The Welcome Thread

Come on in and don't be shy. Nobody here least I dont think they do anyway. Here is a space for new comers to introduce themselves and for the community to make our new comers feel welcome. 

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          • Might be because of a more focused fanbase? I'm not sure how many of you even frequent those sites, if any. Lots of really low quality crap on Fanfiction, but here and Tamriel Vault there's more of a quality standard. 

            • Ive seen a few because I once had a friend who posted on Lots of cringy anime fanfics

              • Oh yeah, there's certainly plenty of that. That and Harry Potter shit. 

  • Hello i am a french skyrim and fallout fan. I love reading and trying the différents build you create.I play on Xbox until i fix my computer. Tanks for welcoming me in your fantastic group


    • Welcome Jiru, we're glad you decided to join our group. 

  • You know somehow, I've made it a whole year without introducing myself :D, I just kinda popped up and started existing. Well seeing as I stumbled over here tonight, I might as well properly introduce myself finally lol.

    Hello for those of you who don't already know me I’m Furrion.  I first stumbled into the Skyrim community around the end of 2013 when I found the Skyrim Blog. I’d lurked around there for about a year before making an account. I was in awe of all of the quality character builds, and soon set to playing a few.

    I believe the first build I played was either Curses Night Reaver, or Mason’s Revenant. After playing around with several other awesome builds I decided to give character building a go myself. Curse and a few other Skyrim Blog vets were a great help and encouraged me a lot when I was making my first character The Stormrider over on the Blog. And though the version of him that’s here now is much different, the premise remains the same, a heavily clad warrior who can whack the shit outta things with his shield and blast fools with lightning. If there is a want for the original vanilla version in all it’s cringe worthiness, I can track it down and upload it (please don’t make me :P :P ). Shortly after I had completed that build I took quite a long break from the Skyrim community and didn’t resurface until the end of 2017, I found the Forge by word of mouth through someone on the Vault, about half way through last year. I didn’t have to think twice. As soon as I had figured this was where all those awesome guys and gals who had helped me way back when were, I hit that sign up button. Since then I’ve done a few more builds and stories.

    So a little about me in real life. I’m from New Zealand. My name is Billy, I’m 26 years old. I grew up on a farm in a small rural community, where I would often help my family out with the farm animals and such. As a young’un I’d often Jimmy up make shift go karts out of some beer crates a couple sturdy pieces of 4x2, lawn mower wheels and some rope and race it down the big hill in town. Most of the time that ended with my mum fixing up cuts and scrapes from my poor go kart driving/engineering. And then there was always rugby on the weekends.  As I got older, I’d ride dirt bikes, go hunting with my bow and go tramping with friends and family. On the rainy days it’d be movies and video games.

     These days I live in the lower South Island city of Dunedin with my lovely wife whom I met when I was 16, and our cat Hendrix. I enjoy going for an explore around the many awesome walks and beaches in the city. I sometimes volunteer at a local wildlife centre where I help with track maintance and pest trapping to protect our native birdlife from any predators. Those bloody possums… Looking at you Australia. I work in the construction industry as a Hammer hand/ Apprentice Carpenter. Oh and in my free time I like to write, listen to music,  jam video games and do Skyrim character builds :P   So heeeyyy Everyoneee finaly lol.

    • Well better late than never on the introduction. And bonus, I learned a few new things about you. 

  • Hello, everyone I just joined earlier this week. Completely new to this community, but love the builds posted on here. Thank you for welcoming into this community. Currently working on a build, finished the writing, but still working on the art for it. Will hopefully post it some time next week.

    • Welcome! We’re glad you’ve decided to join our connubtiy. I’m excited to see this build of yours. 

  • Hi, i'm a 20 year old guy and i replay skyrim because i'm bored and want to know better this universe before the release of Redfall hopefully next year like they said.

    I made some builds just for fun sometimes but almost never with a backstory and even rarely with a real backstory and not just, this build come from Elsweir and he's a Khajiit warrior, and has been trained to.

    And finnally, i don't gonna post a lot of thing here and i'm french, so if i made a mistake or said a thing odd, it's mostly because i don't speak english well and gonna use google translate most of the time.

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