The Welcome Thread

Come on in and don't be shy. Nobody here least I dont think they do anyway. Here is a space for new comers to introduce themselves and for the community to make our new comers feel welcome. 

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  • This feels weird posting - Hey all,

    Used to hang out quite a bit on the site back when it was on Ning last time, dropped off once we moved platforms, was even in that elder council thing for a hot second.

    Had a nostalgic moment and came back 7 years later today to say hi, especially to some of the familiar names I still see kicking around here.


    • Hey welcome! It’s good to have another old member back in the fold. Have you checked out our official discord server yet?

  • Hey, big fan of sky forge and can't wait to contribute hopefully. 

  • Hi everyone. Joined back  a few months ago but haven't been able to introduce myself until now. Been playing Skyrim for the past few years with a bunch of mods (more like Enairim) and I really enjoyed some of the builds on this website like the Hex Blade, Reaver , and countless others as well as their backstories. In the process of submitting one soon and i hope to contribute more. Looking forward to talk to you all. 

    • Hey mate welcome to the Forge! Glad you liked the Reaver, she was a very fun character to create. Definantly no shortage of awesome builds here! Looking forward to seeing some of your own builds man. And if you haven't already join us on discord. There's a link on the homepage :)

  • Hi

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    • You've come to the right place, friend. 

  • Hey everyone, I am Salvatore, Italian guy who love drama stories. So most builds of mine will be "drama focused". I am here to improve my Character build ability and learn something about someone more expert than me :)

    I am kind new to Skyrim world, played some hours in 2012 but unistalled after 3 days. Now i am more mature and i can apprecciate more this lore and story ^^

    My favorite build on this forum is: Oblivion bard and Sanguine protector due the "gameplay" involved, but loves all of course :P

    • Hey Slavatore! It's good to have you here!! I've been a part of this community for years, but I started off as a newbie too! There are a lot of fantastic people here which will be more than happy to help you in any way we can. A lot of us hang out on the Discord server, so join up there too- if you haven't already!

      I'm of the same mindset as you are! I love "drama focused", roleplay/gameplay builds! There's quite a few of them on the site which might interest you. We also have a great Story Corner, which has a ton of drama-filled stories at various levels of completion.

      I look forward to seeing you around, friend! Welcome to the Forge.

  • Hey guys, I'm Will! You may have seen me around before! I'm the guy who's running the now new YouTube channel Dovah Builds! I'm gonna try my best to bring everyone lots of interesting and fun elder scrolls, fallout, and rpg related content. For those that may not know this already an interesting fact about me is I'm quite a popular local musician where I'm from. I'm a country singer and song writer. Feel free to chat with me in pm's or discord or anywhere. I like to think I'm a friendly guy and can pretty much get along with anyone! 

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