WIP Character Builds

We understand making a great character build that others actually want to play is difficult. And while some are comfortable working on their build in private and releasing it when complete, others may desperately need a lot of guiddance along the way. Whats where this section comes in.

In this section you may post any half finished rough draft build your working if you're in need of guidance or just want a place for people to evaluate your work as you work on it. Here are some helpful guidelines to remember

-Ensure you include the term "WIP Build" to your title so it can be more readily distinguisable from completed character builds. Example - WIP Build: The Sneak Archer

-For those posting their WIPs here, please be open to constructive criticism. You wouldnt be posting your work here if you thought it was perfect to begin with, so please make an honest effort to take in criticism. 

-For those commenting, dont be an ass. It takes a bit of courage to share ones own creative ideas, so dont ruin it by trying to bring people down. Be mindful of how you critique. Focus on being constructive

-When your build is complete, feel free to move it yourself or let me or an admin know and we'll move it over to where the completed builds reside. 

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wip event build a light of hope in the darkness

female breton Claire Dubois

standing stone the ritual (andromeda)

deity Mara (wiintersun)

stat 1/1/0

major skills restoration, alteration conjuration

minor skills enchanting speech and sneak

backstory Marion was an abondoned in a temple of Mara when she was a baby because she is blind. Raised by the priest and priestress of Mara she is a fervent believer.

When she grows up she discover she can hear the voice of the deads ,she decides to do her best to bring them peace .

gameplay always use a familiar and a companion to guide her, with Campfire she gets an instinct to guide her. she will also get a staff for walk and defends herself

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  • Alright, may I suggest looking at other builds for a template on how one should present a build, though this is a good baseline. I would suggest noting what each mod does, and also, expanding on the gameplay more when yoyu get the time

    • thank for your commentary Chris , i just drop the base of this build here (ii'm also testing it for the event) , i will not forget yours advises when i will write the finished version of this build .

  • I guess you could use the "Aura Whisper" shout as form of sonar, to help you track and engage foes.

This reply was deleted.