Character Build: The Rattler

The Rattler is a male nord specialising in block and one handed. You can either use vanilla skill tree or ordinator. When you first start, use your skill points on block in order to become a tank

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  • Hello Lordin the Great! Allow me to be among many to welcome you to theskyforge! I think you have the beginnings of what could be a great build that everyone will want to play. As I’m sure the others will tell you, you ought to go into much greater detail about the character. 

    Who is he? Why is he in skyrim? What specific perks does he take? What armor and weapons does he use? What are his strengths and weaknesses in combat? The more information you provide the better. With a build you’re trying to guide readers on how to recreate a character you enjoyed so that others may replicate that experience for themselves. 

    If that feels unfamiliar to you that’s ok. I recommend browsing through the collection of builds here and reading through as many as possible to get a better idea of what I’m talking about. 

    But I’ve rambled on long enough. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask anyone of us.

  • The Rattler is in skyrim to try and reopen an oblivion gate, he wishes to harness the power and become a servant of Menhrunes Dagon. He is called The Rattler because he has a unique alteration spell which can turn the body of a foe inside out. He wears a magical cloak which grants stagger immunity, 

    • Yeah that's the sort of info you need to elaborate on and put in the build. It'll help flesh it out much more. 

  • 'Sup m8? Welcome to the Skyforge. I'm glad to see you are interested in posting some builds here on the Skyforge. As one of the Character Building group's hosts, I'm always excited to see new builders entering the scene. Having diverse styles of building on the Forge is what makes the CB group so interesting. We've got a lot of talented authors on here and I am happy to see you preparing to start your own experience with character building.

    I must be honest though, what you have here is a solid idea, not a build. As Curse has already said, you'll need much more detail if you want to make others want to play your build, or inspire them with the concept. Having read through this, I have to say I have no real concept of why your build is even called "The Rattler." The name sounds interesting and unique, but you definitely need to flesh it out more. 

    Definitely set yourself up a format that you can follow. Set it up to answer questions like "What's his backstory"" "What's his motivation?" "What are all the perks he uses?" "How do these perks make him unique in combat?" and that sort of thing. As Curse already said, definitely browse some of the already existing builds in the CB group; you'll get a ton of inspiration there.

    Look forward to seeing what you do in the future. GL m8.

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