Nocturnal's Child - Table of Contents

Nocturnal's Child

By: John-Paul



Set in 4E 201 Skyrim, Nocturnal's Child follows the story of Caeruleus Vulpus, a young Imperial thief from Cyrodiil, who is on a journey to discover who his mother was. Having heard tales of a temple to Nocturnal herself, Caeruleus had figured it was a great time to go to Skyrim even with the Civil War going on. Caeruleus will soon discover he will have to bring glory back to being a thief, find out that everyone is corrupt for the right price, and most important he will meet someone he has never meet before and finally get the answers he has been seeking.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Solitude (Coming Soon)


Hello, you guys and gals! This is my first public story that I am posting, and I am both excited and nervous about this, but hopefully, everyone enjoys it. This story revolves strongly around The Thieves Guild and the Civil War questlines, but I have changed a few things. I have tried to make the locations and characters as close to lore as possible, leaving a little room for imagination, but some places are changed.

I love feedback. Feel free to like, ask questions, and talk to me following the chapters if you have any questions or critiques. This will be a monthly thing and every chapter will come out in the last week of a month as I pre-draft every chapter, followed by a rough draft, then edits, and finally the final draft.

As mentioned above several locations and things have changed according to Lore and my own headcanon, if wanted I will make a list of everything I have changed for you guys' and gals' convenience. The main things are that there is no Dragons nor Dragonborn, and the major cities have all been overhauled to be better.

Shadow hide you, friend.


The story may contain situations not suitable for younger readers. This includes language, violence, and some romantic elements. Please use discretion when reading.




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  • This looks great. Can't wait for chapter 1
    • Thanks, and it should be out either next week of the first week of January.

  • Another story to add to my queue!

    • Great to hear.

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