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"I’m going to cause a distraction. When the guards arrive, run child. Remember what I taught you. Don’t underestimate the power of magic. Go to Whiterun. There you'll find Jorrvaskr. They can't harm you there. No one. Not even the Thalmor would dare challenge the guild. Talos guide you lass.”


Kjvar opened everyone’s cells using magic. It only took two words to rally the Nords.

“To Sovngarde!”


The prisoner’s revolt began. 


No longer was she a child. Two years of wandering the wilderness left her with sharp senses, and experience with a variety of armament. She arrived at Jorrvaskr, a true,  Nord-blooded, warrior.






After following Kjvar guidance she arrives at the guildhall. Having found her worthy they welcome her into the Companions with open arms. Erza pledges her life to the guild and vows to become the type of warrior that would bring honor to the companions.

She hesitantly accepts the gift of lycanthropy. While to the others it was a blessing, to her it was a means to an end. She would never again feel  helpless. In order to protect herself from the evils of the world she had to let some of that evil into her. 

How dare they kill you shield brother, We will avenge you Skjor. 


Kodlak's entrusted the guild to me. I promised to lead the companions to further glory. Perhaps that means to forget about revenge, and to let go of this sinister power.


Main Quest/Dragonborn

*You can start this whenever in your playthrough. I personally recommend finishing dragon rising sooner rather than later in order to allow dragons to spawn in the world. I plan to convert those dragon souls into perk points in order to allow us to fill the weapon type specific perks. I don't consider this overpowered because we're not going to be specializing in a specific type of weapon. We are prioritizing perks that affect all weapon types.  In addition, we will be using the dragon aspect shout for one of our armor sets.



As a member of the companions you see a large variety of jobs roll in, these jobs are often sorted by difficulty, as one of the best warriors in the guild you tend to go for higher ranked jobs. Here are some of the jobs you might be inclined to pursue.

Dawnguard: S-Class Job

"The Dawnguard is looking for anyone willing to fight against the growing vampire menace."



The Break of Dawn: SS-Class Job

"Strong warriors needed. A necromancer has taken refuge in an abandoned daedric shrine. I fear he may only be growing stronger as more soldiers are disappearing from the area."


(Reward: Dawnbreaker)

The Cursed Tribe: S-Class Job

"An unsettling number of giants seemed to have taken refuge southwest of Riften. We ask that someone take care of the problem immediately."

(Reward: Volendrung)

The Only Cure: SS-Class Job

"A daedric cult has taken refuge in the dwemer ruins of Bthardamz. We ask that you root them out, beware they all appear to be extremely diseased and possibly contagious."


(Reward: Spellbreaker)

The House of Horrors: S-Class Job (Optional, kind of goes against our character's morals.)

"The vigilants are in need of assistance, we are currently investigating an abandoned house in Markarth that shows signs of it being used for daedra worship, we are unfortunately short handed and are in need of some assistance in our investigation."

(Reward: Mace of Molag Bal)

The Black Star:  S-Class Job

"A number of people have been going missing around Lake Ilinalta. Though we've not managed to find a single corpse, many have claimed to hear strange noises near an abandoned fort called Ilinalta's Deep."


(Reward: Azura's Star/Black Star)

Boetheiah's CallingS-Class Job(Optional, kind of goes against our character's morals.)

(Reward: Ebony Mail)

Ill Met by MoonlightS-Class Job

"Rumors have been circulating about a cult of hircine worshippers, we would like to request an investigation into the matter."


(Reward: Savior's Hide/Ring of Hircine)


Dragon Priests Masks:

Ragnvald: S-Class Job

"There's an evil to the north, friend, and its name is Ragnvald. A tomb like so many in skyrim, where the dead have found no piece." 


(Reward: Otar)


Evil in Waiting: S-Class Job

"A few adventurers have brought it to my attention that a great evil stirs in the depths of Valthume, some of them claimed that a long dead priest may be awakened soon. I ask that someone root out this evil before it's too late."


(Reward: Hevnoraak)

Siege on the Dragon Cult: S-Class Job

"A powerful artifact lies deep within the ruins of Forelhost, I request someone retrieve this artifact to aid in the war effort."


(Reward: Rahgot)


Unearthed: Investment Opportunity

Reward: Ahzidal's Gear

White Ridge Barrow: S-Class Job

Reward: Dukaan

The Final Descent: S-Class Job

Reward: Zahkriisos










Race: Nord

Stone: Warrior/Lord

I recommend starting with warrior then mid/late game switching to the Lord Stone for the magic resist.



(Although you will need enough magicka to cast ocato's recital)


Primary Gear

Your primary gear is the gear you will be wearing throughout the majority of the playthrough. I like to leave it unenchanted but improved through honed metal with Eurlond's smithing skill.

Skyforge Steel Sword

Steel Plate Armor

Steel Plate Boots

Steel Plate Gauntlets


Spells: Only running Alteration Magic

Ocato's recital

Deep Storage

Flesh Spells 

This allows you to bolster your defense so you don't notice the fact you split your perks between light and heavy armor. As well as passively level your alteration skill bringing you closer and closer to that key Deep Storage spell




When you gain access to deep storage along with vancian magic that is where this build takes off. Notice I will not be providing you with specific gear or very specific enchantments. Due to how many different people run very different mods I'd like to encourage some creative flexibility in this aspect. This also encourages players to decide if they'd like to implement daedric artifacts, dragon priest masks, modded armor, and/or modded weapons. I want your armor/weapon sets to feel like your own, and I want you to create as many or as few as you'd like.

I will be pitching ideas here and telling you about how I designed these sets 

***As far as enchantments are concerned feel free to make them as OP or balanced as you'd like. I personally tend to try to match my enchantments to my difficulty level, and if I'm finding the game too easy I either run weaker enchantments or up my difficulty.***


I designed these sets with specific combatants in mind.

I created sets to fight against




-Warriors (non-magic)


In case you were wondering what armors I used personally I will quickly list them 

-Dragons == Dark Knight Armor

-Undead/Mages == Emfy Cleric Armor

-Falmer == Tembtra Thief Armor

-Warriors == Spartan Bard Outfit

Personally I would recomemend using DeserterX's Armor mods for this build. Really suits this character.




For Dragons I ran Heavy armor combined with Spellbreaker and Dragonbane

My enchantments prioritized Fire and Frost resists.



I built my next armor set with the undead & mages in mind.

I ran heavy armor along the shield of Ysgramor. Here I'd recommend implementing Otar for the 30% resist across all elements.

When facing undead such as vampires and draugr I opted for Dawnbreaker. When facing mages I'd recommend a weapon that includes a damage magicka enchantment.

My enchantments prioritized Fire & Shock Resist. You can also increase your magic resist with the lord stone + Agent of Mara. This in conjunction with the shield of Ysgramor gives you 60% magic resist. 


The next enemy I created a set for was the Falmer. I often found myself rather weak against them due to their high amount of poison damage. 

Here I recommend Light armor along with Two handed weaponry. You can add Hevnoraak here to maximize poison resistance, or you can enchant the set to grant you immunity to poison and/or disease. I opted for the latter since I created this rather late in my playthrough.

My enchantments prioritized 

Poison resistance, Fortify Sneak, and muffle. 



The final set of enemies I built around were warriors, people who's damage was almost entirely physical damage.

Here I opted for robes/clothing, long with dual wielding one handed weapons.

For this set I recommend having unlocked mage armor (3/3) along with all three words of the dragon aspect shout, having wellocs dormant arcana here is nice as well giving you another 50 armor and increased attack damage. I enjoyed adding elemental fury here but that's entirely optional. 

As far as enchantments go you can kinda do what you want with this. I wound up running enhanced speed (modded), as well as improved blocking (Dual wield parrying mod, so I can block while dual-wielding), and fortify one-handed.




About the build







This character build is a build based on using a variety of weapons and armor. My biggest drive to create this build was the fact that during my playthroughs around the time I managed to get my endgame gear I'd get bored, and either start a new playthrough or used overpowered enchantments/smithing improvements, to offset my very low levels in other skills. The weapons master encourages the player to use a variety of weapons and armors, and the use of deep storage to access these during any and every fight. 

An important mod for this build is going to be honed metal. This mod allows the player to have Skyrim's smiths and enchanters create/enhance their gear. This takes out a lot of the monotony out of leveling smithing and enchanting in order to get endgame gear. This allows us to invest our perk points in combat oriented trees and alteration. You'll notice that in the level 5o perk spread there aren't any perks that encourage weapon specialization. I used a mod that allows the conversion of dragon souls to perk points, feel free to not go this route or use another mod that increases the amount of perk points you acquire if you'd like to put more perks in the one & two handed trees.

I will do my best to list the important mods that are involved in this build although for reference I used and will continue to use the Immersive and Adult/Pure collection on nexus mods along with the I&A Armor Expansion collection. I've been modding skyrim for years now and these collections took the majority of the hassle out of modding, as well gave my game a nice refresh making it feel vastly different.



Lastly I will tell you who this character is based on in case you haven't figured it out. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail.





Important Mods


 Honed Metal-

 Dragon Souls to Perk Points-

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim




Collections I used/recommend especially for this build (includes all mods above and more)







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  • Nice work on Ezra, even if I was never the biggest Fairy Tail guy. One tip, alongside making the build title Event Build: The Weapon Master, I'd recommend making the format better, such as sizing the text and keeping it unbolded unless its like, a header

    • I'll keep that in mind for the next build, I apprecitate the feedback. I do agree. It could've been much neater and I'm still unsure of my decision of not specifying builds. I think with my next build I'll make things a little more concrete, and well structured!

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