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The Scallywag Potioneer
A Vanilla Skyrim Build
A scoundrel of the finer sort, the potioneer developps concotions to steal, raid and plunder. His natural ability for magic and years of living in the underbelly of the docks forced him to compensate…
Mar 17, 2022
Aqve Teig replied to Furrion 17's discussion Sky Forge Skyrim Event: Witches, Warlocks and Wizards in Skyrim Character Building
"I'm in with an alchemist. Alchemy and Enchanting as major skills."
Mar 2, 2022
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"Hi, I'm Aqve Teig. I make tons of builds for myself and read even more builds from here and from tamrielvault, though not wanting to bother with getting pictures I never joined a website. So why am I here you ask? Well, after recently joining…"
Mar 2, 2022
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Mar 2, 2022

How did you find this community?

While looking for Skyrim build long ago.

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

Oblivion, Skyrim

What Fallout games have you played?



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