GONK replied to Skull-Blackblood's discussion Character Snapshots in Roleplaying
"-E’bim of the Reach-

“Morals can go to Oblivion. My kin don’t see that plucking a sword through a human heart pays as well as delivering a trolls head!”
Occupation: Beast Hunter / Hexer
Alignment: True Neutral
Interests: The reachman just…"
Dec 24, 2021
GONK replied to Shadon's discussion Character Build: The Hexer in Skyrim Character Building
"Amazing build! With the release of The Witcher: Season 2, I might try this! (Or an incarnation of it, I can't use mods-). Would even love seeing a Hexer faction profile!"
Dec 17, 2021
GONK replied to Curse's discussion The Welcome Thread in The Welcome Center
"'Ello, mates! I'm GONK, a rookie writer and relatively new to the Elder Scrolls, months-new. I like reading the builds posted, as do I enjoy reading about characters! (You may have noticed, but character creation is probably the best part of Elder…"
Nov 22, 2021
GONK replied to Skull-Blackblood's discussion Character Snapshots in Roleplaying
"“By this point, I don’t care who my patron is, I’ll just take the coin.”
Name: Drevas Sadryn
Profession: Hitman / Dagger-for-Hire / Thug
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Interests: Sadryn just wants a peaceful life, and to see a day where he may retire…"
Nov 22, 2021
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Oct 23, 2021
GONK replied to Henson's discussion Character Build: The Camonna Tong in Skyrim Character Building
"This is great, Henson! I've started a character with this build, and it's honestly fun to play as him (went for the same bald appearance, gotta' love Dunmer with no hair), the mugging operations are going well ;)"
Oct 23, 2021
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Aug 10, 2021

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