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Memory of Us

vAmUW0K.pngA short story I weaved around (somewhat) random Akavirian-themed screenshots. Still kinda rough, but hope you enjoy it. :)


Theme: Memory of Lightweaves


The sun shines dimly, the warm yet refreshing air gently cares my skin, and the smell of the ocean

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Corvus Rem - Part II

            Marco lives in a modest house in Windhelm, despite being a veteran assassin for roughly 60+ years. Nobody in the city know who he truly was since everyone say he’s a retired soldier from the Great War and was living a relatively quiet lif

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C.o.t.W Chapter 130: Dark Moons




Twilight ran full pelt out of the town, over the marshy puddles and weaved between deadly creatures as he had one goal in mind: flay the idiots who captured his furry friend. His eyes burnt white hot as he thought of the unimaginable torture Inigo m

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C.o.t.W Chapter 128: Dawn is Breaking



Inigo fell to him knees and cried out. He cursed the silver dawn; though he did not know who they were. After five minutes of grief, he noticed a

medal lying in the grass  He picked it up and noted how on one side was the sigil of Molag Bal: a effigy

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C.o.t.W Chapter 126: The Wilted Rose



Hasir satred back at Veexith and merely shrugged. He did not have the faintest idea. Though, he did have a hunch, he just hoped he was wrong.

"I have no idea. My best guess is that the Doomstrider sensed you soul burning through his dark clouds and v

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The Imperial Auditor - Chapter One

My wagon contained a rebel, a peasant and a rather rough looking individual who may once have been from noble stock, in addition to his hands being bound he was also gagged. The wagons pulled out of the small courtyard and proceeded along tree lined

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C.o.t.w Chapter: The Endless Grey



As Hasir, Inigo and the other companions ermerged from the portal, they found themselves in a city with a sky that burned cold and

had equally creepy architecture. The foreboding atmosphere only served to triple the grief that had their hearts in a vi

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