Coddled beneath the façade of your false utopia. You think we are too blind to see the mask that hides the truth.

Shackled in this graveyard full of broken promises. We are cursed to be the pawns of your own malevolence.

The hourglass runs thinner, as the corruption digs beneath the skin. Indulge in your own reverence for it is fleeting.

Your empire of glass is crumbling, yet the beast within howls for more.  Revel no more in your self-proclaimed apotheosis for the pain of your enemies will see your day done.


~A poem by Furrion~

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  • Beautiful as always, man. You've got quite the gift. 

  • You're prose in terms of poetry are super neat. I'm not a huge poetry guy myself but your work really succeeds in evoking a feeling. Very well done. Unfortunately I know so little about poetry that any cunstrictive criticism I could offer would be paltry at best. But yeah sounds awesome man love this one.

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