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The Bounty Chronicles



"Go on. I enjoy a moving target."


Xian-Krie has faced many enemies over his life in Cyrodiil and in Skyrim. And why shouldn't he have? He is the Dragonborn after all with a great occupation. This Dragonborn is a Bounty Hunter above all his other titles. A hunter-and-tracker, master archer and expert dagger duelist, this Argonian knows what it takes to finish a contract. The latest job, from a strange organization calling themselves the Dawnguard may lead this hunter into a larger mess than he originally anticipated. But his targets are only vampires. Right? 

Recommended reading age: 15+

Within my control, there will be many fights with blood and gore whenever the time is right. As glorious as it may be, if this not sit with you, then you have come to the wrong neighborhood. There may or may not be some sexual themes down the road.

If this blog gives you nightmares, I will not be held responsible. 


Chapter 1 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 2 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 3 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 4 ~ Xian/Serana

Chapter 5 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 6 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 7 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 8 ~ Sorine Jurard

Chapter 9 ~ Serana Volkihar

Chapter 10 ~ Sorine Jurard

Chapter 11 ~ Isran

Chapter 12 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 13 ~ Harkon Volkihar

Chapter 14 ~ Sorine Jurard

Chapter 15 ~ Lights-in-Shadow

Chapter 16 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 17 ~ Vingalmo

Chapter 18 ~ Serana Volkihar

Chapter 19 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 20 ~ Serana Volkihar

Chapter 21 ~ Harkon Volkihar

Chapter 22 ~ Agmaer

Chapter 23 ~ Xian-Krie

Chapter 24 ~ Lights-in-Shadow

Chapter 25 ~ Serana Volkihar

Chapter 26 ~ ???



TES One Shots

To You, Dad


Other One Shots

The Angle and the Devil

This is Goodbye



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  • Dang, did you draw that?
    • No, a friend did it for him.

      Source: He told me :P

      • Still impressive. Very, artsy.

        • Late to answer but yes, I friend I met in college made the piece. I still feel like shit about it because he did it for free; on Deviantart he's McJohnArt

  • Oh hey, look another chapter has been unlocked o3o

  • Wow it's been a month since I last posted anything... fuck I'm garbage

    2 Chapters for you

  • Hey Ben, just finished reading all the Chapters so far of the Bounty Chronicles (still need to read the One Shots). Was going to comment on them each individually but easier just to do it here, if you don't mind.

    Holy damn, the battle with the Dragon/s in Riften and the 'battle' (Harkon - as noted - wasn't trying to kill them as if he were, they would have been dead), just wow. I never imagined a battle with a Dragon to go anything like that. And I quite wish that Harkon lived up to his legend, like how you have written him in your stories. I can't wait to see what you do with Xian-Krie and exactly what Harkon plans to do with his new found knowledge of Xian.

  • Hey Ben I took the liberty of fixing all the links to your stories. I even tagged them. 


  • Finished Chapter 22 and To You, Dad today and I must're a damn proficient writer. The skill, imagination, and thoughtfulness is all there. I could learn a few things. I'm gonna try my hand at it tomorrow when I can write by daylight.

  • Tomorrow you get ch. 25

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