The Book of Languages - Part IX: Divine Script

Divine Script 


The Divine Script is a system of writing that has been observed in oy two instances: On the Eye of Magnus and on the banners and within the black books that are found within the Apocrypha of Hermaeus Mora. 

There are no known translations of this script. As such, scholars were unable to decipher the texts that exist. The name "Divine Script" is given to this set of glyphs by these researchers and is not the true name of this alphabet. 



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  •  Very beautifully done. I'm going to go back and check the other posts. 

    • Thanks!

      I put a lot of effort into these and it's oodles of fun to do. It's uplifting that I know that someone adores what I do. :D

      • I think it's very beautiful. I use Altmeris and Aldmeris in Straag, as well as Dovahzul and other languages. Your work is right up my alley. 

        • Thank you do much. :D

          It's a passion project I do for myself. At the end of it, I'm going to have a real, handwritten book at home and I like that. 

  • Is this stuff actually single-handedly (or maybe ambidextrously) handwritten by yourself, Powersocke? As a bit of a linguistic enthusiast myself (be it real or fictional languages), I have to say, this is the most impressive stuff I've seen in a long time. Mighty impressive.


    By the way, I believe there is another book in Skyrim written with these glyphs. It's called Shalidor's Insights, IIRC.

    • Indeed, I use nothing but a ruler, pen and ink and my hands to draw all of this. Single-handedly. Thank you for the compliment. :D And I draw it all inside an empty book to have a true book on my shelf one day.

      What you've seen in Shalidor's Insights is the Mage Script (I'll get to that as well in my book). The Divine Script is only seen on the Eye of Magnus, the Black Books and inside the Apocrypha of Hermaeus Mora on his banners.

      • That's really cool. I never had any manual skills myself. Did you think of digitalizing the book by scanning and posting the book on site as a pdf or something like that when you're done?

        I guess I never compared Shalidor's Insights and the writings on the Eye of Magnus side by side.

        • I thought of trying to scan it and make it a .of one day. But it's a book, and scanning books is difficult. But as soon as I'm done I'll see how well this goes. I'm actually not too far away from finishing. All that's truly left to do is Elder Script, Falmeris and two other, untranslated scripts.

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