DovahBuilds2.0 posted a video
Hello ladies and gentleman this is Will from Dovah Builds! I know I've been taking a break from Skyrim for a while but I really wanted to do one more build b...
Dec 29, 2020
DovahBuilds2.0 posted a video
Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Will from Dovah Builds and today we will be looking at a character that I’ve been working on for quite some time. This is...
Jul 27, 2020
DovahBuilds2.0 commented on DovahBuilds(YT)'s video
"Hey I got a new channel do to my other being hacked. But everything is going smoothly. Here's a link to a build on that channel so head on over and give me a sub if you like!"
Jul 8, 2020
DovahBuilds2.0 posted a video
Hey guys, today I would like to share my latest Skyrim character with you! Meet the Mountain Stalker! The Mountain Stalker Backstory: Under the watchful eyes...
Jun 27, 2020
DovahBuilds2.0 replied to Curse's discussion Which Contest Build Was Your Favorite (Back to Basics)?
"I liked the Bowdancer a lot. It was fun to try out anyways and was 1 of I think 3 that I ended up attempting. Using a bow and no armor is a fun little challeng that I don't think gets done enough anymore for vanilla builds."
Apr 22, 2020
DovahBuilds2.0 replied to Curse's discussion The Welcome Thread in The Welcome Center
"Hey guys, I'm Will! You may have seen me around before! I'm the guy who's running the now new YouTube channel Dovah Builds! I'm gonna try my best to bring everyone lots of interesting and fun elder scrolls, fallout, and rpg related content. For…"
Apr 21, 2020
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Apr 21, 2020




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