Blessings of the Madgod - Table of Contents

Blessings of the Madgod


  "Our story begins on the 433rd Year of the Third Era, within the Daedric Realm of Sheogorath, commonly known as The Shivering Isles.
As with the end of every Era, the Greymarch is close at hand, and as per usual the Madgod is hard at work scheming to stop the cycle from repeating. However, unlike most stories told from within the Aurbis, our story doesn’t revolve around men, mer, or even beastfolk.
Instead, this tale will follow a Dark Seducer and a Golden saint, or more accurately described, a Mazken and an Aureal."

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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  • I’m loving the story so far. Im hardly what you’d call a writer so I don’t have anything to offer as far as criticism. The nature of oblivion and the daedra is to me the most fascinating aspect of Elder Scrolls lore, so I’m quite excited to see where this story goes. I think you did a great job of introducing the story in a way that immediately captures the reader’s interests, which is so important in any kind of writing. 

  • I’ve read through everything including chapter 3. What I really liked was the build up to the confrontation between Vicca and Aalynn. I’m finding this story very interesting to read as I know next to nothing about Sheogorath nor the daedra that inhabit the Shivering Isle. One question I have is how did you go about coming up with the names of the various Mazkens and Golden Saints?

    • Thanks for the replies, Curse!!! I've now FINISHED, at least for now, Chapter 3! To answer your question about the names, I've kept the same names and titles as the characters from the Shivering Isles DLC of Oblivion, except for Vicca and Aalynn, which are my own unique characters I've made for the story. Stay tuned and I hope you continue to enjoy my storytelling!

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