

Call of Narakdur: The Wraith


The legendary steed of the wraith, Narakdur, is brought back from his rest. His heart being forged from Azura's enlightenment, he can be risen at dawn. Summoning him at dawn, last for 30s once a day.


Requires: Summon Arvak


Soul Twilight: The Wraith


The moon rise in the twilight. The wraith gains the power to command the dead, serving him as his pawns. The dead have no remorse and cannot be flee in combat. Cast in an 15ft area around him, the dead is being raised to fight for you until they are brought back to death, this effect can be cast on as many as possible once a day. You must be wearing the

Crown of The Forgotten Kingdom to utilise this power.


Requires: Ritual Stone, Aetherial Crown


Cycle of Release: The Wraith


The wraith drawns within him the ancient rite of release. No longer bound to something, everything is released, the realm of the spirit makes him unable to take or do damage for a brief period of time. Stamina does not draw from his power. Last for 15s. After the rite ends a part of the wraith comes to aid him once a day.


Requires: Become Ethereal, Summon Spectral Assassin


Sight of Thurnad: The Hunter


The endless sight of Thurnad gives the wraith a visage of seeking, that will detect all the living for a brief period of time. The legendary bow is summoned and grants him the ability to enter the time realm, slowing down the time whilst draining stamina for every second and gain the ability to zoom while blocking. Thunrad traps lost souls in the eternal prison.


Requires: Bound Bow, Aura Whisper, Eagle Eye, Steady Hand, Soul Stealer


(Passive) Thurnad’s Pride: The Hunter


Thurnad takes pride in her hunt. The wraith gains increased damage while holding the legendary bow. Bound creatures are banished back to Oblivion and then reawakened at your command. Thurnad makes you lighter and as fast as the howling storm. Moving with the bow is faster, drawing the bow is 30% faster and 50% more damage.


Requires: Bound Bow, Hunter's Discipline, Ranger, Mystic Binding, Oblivion Binder


Astral Walk: The Shadow


The wraith disappear to the realm of the unseen. The realm makes him totally unheard, and invisible for a period of time, only in combat. Last for 3s. Can enhance the sound effect furthermore by an active effect that will last for 180s.


Requires: Muffled Movement, Shadow Warrior, Muffle


Whisper of The Fallen: The Shadow


The wraith calls upon his victims. An unknown whisper tearing into their mind leaving them seeking for the sound. When shooting with Thurnad, the arrows draws upon Whisper of The Fallen, same goes with speaking in the ancient language.


Requires: Bound Bow, Throw Voice


Wrath of Apoth: The Dominator


Apoth hears his master, sent to the wraith to show the unworthy true might. The legendary sword serves as an instrument of destruction to the wraith. Apoth grants no mercy and only grant its endless wrath. Apoth gives the ability to counter the opponent, slowing down the time while opponent is power-attacking. Apoth can also decapitate the most powerful beasts known to Tamriel. Power Attacking now cost 25% less Stamina.


Requires: Ghostblade, Savage Strike,

Fighting Stance


(Passive) Apoth's Sigil of Bloodshed: The Dominator


Apoth's wrath become stronger. While holding Apoth, the legendary sword can apply an lingering effect that poison their blood. Apoth's Sigil of Bloodshed stores the energy til it's been used on any creature. This effect is only once per activation.


Requires: Ghostblade,

Curse of The Unholy Heart


(Passive) Circle of Knowledge: The Spirit


The circle is always flowing through the wraith, making him remember his before life. His art of Combat, Stealth and Magic. The wraith cannot be heard by his enemies. The wraith is connected to his soul artifacts, his craftsmanship is increased and thus making him stronger. While in Stealth, he become stronger, x3 for Thurnad, x6 for Apoth and x15 for  Falcata. The wraith can now perform a combat roll while in Stealth mode, and is also surrounded by a spectral shroud which increases the Wraith’s physical resistances by 120 for 135s.

“Pathetic! Even the most skilled and courageous warriors cannot stand against me. Their chains of murder are now forever  broken, everything is reversed. Metal can’t do me harm. Are you weak, may I ask?

Yes? Then die, you filthy cur!”


Requires: Extra Effect, Silence, Quiet Casting, Backstab, Deadly Aim, Assassin's Blade, Silent Roll, Ebonyflesh (Dual-Casted)


Release the Inner Champions

"Thurnad, The Huntress, Stormhunter. Apoth, The Ruler and Dominator. Falcata, The Shadow and Deathbringer. My Champions...My very soul..."




Many of the abilities are built to be diverse to the player, being creative is a way of playing the build, ”Release The Inner Champions”. In most situations you will find using the same tactics all the time is not that effective. Whisper of The Fallen can be very effective when dealing with lots of enemies at the same time, as such capturing a stronghold, a camp or a dungeon. It's nice to use, especially in the early game, if you're having trouble killing or to survive. Wrath of Apoth is good in close combat, taking it personal is sometimes the best tactic. Wrath of Apoth can be used together with Displacement as an combo with your
off-hand, thus being less concentrated, is only particular good on weaker enemies because stronger enemies will not be affected. Displacement have 3 different levels (Pacify, Pacify Dual-Casted &
Voice of The Emperor.) Cycle of Release gives you a "second chance" and a doppelganger serves you in combat freely. Soul Twilight lends you a hand and lets you command your own little army.
Sight of Thurnad gives you tactical advantage in combat, knowing how to plan your next move is always smart.
Astral Walk can be combined with
Sight of Thurnad to maximise it potency,
Falcata is also a good choice.
Call of Narakdur can make your travels less time efficient and making an escape. There are also the 3 Passives,
Apoth's Sigil of Bloodshed enhances it to the power to slay a God, The bleed effect reducing your enemies max health, makes all the difference if your facing against the most powerful enemies in the game.


  • You will never possess the power of Destruction magic, even if having Cold Damage on Falcata, due to already high base damage


  •  Alchemy will be used for making the Curse of The Unholy Heart poison and for the alchemy glitch: For improving Ghostblade and some other gear for higher armor values: Around 340 total

(Fortify Restoration Potion+Alchemy Gear)


  • Try to obey the playstyle as much as possible, with the iconed abilities


  • Not being a coward in battle, by retreating and etc




The Ancient Wraith is appeared as an old male Imperial, he will have little beard and grey long bonded hair, I would recommend to edit the original preset.

In the beginning, The Ancient Wraith have only a glimpse of memory, not knowing what he’s made of nor his origins. He is very unknown and strange to many. He will notice this and try to seek out some of his past, searching in books and visiting the College of Winterhold very early

(Lvl 25-30.) There he held no passion for power, in that time his soul artifacts still are lost to him.


In Saarthal something awakened,

The Eye of Magnus… Getting memory flashes, his strain become stronger (skipping through Lvls and increasing in speech.) He now know where to seek out his past, but some things are very strange to him, the time dates are seeming off, Thinking to himself: “Who is Emperor Uriel Septim VII”, he needed to seek out the history.


Reading books in the Library of The College,

(Emperor Uriel Septim VII and other books) he read that the Septim bloodline died out in 3E,

That Emperor Uriel Septim VII had been assassinated by an daedric cult known as

“The Mythic Dawn”. They are now

non-existent and shattered, they used to serve the Daedric Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon. He also read that the only one left of the Septim was the Emperor’s son, Martin Septim who had served as an priest of Akatosh in the Chapel of Kvatch.

He was guided by an hero, who was to stop an Oblivion crisis, and to withstand the daedra at his prime. For his deeds he became remembered as

“The Hero of Kvatch” and later as

“The Champion of Cyrodiil". Martin much later sacrificed himself to stop the dark forces and to light the “Dragonfires” who were out dark when the crisis had already began.


The Ancient Wraith now knew, what he was, “I Am The Champion of Cyrodiil” Filled with pride and honor, he knew that only he was part of something important, something that shall not get broken. By this part your followers will be forever dismissed and your not doing any partial job for a “nobody”. Many of the guilds through Skyrim are considered pathetic and you can take the choice of destroying them, The Dark Brotherhood will be joined as you will later seek out your forgotten power.


Becoming thane is not considered, housecarls will be acted as an follower.

Forgotten shacks or camps will be your home where you sleep and skipping the day.


Hearing whispers in his sleep, that draws upon him, a part of that is lost and needs him to find it. Not going uneasy and needing no rest, he now travels to ancient dungeon to find the parts of him that is lost.


While seeking the artifacts (Thurnad, Apoth and Falcata) he feels the connection in between them, they are calling and he is answering.


I’m not living,

for I’m not a mortal. My inner champions are my strengths, I can never die and they can prove it, test yourself if you will, it will only be your downfall!”


After finding all the artifacts and powers he sees himself as “The God of Man".

The artifacts themselves give him his vision, he’s later seeking for a way to overcome this and seeking even more of  his prior knowledge. Many of the actions you will make are for roleplaying means, for example: When buying and obtaining the Bound Bow, the action there doesn’t play out. This goes the same for different quests, personality will be filtered in a different way and some are featured differently.

When you approach enemies you feed on their weaknesses, being practically  unstoppable in their eyes they receive an shivering feeling, that their death is near. Feared for the sake of their own life, they will try to flee, for this they will suffer the endless regret, for no one can escape Thurnad. The wrath of Apoth speaks through words of hate, showing an understanding that they are weak by no matter what they do, that they couldn’t change. The spectral appearance makes it even worse.

A being so unknown and while so intimidating is not a common shent. Seeing his powers are majestic and make them fearful of the truth, showing what the wraith is truly capable of. Falcata can give him the advantage of sending the wraith to the realm of the unseen.

“Their eyes are so easily deceived, is this what the world of man have come to!”

Falcata only brings forever death, the cold feeling of emptiness, and the pain.

Call of Narakdur is also an important note, the living seeing him really makes them wonder of what he really is.

The Ancient Wraith do not give foul tricks to challengers, he likes their arrival but as a task:

“The inner Champion of

Apoth never share any mercy only its endless wrath”.


       Closing Words

As this being my first Skyrim build, I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished. I must thank all the artists that made these amazing pictures over at Deviantart, without them it wouldn’t be the same.
I only hope you will enjoy the build and then I can post some of my other builds.
All I can say now is for all of you readers to have a good one! And I hope I can do this again in the future! :)

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  • Is this a work in progress build you want us to take a look at?

    • Have you seen it?

      • I’ve seen it. Henson more or less nailed down what I was going to say. 

        All I can add is that you should actually post the contents of the google doc here. If you’re confused just refer to the other builds here and follow their example.

        • Can you please make a gameplay video of the build 

          • Let us first work on fixing the flaws of this build before we consider that. 

            • Is it many people that need to edit their builds?

            • I can note that I edited a bit, and added some extra content. For this being my first build: To what quality whould you rate it? (1-10)

              • For starters you should move everything you wrote in that google doc over to this discussion. 

  • I dig the overall theme and aesthetic, interesting choice with the glass boots and gauntlets. I think overall it is a VERY powerful build but seems to have a varied amount of ways to play and not just a straight up assassin in every area.

    Did you play this on a higher difficulty? Taking all 3 crafting skills with sneak and illusion is definitely producing what the build seems to hinge upon - god mode. 

    I appreciate the art choices and the deacriptions. I think one area you could trim or edit is the special moves or the iconed combos. Some of them are just renaming of a single spell or ability which is really cool for role play but not really necessary for a listing like that.

    I would be interested in seeing some more direct personal touches on how you approached different situations or enemies maybe in a RP profile or a short role play section here.

    • Thanks for the feedback, this is my first build and it was very hard finding the right pictures and inscription. I also do not know how to make a perk spreadsheet, I think that would greatly impact the build. Illusion is pretty damn op and I think mods would greatly improve the build. Note: I do play on Legendary, you really need to "collect" all the strengths to do so, being creative in combat by using different combinations.

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