Way of the Samurai - Prologue



                The entire boat lit ablaze with fire. Men and women alike were running each way, jumping for dear life across to the chilled waters below, only to become prey to the wicked predators of the deep that dwelled. Warriors stood, their blades at the ready, with the intent to make the intruder pay dearly for his intrusion. Each one a skilled swordsman, the lot of them combined could give Ysgramor himself a major challenge. Yet they all fell, one by one. Dual-bladed swordsman were beaten to a literal mass of flesh by a Mace of such sinister design that only the Daedra themselves could forge it. They swung countlessly and with the force of many storms, yet their attacks seemed to hit a steel wall for as effective as they were. In retaliation, the intruder gripped each one of them and tossed them a distance into the oceans, that they may die from the fall and become food for the Slaughterfish.

                A young man, face down on the floor from the injury on his leg, lay helpless as he watch his companions fall one after another. He saw a woman fleeing to the depths of the boat in a futile attempt to evade her inevitable fate, but the intruder didn't seem to notice. If he did, he was too busy having a field day with the foolish warriors that dared to challenge him. A few that still stood could see the futility in direct attacks, while one man shouted "Someone get the bla-" before his cry was cut short, his head beaten far from his body. The others rushed inside the boat, hoping that whatever the man had called for would protect them. The intruder seemed to teleport before them, waggling a finger as if to taunt their efforts before slaughtering them all.

                Finally the boat stood lifeless, bodies strewn all across the deck and hanging from each end. The young man struggled desperately, calling someone's name. But the sound went deaf to the cacophony of the scene that stood before him. The intruder stepped slowly towards him, looking with sinister intent. He wore armor of dark metal, and various parts upon it seemed to glow a blood red color. It seemed sinister in nature and reflected the brutal personality of its wicked wearer. His weapon of choice, a massive cursed mace which sent shivers through his spine. The intruder took one look at him, smiled, then turned to finish his task. He would walk past the man, into the boat, where his final prey awaited. As the man realized in horror who he was after he made a vain attempt to give chase, falling over and injuring himself further and all the while screaming their name. Then the boat began to fall apart.



                The Redguard man snapped awake, sweat dripping from his face and into his beard. He breathed heavily as he surveyed the surroundings. The boat was intact, moving, and most definitely not on fire. As he sat there, ever alert to even the tiniest disruption, he recounted what he had seen, for the hundredth time.

                It was a dream. The same dream.

                After calming himself down he tried to fall asleep once more, but found he was far too shaken still to succeed. After a fruitless effort to try to regain his rest he decided to head up to the deck. Walking through the creaking boat, he looked upon the other cabins as the various sailors and ship attendants slept soundly. In one room he could hear the sounds of one cabin boy retching horribly. Seasickness. He was obviously not cut out for seafaring. The man walked up the stairs and out into the morning moonlight, the aurora in the sky glowing a bright hue of green and aquamarine. Upon the edge of the deck he leaned on the wooden railing, looked out to sea and began to think.

                Deep in thought, he didn't even seem to notice the sound of footsteps following behind him. Perhaps he did, but he was too far gone to even care. To his side, a hardy Nord walked over and followed in his pattern. He leaned upon the railing as well, not speaking but looking up at the sky in wonder. It would be a good minute before he began speaking. "You know, no matter how far you look there's not much you're gonna see but the same old sea."

                He simply looked at the Nord, his eyes filled with evidence of the jaded, then returned his gaze to the sea. The Nord spoke once again. "You had the dream again, didn't you?"

                The man looked down, and then to the sky. "Every time I think I can get a decent night's sleep nowadays it feels like all I get is memories. And it's never the good ones." He looked down to the leg that was injured in the dream, the vividness still fresh in his mind. "I still remember it so clearly... The fire. The screams. And that... 'thing'... His smile. He won't leave me alone..."

                "Aye. You've said the same thing for about a week now. I wish I could help, but I'm only a captain. Maybe you can find something where you're going." He looked out to the edge where the man had been staring, breathing deeply. "...You really think you'll find her there? It's been gods know how long since..."

                The man put his hand on the Nord's shoulder. "You were the one who pointed me to this direction, you know. And you're someone I know I can trust." He stood, turning his gaze upon the boat they road. "I just wish you didn't have to edit your route on my account. I know you have your own agenda to deal with."

                "Come on, Silas. It's the least I can do after you saved me from those accursed snake things. What were they called? Sisci?"

                Silas let out a quick chuckle. "I think you mean 'Tsaesci'. And yes, they're a nasty bunch."

                "Well, if you hadn't been there I wouldn't even have an agenda right now, so think of helping you on your journeys as my way of repaying you. A true Nord always repays kindness." The Nord had a warm smile on his face that seemed to improve Silas' mood. Nothing felt better to him than to protect others, for he believes that is his purpose. He was a shield in the form of two thin blades whose fortitude was impenetrable. This was the only thing he could take pride in, and it was the only thing he had left.

                The Nord began to make his way back into the ship, turning to Silas before he left. "You'd best try to get some sleep. We're reaching land in the morning and you should be fully rested for the big day."

                Silas nodded, and after a few minutes of gazing up at the sky, he returned to his quarters and into the sheets. Feeling a bit more peace of mind, he slowly fell asleep.



                As the noontime sun hung dimly over the snowy town, a large boat would make anchor at the docks. The children of the town rushed excitedly as they gathered around to see what mysteries could come from such a massive vessel. Other than that, the daily lives of the villagers seemed to go on without pause. Both mines were active and moving, despite the reluctance of the miners. The guards walked about, occasionally making smalltalk with the locals on various subjects regarding the state of their land. Things were peaceful and safe, and the guards didn't mind it. Yet no one could deny there was a certain air of uncertainty, of thin dread, that crept into the thoughts of the people. Whether it was the next threat or just the common sight of blights across the lands was anyone's guess.

                The ship finally dropped its stairs, and from it walked a lone Redguard man and a Nord. As the children looked upon the Redguard, even some of the adults couldn't help but feel their gaze follow him in sudden interest. His armor was unique in design, screaming origins from parts unknown to any of the locals. The man who wore the armor himself was tall and lean, yet broad enough to feel imposing. To his sides he carried two odd swords that seemed far too thin to deal any real damage, yet from the scratches and marks on the scabbards and handle you could tell they had seen many a battle in their lives. The townsfolk all knew it just by looking at him; he was a mighty warrior. He was a force to be reckoned with on the field of battle. He was a warrior of untold legends and mysteries. 

                He was Silus, a Redguard Samurai. He was here on a mission: To find his missing sister, the last thing of value to him in this world.

                The Nord took in a deep breath, absorbing the splendor of his homeland. Many of the townsfolk recognized him instantly and waved, and the children stood at the end of the dock waiting to hear stories from him. He turned to Silas, a smile plastered on his face. "We've made it to Dawnstar on time, just like I promised. My friend, welcome to Skyrim!"

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